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Diamonds Are Forever
Field of Cream
, April 02, 2002
Less torturous than The Kid but not quite up to Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar standards, John Lee Hancock's baseball melodrama, The Rookie... More>>
Houses of Mirth Houses of Mirth
, April 02, 2002
The epitome of animated anti-cuteness, Tex Avery's Screwball Squirrel was a raucous rodent who began his career by mugging the cartoon's... More>>
Mother Africa's New Breed Mother Africa's New Breed
, April 02, 2002
There are 52 known film versions of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen, ranging from DeMille's 1915 patchwork debacle to Preminger's workmanlike... More>>
Beat the Parents
, April 02, 2002
"With this magic title of Paris, a play or review or book is always assured of success," noted Théophile Gautier of 19th-century... More>>
Ace in the Hole
Billy Wilder, 1906–2002
, April 02, 2002
What other Hollywood artisan better endured and represented the tumult and cynical narrative of the 20th century than Billy Wilder? Succumbing... More>>
Prisoners' Songs Prisoners' Songs
, March 26, 2002
The Piano Teacher's study in lurid sexual pathology occasions a tour de force by Isabelle Huppert as the title character—a four-alarm... More>>
Story of a Woman Story of a Woman
Isabelle Huppert's Pressure Points
, March 26, 2002
"There was no real border," Isabelle Huppert says of her new film, The Piano Teacher, "between the movie as we made it and life." Ain't it the... More>>
Occupational Hazards
Laurent Cantet's Work Ethic
, March 26, 2002
Work—most people hate it, but can't live without it. Laurent Cantet makes films about it. The 40-year-old French director explores the way... More>>
What It Feels Like for a Dude
, March 26, 2002
OK men, listen up: Girls got it rough. From leg stubble to heavy menstrual flow to feminism, the ladies have problems galore. Fortunately,... More>>
Captured by the Game Captured by the Game
, March 26, 2002
You are what you do. The phrase can evoke either Stakhanovite zeal or Bartleby despair. Laurent Cantet's Time Out, a smoldering fireball of... More>>
Monsters, Inc.
, March 26, 2002
Returning to pulp territory after The Devil's Backbone, Mexican director Guillermo del Toro cribs from his earlier work in an attempt to breathe... More>>
Bear Market
Worst in Show
, March 26, 2002
You couldn't ask for a more revealing, asinine, appalling portrait of American power at work in the fields of self-justification than the... More>>
Arrested Developments
, March 19, 2002
Apologies for spoiler sporting, but Showtime should come with a disclaimer. Screened for critics on 3-11, the copland farce climaxes when the... More>>
His Life as a Dog His Life as a Dog
, March 19, 2002
The other day, leaving the cinema, I saw a poster announcing the 20th-anniversary re-release of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and just as I was... More>>
Lux et Veritas Lux et Veritas
, March 19, 2002
More than compensating for last year's lackluster selection, the 31st edition of the Museum of Modern Art-Film Society of Lincoln Center survey,... More>>
Redeem Upon Purchase Redeem Upon Purchase
, March 19, 2002
Terry Zwigoff's Crumb may be the preeminent hagiographic bio-doc, complicating our view of a cultural icon while awakening us to why he deserves... More>>
World Citizen
, March 19, 2002
Joris Ivens died in 1989 at age 90, just as his luminous final film, A Tale of the Wind, was making the rounds. This militant "Flying Dutchman"... More>>
The Last Seductions The Last Seductions
, March 12, 2002
Y Tu Mamá También takes its title from a taunting Mexican dis: "And [I fucked] your mother, too!" That's only one of the oedipal... More>>
Adrift in No Man’s Land Adrift in No Man’s Land
, March 12, 2002
The Israeli-Palestinian crisis is usually regarded as a sociopolitical tar baby, glumly pondered at arm's length. On a clear day, however, what... More>>
Sister My Sister
, March 12, 2002
To a longtime single woman, the prospect of yet another movie about dating must seem as unappealing as the promise of yet another date. It's easy... More>>
Dear Valued Customer
, March 12, 2002
The title is something of a misnomer. Sure there's a mess of crisp greenbacks flaunted (even production-wise—the asphalt sparkles)... More>>
Alfonso Cuarón's Mexican Pie Alfonso Cuarón's Mexican Pie
Globalized Road Trip
, March 12, 2002
A couple of years ago, director Alfonso Cuarón and his brother, the writer Carlos Cuarón, sat in Alfonso's Greenwich Village... More>>
The Atrocity Exhibit
, March 12, 2002
The wars of secession in Yugoslavia initially met with international bemusement not least because media and government agencies alike presented... More>>
Blinded Without Science Blinded Without Science
, March 12, 2002
H.G. Wells invented science fiction by muddying the expansive whimsy of Victorian futurism with fin de siècle dread. His great-grandson's... More>>
Phelps Fag Enabler
If You’re Feeling Minister
, March 12, 2002
"That's a joke, right?" asked a Second Avenue passerby, referring to the people holding signs that read "Thank God for Sept. 11," "God Hates... More>>
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