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, June 18, 2002
Testosterone-driven frenzies fuel the plot of Skin of Man, Heart of Beast, French director Hélène Angel's sensitive and crystalline... More>>
Behind the Barricades
Portraits of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
, June 18, 2002
Rich with documentary reportage from all over the globe, this year's Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (through June 27 at the... More>>
Return to Paradise Return to Paradise
, June 18, 2002
The chilly vaults of Anthology Film Archives just got a bit hotter, thanks to a recent acquisition: the oeuvre of porn pioneer Wakefield Poole,... More>>
The Devil You Know
, June 18, 2002
The only gay movie protagonist in recent years whom I've identified with is the titular antihero of David Jacobson's exceptional biopic Dahmer.... More>>
I Am Not Sam
Autistic License
, June 18, 2002
Continuing the post-Reagan-era tendency of American movies to patronize and romanticize the mentally impaired, David S. Goyer's ZigZag (Silver... More>>
Holy Ghost World Holy Ghost World
, June 11, 2002
Not the topical exposé its title suggests, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys waxes nostalgic for the far more innocent church scandal of... More>>
You Give Me Fever
, June 11, 2002
Anthology's Halogen Canticles program presents a rare chance to see three staggeringly unstable movies—chlorotic, tumescent features made in... More>>
Desperate Hours
A Palestinian Director’s Ghetto Humor
, June 11, 2002
CANNES, FRANCE—The Buster Keaton of the West Bank, the Jacques Tati of Palestinian society (as the French media proclaims him), Elia... More>>
Stray Dogs
, June 11, 2002
Ten years on, American independent moviemakers seem to have come to terms with the anxiety of Quentin Tarantino's influence—the... More>>
Fragments Jerusalem
Israel Beyond the Front Page
, June 11, 2002
Now in its 18th year, the Israeli Film Festival (Clearview Cinema, June 13-27) provides a valuable antidote to the daily barrage of violent... More>>
The Notorious M.A.N.
, June 11, 2002
In addition to the cheerfully unsustainable marketing-as-brainwash theme common to the most vertiginous comedies of the past year (Josie and the... More>>
Material Witnesses Material Witnesses
, June 11, 2002
An itemized casualty list of calamities across multiple nations, The Trials of Henry Kissinger is something of a microcosm of the 2002 Human... More>>
Wandering Spirit
El Gallo's Humor
, June 11, 2002
Not a discouraging political word mars Karim Dridi's Cuba Feliz (Film Forum, through June 18), a minimalist documentary that follows an itinerant... More>>
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light
, June 04, 2002
"Astonish me," Diaghilev ordered Cocteau, and The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) more than fulfills that regal dictum for new art. The first feature to... More>>
Flights of Clancy
, June 04, 2002
The political zinger zone of Tom Clancy might just be the slyest of Pentagon pop-prop delivery systems—righteous naïveté draped... More>>
The Crying Games The Crying Games
, June 04, 2002
For the queer cinephile, each installment of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival often gives way to frustration and dashed hopes. Can today's gay... More>>
Hollywood Ending
, June 04, 2002
Tolstoy's short novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the outcome of an existential crisis that followed the publication of Anna Karenina and all but... More>>
Plastic Fantastic
Bohemian Rhapsodies
, June 04, 2002
One of the most inspired subjects for a metro-retro in years (BAMcinématek, June 7 through 28), Frantisek Vlácil was, with just a... More>>
All This Useful Beauty All This Useful Beauty
Cannes's Director's Fortnight: 'Absolutely Normal Films'
, June 04, 2002
Cannes, France—While the official selection continues to find Great Aged Directors wading in shallow auteurist waters, Cannes's "Director's... More>>
Declining Women
, June 04, 2002
With a couple of the season's bigger box-office bullies safely out of the way, the adult phase of the summer blockbuster cycle commences with... More>>
As Nature Intended
Knife in the Waterfall
, June 04, 2002
Low budget meets high tension in Kaaterskill Falls (at the Pioneer, through June 11), a debut feature by directors Josh Apter and Peter Olsen. A... More>>
Temples of the Familiar Temples of the Familiar
, May 28, 2002
Rarely has Italy's long-moribund movie industry been mired in such adverse circumstances, and—in a nation that recently witnessed its first... More>>
Where the Summer Goes
Shelf Life
, May 28, 2002
Fashioned one frame at a time, animated film is at once obsessive and naturally congenial, and as rediscovered video rarities go, Lotte... More>>
Absent Minded
, May 28, 2002
No film exists of Vaslav Nijinsky dancing. The only records of his brief but astonishing career are a few photographs, eyewitness accounts, and... More>>
Double Jeopardy Double Jeopardy
, May 28, 2002
For yet another movie striving to locate amusement and sentimental solace in the shenanigans of the mentally disabled, the Norwegian soaper... More>>
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