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The Shinings
, April 17, 2001
"The film image—whose intangible reality consists of lights and shadows beamed through the air and caught on the surface of a silver... More>>
Flowers of Taiwan
, April 17, 2001
For film buffs, the phrase "Made in Taiwan" suggests the carefully composed, acutely observed, and historically complex explorations of self and... More>>
Harlem Renaissance
, April 17, 2001
The annual New York African Film Festival—which moves uptown this year to the Magic Johnson Theaters, the only commercial moviehouse in... More>>
Born Criminals Born Criminals
, April 10, 2001
On the strength of his three features, Jafar Panahi would seem the most successful popularizer of Iranian directors. His much feted,... More>>
Hysterical Displacement Activities Hysterical Displacement Activities
, April 10, 2001
In Bridget Jones’s Diary, Renée Zellweger’s breasts are as plump and white as pillows in a baby’s crib. The breasts,... More>>
Matters of Taste
, April 10, 2001
The 7th Avignon/New York Film Festival presents the usual panoply of social outcasts, ill people, and perverts that give both French and American... More>>
Good Morning Britain Good Morning Britain
, April 10, 2001
The glue binding the 11 choices showing in “Contemporary Films From Britain” is, indeed, contemporaneity. There’s not a costume... More>>
Expired Ham
, April 10, 2001
Hardly remembered, Jean-Marie Gaubert’s Les Visiteurs sucked up $100 million of European and Asian tickets in 1993 but earned about 14 bucks... More>>
Lands of Confusion
, April 10, 2001
Kingdom Come, a seriocomic smorgasbord of African American star spotting (look, Toni Braxton!), demands high tolerance for low comedy. Have you... More>>
Mangled Web
, April 10, 2001
Kiss the Girls, the first movie adapted from the James Patterson assembly line of Dr. Alex Cross novels, was a middling 1997 profit-turner that... More>>
Cannibal Lector
Tobias Schneebaum’s Ritual Scars
, April 03, 2001
Tobias Schneebaum claims The Village Voice was founded in his living room. In 1955, Norman and Adele Mailer were his East Village neighbors.... More>>
Sembène’s Universal Language
, April 03, 2001
"Tout est politique!" Thus Ousmane Sembène strips down the love-hate argument he has had for 35 years with movies, with the grim facts of... More>>
Big Baby Jesus
, April 03, 2001
IMAX conjures those 19th-century panorama shows so popular before cinema itself, creeping canvases whose "brutal and enormous magic" offered up... More>>
Social Aspirations Social Aspirations
, April 03, 2001
As the most adroitly entertaining public service announcement Hollywood could possibly wish for, Traffic should have been the big Oscar winner.... More>>
Middling Hybrids and Horrible Men
, April 03, 2001
Like fusion cuisine, the budding genre of fusion movies relies heavily on presentation. A period piece set in Beijing at the beginning of the... More>>
Score Cards
, April 03, 2001
April is shaping up as movie-music month, with a MOMA retro of films scored by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and a wide-ranging "Composing for Film"... More>>
The Choices They Made
, April 03, 2001
Barnett Slepian wasn't the first American doctor killed for the anti-abortion cause, but his murder in October 1998 did signal a ghastly point of... More>>
Please Sleaze Me
Further Exploits
, April 03, 2001
With immoral majorities running the country, the present seems a perfect time to relish yesteryear's schlock cinema. There's a pure juvenile (or... More>>
Sound Investitures Sound Investitures
, March 27, 2001
Here's a pull quote for you: The Tailor of Panama, directed by John Boorman from the John le Carré bestseller, is not nearly the shoddy... More>>
You Can't Go Home Again You Can't Go Home Again
, March 27, 2001
BEFORE THE STORM A pair of moral dilemmas overlap and dovetail in this muted melodrama by director Reza Parsa (born in Iran, now a Swedish... More>>
The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime
, March 27, 2001
With the sugar-smacked, thoroughly groovy Spy Kids, Robert Rodriguez proves he understands things about children's entertainment that have been... More>>
Family Trees
, March 27, 2001
Fascinating combination of hippie dreamer and determined pragmatist, Julia Butterfly Hill became an unlikely celebrity when she clambered 180... More>>
Satan Tango
, March 27, 2001
An icon of persecution and an object of longing, the shtetl has undergone a small revival in recent European cinema. Simon Magus, an ambitious... More>>
Pulp Nonfiction
'Amores Perros' Leads a Mexican Revival
, March 27, 2001
"Ten years ago this was a peaceful city," says director Alejandro González Iñárritu about Mexico City, the exhilaratingly... More>>
Naked Lunch
, March 27, 2001
About seven years ago, the now 80-year-old Tobias Schneebaum was persuaded by novice brother-sister filmmakers David and Laurie Gwen Shapiro to... More>>
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