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New Thai Cinema Hits the Road New Thai Cinema Hits the Road
Mysterious Objects and Black Tigers
, September 11, 2001
A goat loiters in a shady corner of its rough-hewn pen, dodging wayward chickens and the persistent late-July sun. Crops planted in rows fan out... More>>
As the Lights Go Down As the Lights Go Down
Pauline Kael, 1919–2001
, September 11, 2001
The hot-pants Queen Victoria of American film criticism, Pauline Kael has now paid the debt of nature, providing the obituarians with the... More>>
Tommy (Mottola), Can You Hear Me? Tommy (Mottola), Can You Hear Me?
, September 11, 2001
What with post-Napster ennui, SoundScan fraud, A&R layoffs, and artists suing labels left and right, it's no wonder that several of the rock docs... More>>
Replacement Killers
, September 11, 2001
Even Tim Roth, whose trademark blend of savagery and insouciance made Planet of the Apes intermittently entertaining, can't rescue Peter Hyams's... More>>
Short Sharp Shocks
, September 11, 2001
It remains a sad cinematic fact that only a modicum of animated films—especially doubly damned shorts—ever find their way into... More>>
Milk of Human Kindness Milk of Human Kindness
, September 04, 2001
Balanced on a knife-edge between the exotic and the familiar, Djomeh is among the most formally accomplished of new Iranian films. Hassan... More>>
Magnificent Obsessions Magnificent Obsessions
, September 04, 2001
His detractors have claimed that Kon Ichikawa is not a real auteur because of the extreme eclecticism of his work. In the course of a career... More>>
Still Lives in Perpetual Motion
, September 04, 2001
Iranian culture sometimes seems to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, its pre-revolutionary past buried under political repression, its... More>>
What's Eating You
, September 04, 2001
Straight-faced and blithely ironic, Bernard Rapp's A Matter of Taste is a tale of obsessive love, but here it's a deranged, Nietzschean self-love... More>>
Shrew To Tango
, September 04, 2001
Depending on your romantic inclinations, writer-director Mark Brown's scalding comedy Two Can Play That Game will strike you as either... More>>
Happiness Is a Young Gun
, September 04, 2001
Pablo Escobar has been dead for more than eight years now, but he never really went away. The drug kingpin's virtual dictatorship all but... More>>
Show of Force
, September 04, 2001
Soon, there will be two films in New York theaters about the experience of Czech Jews during the Holocaust and the Communist terror that... More>>
Screen Test
World’s Hardest Movie Quiz 2001
, August 28, 2001
As is the tradition, this year's annual Stuart Byron Movie Trivia Quiz seeks to winnow out dilettantes from the dead-serious cinephiles, and with... More>>
Soggy Bag
, August 28, 2001
Plagued by hankie-tugging character arcs (Travolta's movie-of-the-week highlight) or conceived as punch lines (Seinfeld's immunodeficient churl),... More>>
Character Flaws Character Flaws
, August 28, 2001
Begging for trouble every which way, O transposes Shakespeare's Othello to a coed prep school in South Carolina. The Moor of Venice, the war hero... More>>
Market Driven
, August 28, 2001
More than just a pulp-for-pulp's-sake statement, Ghosts of Mars poses a battery of questions: How does John Carpenter get his new movies made... More>>
Set This House on Fire Set This House on Fire
Nat Turner’s Second Coming
, August 28, 2001
"I was the great-grandson of a slave owner, and he was the great-grandson of slaves," says Sophie's Choice novelist William Styron, 76, recalling... More>>
Like Pater for ‘Chocolat’
, August 28, 2001
A Chicano cover version of Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, Tortilla Soup mixes Food Network money shots with the dregs of King Lear, aiming for... More>>
Chronic Fatigue
, August 21, 2001
Movie-watching has always demanded a tolerance for solipsism, but even fans of Kevin Smith may allow that the freedom Clerks won him (to... More>>
The War That Never Ended The War That Never Ended
, August 21, 2001
Novelistic scope and dialectical edge distinguish Fighter, Amir Bar-Lev's irresistible documentary about two Czech Holocaust survivors, Jan... More>>
Accidents Will Happen
, August 21, 2001
A tricky proposition in life, time travel is a breeze in cinema: Just run the film backward. Opening with such reverse spoolery, Brad Anderson's... More>>
Circle Jerk
, August 21, 2001
Made with $980 and about as many brain cells, Cupid's Mistake is more cute than clever. A tale of titillation and rejection, Young Man Kang's... More>>
Lukas Moodysson Travels Light Lukas Moodysson Travels Light
No Place Like Utopia
, August 21, 2001
The improbable missing link between Marx and ABBA, Lukas Moodysson's Together ventures into the vanishing utopia of a Swedish commune in the mid... More>>
The Kapital Gang The Kapital Gang
, August 21, 2001
Forget those magazine offices, law firms, schoolrooms, and coffee shops. The great unexplored milieu for a TV sitcom is the hippie commune. It's... More>>
Best in Show
, August 21, 2001
Massy and multi-tentacled, the celebrity-industrial complex has never been so hell-bent on proving Andy Warhol right as it is now. What's any... More>>
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