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Redeeming Features Redeeming Features
, November 09, 1999
Dogma, as you may have heard, is an armageddon caper with a cast of characters that includes a pro-choice world savior, a divine messenger who... More>>
Flirting With Disaster Flirting With Disaster
Director Don McKellar Begins With the End
, November 09, 1999
Perhaps the most modest and romantic disaster movie ever made, Don McKellar's Last Night is a crystallization of free-floating millennial... More>>
Guided by Voices
, November 09, 1999
In Martine Dugowson's debut film, Mina Tannenbaum, there's a superbly apt description of the tumultuous relationship between two longtime female... More>>
Death and the Maidens Death and the Maidens
, November 09, 1999
Serial killer films are a subspecies of the monster-movie genre, employing social criticism, psychodrama, police procedures, and the metaphysics... More>>
Uneasy Alliances
, November 09, 1999
Cinephiles may reproach Mohsen Makhmalbaf for changing styles from film to film. But for a man who started out as a political revolutionary, was... More>>
Soldiers' Stories Soldiers' Stories
A New Kind of War Film: Work as a Matter of Life and Death
, November 02, 1999
"What does the world of work demand? Just this: a place in society." Not a slogan from the barricades of May '68 in Paris, but from Liège,... More>>
Going Deutsch
, November 02, 1999
MOMA's annual survey of recent films from Germany coincides with the anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989) and... More>>
Crisis Modes Crisis Modes
, November 02, 1999
Lights, camera, agitation: Two current portraits of left-wing heroism and victimhood-the scrappy Belgian import Rosetta and Hollywood's... More>>
Death Be Not Proud Death Be Not Proud
, November 02, 1999
To the inventory of ecstatic film finales, add Don McKellar's version of the end of the world in Last Night. McKellar combines Pete Seeger's... More>>
Floral Pattern
, November 02, 1999
Women is the soppy French-language version of Steel Magnolias, featuring five middle-aged femmes-one dying, all longing-and a beauty parlor. With... More>>
Meryl Takes On the System and Wes Takes a Nap Meryl Takes On the System and Wes Takes a Nap
, November 02, 1999
Would that the mind's powers of self-persuasion were stronger, and it were possible to convince oneself that Wes Craven's Music of the Heart, or... More>>
Lifetime Achievement
Abraham Lincoln Polonsky, 1910-1999
, November 02, 1999
One of the most talented of Hollywood blacklistees, Bronx-born writer-director Abe Polonsky died last week in Los Angeles. Friends tell me he was... More>>
Keener Vision Keener Vision
Indie goddess keeps her eye on offbeat fare.
, October 26, 1999
The first time most of us witnessed the off-road combustion of Catherine Keener in action was in Tom DiCillo's Johnny Suede (1992), embodying the... More>>
Bittersweet Sympathies
For a Japanese Animator, Grown-up Messages Are Kid Stuff
, October 26, 1999
"It's a great struggle to make movies for children," says Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki, who has always strived to reconcile an... More>>
Metaphysical Therapy Metaphysical Therapy
, October 26, 1999
Directed by MTV whiz Spike Jonze from Charlie Kaufman's highly original script, Being John Malkovich is the sort of prize head-scratcher that... More>>
The Men That Time Forgot
, October 26, 1999
It's a testament to Tim Roth's sheer grace and adaptability that The Legend of 1900—a fanciful tale of a baby born at sea who grows up to be... More>>
Our Bodies, Ourselves
, October 26, 1999
Much in Dreaming of Joseph Lees pivots on pathological jealousy, and the film casts a jaundiced eye indeed—interiors and exteriors alike... More>>
I Will Contrive I Will Contrive
, October 19, 1999
Ben and Katie Jordan are wealthy, attractive Californians with dream jobs (novelist and crossword-puzzle designer), a perfectly appointed house,... More>>
The Vagina Monologue
Here's a Trend for Jack Valenti: Men Without Guns
, October 19, 1999
Surpassing Brandon Teena's sexual identity crisis is the one that reviewers of Boys Don't Cry have suffered in puzzling out the whole pronoun... More>>
Season of the Twitch
Trout Farmer, TV Addict, Toronto's Favorite Son
, October 19, 1999
Toronto native Don McKellar is best known in the States as an oddball presence in the films of his countrymen—the nerdy pet-shop proprietor... More>>
Swede Hereafter
A New Director Starts with a Happy Ending
, October 19, 1999
Swedish schoolgirls who fall in love with each other are unlikely heroines for a mainstream, feel-good blockbuster. But Show Me Love was No. 2 at... More>>
The Avengers
Two Drama Queens and a Dead Pig
, October 19, 1999
A rape/seduction scene in which the woman is the perpetrator and the man is the victim: shocking and subversive, or just indie high concept? The... More>>
The Wedding Singer
He's Gotta Have It
, October 19, 1999
Writer-director Malcolm Lee may have a first feature in theaters, the wedding-centric The Best Man, but it seems people are as interested in... More>>
Come On In, the Mainstream's Fine
, October 19, 1999
The Best Man is an unabashedly mainstream romantic comedy about an upwardly mobile group of twentysomethings who are making choices about love... More>>
City Limits City Limits
, October 19, 1999
Let us triangulate. David Fincher's Fight Club is not a brainless mosh pit. Nor is it a transgressive masterpiece. As provocations go, this... More>>
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