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Too Close to Home
, October 12, 1999
A scalding, groggy poison-pen portrait of criminal working-class dead-endism, Rowan Woods's The Boys is built to impress—what it judiciously... More>>
Puffed Daddy
Wearing kid gloves for a family portrait
, October 12, 1999
Tessa Blake's portrait of her oilman father, Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me, offers a case study in the possibilities and pitfalls of... More>>
Lip Service Lip Service
They want to know what love is
, October 12, 1999
Easily the best teen movie of the year, Show Me Love conjures with wry, empathetic precision the careening mood swings and casual emotional... More>>
Body Work
, October 12, 1999
Beefcake, Thom Fitzgerald's fizzy pastiche of talking heads, camped-up docudrama, courtroom theatrics, and vintage film clips, is, we're told,... More>>
Rhythm King
Passion plays set at maximum cool
, October 12, 1999
Film Forum's Dreyer retro includes six of the Danish master's 14 features. Although he was a towering figure in European cinema, nearly all of... More>>
Natural Selection Natural Selection
At a spotty indie showcase, less is more
, October 05, 1999
The numbers were down at the Independent Feature Film Market (September 17 through 24 at the Angelika and other nearby venues), which made the... More>>
Sentimental Journeys
, October 05, 1999
Mildly more acidic than your average middle - aged tragi - romance, Sydney Pollack's randomly titled Random Hearts almost shoots itself in the... More>>
Professor of Desire
, October 05, 1999
Alberto Moravia was one of the first Italian authors of his day to write honestly about sex—it was therefore no surprise when, in 1952, his... More>>
Face Value Face Value
Terence Stamp Returns in a Custom-Made Star Vehicle
, October 05, 1999
More than any of his peers, Terence Stamp defined— and remains haunted by— the '60s, a decade that saw him transform from the angelic... More>>
Corn Doggy Dogg
, October 05, 1999
Despite the ascendancy of hick-hop stars like Eminem and Kid Rock, despite the ongoing Hilfiger-underwritten experiment in selling black culture... More>>
Young Blood Young Blood
, October 05, 1999
A jaggedly impressionistic reverie, Steven Soderbergh's The Limey works best as a brutal yet delicate gloss on the Orpheus myth. A man journeys... More>>
Real Fiction Real Fiction
Indie first-timer Kimberly Peirce: Fast, cheap, and in control
, September 28, 1999
Murdered nonconformist Brandon Teena has become a transgressive icon of daring and ambiguity, a poster person for the gender rebel as... More>>
They Have Many Straight Friends
Putting on gay drag for fun and profit
, September 28, 1999
In the grand tradition of comedy classics like Soul Man—where the alpha male disguises himself as Other and subsequently achieves... More>>
Sugared Town
, September 28, 1999
Where the hockey's good, the compass points north, and the ladies stay warm all night. Mystery, Alaska, is a tiny burg, little more than a post... More>>
Life's Rich Pageant
, September 28, 1999
If Happy, Texas, the subject of a heated bidding war at Sundance this year, has any use at all, it's as an illustration of festival-induced... More>>
Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
, September 28, 1999
Good-looking stranger moves to a small town, changing lives while harboring a secret past. Mumford and Boys Don't Cry— two hits at the... More>>
Flop House Flop House
, September 28, 1999
William Gibson's short story "New Rose Hotel" has been a Holy Grail for directors in love with the ominous, seamy atmosphere of futuristic noir.... More>>
Professional Sidekick
, September 28, 1999
James Newton's life, the occasion for the not uncommon documentary Uncommon Friends of the 20th Century, plays like a stodgier, real-life Forrest... More>>
Fops and Robbers Fops and Robbers
, September 28, 1999
Director Jake Scott's aesthetically unmoored period action flick, Plunkett and Macleane, is so desperate to be a hipster swashbuckler that—... More>>
Parting Shots Parting Shots
, September 21, 1999
Time regained: Lincoln Center sends out the celluloid century with a sophisticated mix of the old and the new, the hot and the unreleasable, the... More>>
Reviving an Eccentric Italian Outsider
Split Personality
, September 21, 1999
One of Italy's most successful directors during his lifetime, known in these parts mostly for his witty black comedy Divorce-Italian Style,... More>>
Sticky-Sweet Hereafters Sticky-Sweet Hereafters
, September 21, 1999
A mainstream version of Jennifer Montgomery's controversial Art for Teachers of Children, Guinevere is notable as a showcase for Sarah Polley, a... More>>
Northern Exposure
Stocking Up at the Toronto Film Festival
, September 21, 1999
It's customary by now to introduce any report on the Toronto International Film Festival with ritual acknowledgment of its ever-escalating... More>>
History Lessens
, September 21, 1999
"What's history for?" a schoolgirl asks in Lucie Aubrac, Claude Berri's film about the eponymous French Resistance fighter, transforming her... More>>
Martyr Complex Martyr Complex
, September 21, 1999
Hope. Hope divine, hope springs eternal, Star Wars: A New Hope, Hope Lange, the Hope Diamond, Bob Hope. You can't help it— hope's what... More>>
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