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Animating Rhythms
Fauvism Meets Folk Art
, December 07, 1999
Like the improvisational jazz that often scores their films, the Hubley family's animated output has always married technical mastery with... More>>
In Visible Cities
Return Trips
, December 07, 1999
In the 1930s, Shanghai was the world's only free port—no papers or payment required for entry. So at the start of World War II, nearly... More>>
Tim Roth Takes Some Shots Tim Roth Takes Some Shots
All in the Family
, December 07, 1999
Tough, bleak, and unencumbered by actor-turned-director hubris, Tim Roth's first feature, The War Zone (opening December 10), is anything but a... More>>
Lust, Love, and Ladies on the Lam
, December 07, 1999
One of the highlights of last year's Spanish program at the Walter Reade was Ventura Pons's Caresses, an omnisexual roundelay about the trials of... More>>
Back in the Ring
, December 07, 1999
Following Christopher Reeve in TV's busted Rear Window, post-stroke Kirk Douglas stars as a muttering geriatric in the fake-paste Diamonds, his... More>>
Iceland Cometh
, November 30, 1999
Iceland, a country of fewer people than Staten Island, brings us a retrospective of 10 recent films, including four by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,... More>>
Lost Without a Map
, November 30, 1999
From a bizarrely overenunciated, hooked-on-phonics voice-over, through a diva fit at a child's funeral as if the church were Jennifer Lopez's... More>>
Antonioni Snoozes; Arnold Stretches; Greed is Good Again Antonioni Snoozes; Arnold Stretches; Greed is Good Again
, November 30, 1999
Part of the price we have to pay, it seems, for the international art-film mardi gras of the '60s and '70s is the discomfiting experience of... More>>
That's the Spirit That's the Spirit
, November 30, 1999
I don't know if anyone has ever named God as a divorce-case third party, but it's a possibility the tormented male protagonists of Jane Campion's... More>>
Sean Penn’s High-Wire Act; Wisconsin Gothic Sean Penn’s High-Wire Act; Wisconsin Gothic
, November 30, 1999
Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown looks like peaches and cream with a dime-store glass of pale gold brandy on the side. It's the prettiest movie of... More>>
Darkside Toons
, November 30, 1999
Countless forgettable examples of East European animation later, cartooning remains devoted to the timeless art of kid pacification. Especially... More>>
Bible Studied
, November 30, 1999
The centerpiece of the recent African Diaspora Festival, Genesis audaciously transposes chapters 23 to 37 of the first book of the Bible to Mali,... More>>
Jane and Anna Campion Make a Religious-Cult Classic Jane and Anna Campion Make a Religious-Cult Classic
Fear and Desires
, November 23, 1999
"I like to be reminded that we're animals," says Jane Campion of the scene in her new film, Holy Smoke, where a distraught, naked Kate... More>>
The Pusan Film festival gains ground
Korea Moves
, November 23, 1999
Although the fourth Pusan Festival—held last month—programmed films from 53 countries, South Korea's bustling second city has rapidly... More>>
Heads or Tails Heads or Tails
, November 23, 1999
Tim Burton has yet to tackle an "adult" theme but there isn't a bankable Hollywood director with a flintier sense of aesthetic integrity. More... More>>
A Misfit Pair; Hit by a '2 by 4'; 007 Down A Misfit Pair; Hit by a '2 by 4'; 007 Down
, November 23, 1999
Two Joel Schumacher movies in one year is more than the average human brain is built to withstand. Is this some sick cosmic joke? True, Flawless... More>>
Around the world in 52 films
, November 23, 1999
There are larger festivals, and there are festivals with glossier "industry" profiles, but aside from the every-other-year FESPACO in Burkina... More>>
The Road Leads Home
, November 23, 1999
Just on the stiletto heels of Susan Sarandon comes another dramedy about a flighty, rudderless small-town mom hitting the road for California... More>>
Where the Boys (and Toys) Are Where the Boys (and Toys) Are
, November 23, 1999
You cannot, apparently, take the Baltimore out of the boy with a lock wrench, and so Barry Levinson returns again, with Liberty Heights, to the... More>>
Do the Hokey Poké; Behind-the-Curve Cyberculture
, November 16, 1999
Stand aside, for I am the master of Perplexichu, the 152nd Pokémon species of the Head- Slapping variety, with the special power of Gape!... More>>
The Parent Trap The Parent Trap
, November 16, 1999
Long-established, if not altogether consistent, pillars of the European art film, the Spaniard Pedro Almodóvar and the Frenchman Jacques... More>>
Treasures from Columbia’s Golden Age
, November 16, 1999
Tyrannical mogul Harry Cohn, who died in 1958, ruled the roost at Columbia for 38 years. He made few friends but was one of the most creative... More>>
School’s Out and in Flames
, November 16, 1999
Even as it hews close to the familiar rhythms of the misunderstood-teen flick, Light It Up is unexpectedly satisfying feel-good agitprop. The... More>>
The Seven-Year Switch: Documentary Portraits of Growing Up in Public The Seven-Year Switch: Documentary Portraits of Growing Up in Public
, November 16, 1999
In 1963, the year that British rock began to transform the image of London from staid to swinging, Granada TV produced 7Up, one of the most... More>>
His Name Was Lola
, November 16, 1999
The best new film from Germany is Turkish. Kutlug Ataman's Lola and Bilidikid takes place in the gay and transvestite subcultures of Berlin's... More>>
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