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You've Got a Fiend You've Got a Fiend
, September 10, 2002
Possibly the most riveting and vital historical document ever put on celluloid, Patricio Guzmán's three-part 1975-79 guerrilla epic The... More>>
Stealing Beauty
, September 10, 2002
A mother's love, that endless font of adoration—who ever really survives it? The question lies at the heart of Alias Betty, the latest film... More>>
Clipped Wings
To the Manor Bored
, September 10, 2002
Rich people are different from you and me; they're not nearly as funny. "Do you know where your sterling performance is going to take you now,... More>>
Showing Off
Bob and David Tell You What to Think
, September 10, 2002
There exist a mere 30 episodes of Mr. Show, the sketch comedy series that drifted from one insomniac time slot to another on HBO for four... More>>
Old Hollywood's Sure Thing Old Hollywood's Sure Thing
, September 10, 2002
William Wyler is a prime example of the Hollywood craftsman who thrived under the studio system from the 1930s to the 1950s. For many years he... More>>
Hope Floats
, September 10, 2002
As you might guess, both the two-years-running festival fave Swimming and the by-the-numbers Hollywood stalker-clash Swimfan give water metaphors... More>>
Paris Match
Jacques Becker's Golden Casks
, September 10, 2002
Jacques Becker, the subject of a nine-film retrospective at BAMcinématek (September 12 through 29), had a small output before his... More>>
Invisible Cities Invisible Cities
, September 03, 2002
Jean-Luc Godard's In Praise of Love is tactile yet elusive—its tragic grandeur is as graspable as running water and as shifty as smoke. Like... More>>
The Son Also Rises The Son Also Rises
, September 03, 2002
The cinema's summer fling with father-son dissonance continues unabated with Michael Caton-Jones's melodramatic police thriller City by the Sea.... More>>
No Time to Kill
, September 03, 2002
A documentary that peers into the final months of a borderline-retarded murderer, The Execution of Wanda Jean shifts between the emotionally... More>>
All Suds
, September 03, 2002
The cultural phenomenon of the soap opera is fascinating, however trivial the form itself. And writer-director Ruedi Gerber correctly identifies... More>>
Virtual Exhibitions Virtual Exhibitions
Film Companies Keep Dreaming of a Digital Future
, September 03, 2002
Can the digital revolution save independent film distribution? Faced with prohibitively expensive print and advertising costs and increased... More>>
Ten Years After
Sarajevo Lost and Found
, September 03, 2002
SARAJEVO—A decade after the beginning of the Serbian attack that leveled the cityscape and killed more than 10,000 civilians, Bosnia and... More>>
Computer Love Computer Love
, August 27, 2002
Once upon a time, motion pictures were theorized as a technology of truth, 24 frames per second. But as movies lose their basis in photographed... More>>
Into the Snow Zone
The Shape of Things to Come
, August 27, 2002
Putting forth any interpretation of Michael Snow's trippy *Corpus Callosum may be useless, since the filmmaker himself speaks about it so... More>>
Model Service
You Say He's Just a Friend
, August 27, 2002
Elizabeth Hurley's had more than her share of tabloid-splashed real-life spurnings, so hell if she's gonna break down in front of a camera over a... More>>
Wait Until Dark Wait Until Dark
, August 27, 2002
"I like the dark," purrs moonfaced Simone Simon in Jacques Tourneur's Cat People (1942), her continental lilt toying lightly with each English... More>>
Hystorical Fiction
, August 27, 2002
You'd think that medieval costume dramas might be as obsolete as leech-bleeding after the postmod dressing-down exacted by Roberto Rossellini and... More>>
Subcontinental Drift
, August 27, 2002
If Lagaan—the only Bollywood film to receive a noteworthy stateside release—wasn't enough to spark a rash of imports, then Agni Varsha... More>>
Ace in the Hole Ace in the Hole
, August 20, 2002
An utterly bewitching atrocity, the notorious Korean nitro-flask The Isle makes a deceptively meditative first impression. A gorgeously... More>>
Kiss of the Vampire Slayer
Shelf Life
, August 20, 2002
My So-Called Life, the greatest show ever, knew three indivisible things about adolescence. One, the wonder years are a checklist of inevitable... More>>
The Tummy Returns
Hide and Seek
, August 20, 2002
Great belly dancers are often women of a certain age, far removed from nymphlike ideals of beauty. Their proud displays of ample hips and bosoms,... More>>
Artificially Preserved Artificially Preserved
, August 20, 2002
The comic books of my childhood used to employ the written sound effect "Glorch!" to signify a violent lump in the throat. There's a kindred form... More>>
Somebody's Watching Me Somebody's Watching Me
, August 20, 2002
"There are plots against people, aren't there?" Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) asks in Rosemary's Baby, one of six films in the Pioneer's first... More>>
Shock Waves
, August 20, 2002
Father-son tussles have dominated this season's blockbusters, from Road to Perdition to Signs to Austin Powers in Goldmember, and the theme now... More>>
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