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Leaps of Bliss Leaps of Bliss
, August 13, 2002
Two years into the country's export thaw, we're seeing more releases out of South Korea than even Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the proliferation... More>>
Captive Markets
, August 13, 2002
Toward the end of Super 8 Stories, Emir Kusturica's profile of the Balkan gypsy-punk band No Smoking, the vocalist sings, "Video killed the rock... More>>
Bigger They Come
Meriwether Report
, August 13, 2002
No need to bet your bottom Sacagawea dollar on it: Given that Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West (at the Loews IMAX) was produced by National... More>>
Simple Twists of Fate Simple Twists of Fate
, August 13, 2002
Like the Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont fairy tale on which it's based, Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast (1946) bluntly celebrates a love... More>>
Involuntary Commitment
The Bound and the Fury
, August 13, 2002
A kind of hair-pulling paesano version of St. Elmo's Fire (or Beautiful Girls), writer-director Gabriele Muccino's The Last Kiss (ThinkFilm,... More>>
Food of Love
, August 13, 2002
"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well," Virginia Woolf famously remarked. Directors of food films—from... More>>
Dreams Never End Dreams Never End
, August 06, 2002
Crammed with pop ephemera and apocrypha, Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People filters the mad sprawl of a musical Valhalla (Manchester,... More>>
Modest Proposals
The 'Urbanworld Film Festival'
, August 06, 2002
With potential crowd-pleasers like Biggie & Tupac and Drumline topping the bill, this year's Urbanworld Film Festival (through August 11 at Loews... More>>
Hungry Hearts Hungry Hearts
, August 06, 2002
"Madame Bovary c'est moi," her creator, Gustave Flaubert, is supposed to have said. To which Jennifer Aniston can now add, "Me too." The Good... More>>
Enter the King Enter the King
Manoel de Oliveira's Magic and Loss
, August 06, 2002
At 93, the Portuguese auteur Manoel de Oliveira is the only working director who began his career in silent cinema. He remembers his youthful... More>>
Naked Ambition
, August 06, 2002
Asia Argento's Scarlet Diva is not what you'd expect of a writing-directing debut by an internationally adored movie starlet, but it's exactly... More>>
Keep It Together Keep It Together
, August 06, 2002
In a glassy-eyed season of franchise bloat and blockbusters-by-committee, Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams pulls off a dual identity as... More>>
Cruel Summer
A Stubborn Slump for NYC Production
, August 06, 2002
New York City's multibillion-dollar filmmaking industry is hurting. Numbers released by the New York Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and... More>>
At Wit's End
, August 06, 2002
Poor Martin Lawrence. He has neither the charisma of Eddie Murphy nor the gravitas of Richard Pryor, yet he spends most of Martin Lawrence Live:... More>>
Distribute the Wealth Distribute the Wealth
, July 30, 2002
Death gave Donald Krim his first big break as a film distributor. In 1977, Kino, his fledgling company, had just acquired theatrical rights to... More>>
Tried and True
Hardest-Movie-Quiz Answers Revealed
, July 30, 2002
This year's Stuart Byron Quiz wreath goes to erstwhile runner-up Andrew Grant of Brooklyn, edging out Ed Gonzalez of Weehawken and Mitchell Katz... More>>
Ursine Minor
When Animatronics Attack
, July 30, 2002
Finally, it's happened: a movie based upon a theme park exhibit rather than the reverse. Extrapolated from Disney World's lifeless but... More>>
Crime Scenes Crime Scenes
, July 30, 2002
The title Full Frontal promises a daring disclosure, but what Steven Soderbergh's unshapely new movie delivers is a familiar, if elaborately... More>>
Truth and Consequences Truth and Consequences
, July 30, 2002
Ken Loach studied law at Oxford, and though he claims to have been an indifferent pupil, he went on to answer his calling as a public advocate... More>>
Made in U.S.A.
, July 30, 2002
When Fritz Lang cleared out of Nazi Germany, he shot a film in France, then moved to Hollywood in 1934. The director of Metropolis turned out 22... More>>
Lost Dreams
Welcome to the Latino Gaze
, July 30, 2002
Judging from the third annual New York Latino Film Festival (through August 4; check for venues), the flava of the moment is... More>>
Yang + Yin Yang + Yin
, July 23, 2002
Before Lan Yu, his new melancholy gay tragi-romance, veteran Hong Kong filmmaker Stanley Kwan had gone completely undistributed in this... More>>
Hotrod Stuart
For You, the Birdie
, July 23, 2002
In Stuart Little 2 (Columbia, in general release), the titular fur-face (voiced by Michael J. Fox) experiences growing pains that would be... More>>
Last Men Standing Last Men Standing
, July 23, 2002
"I did a scene where I had to kill 30 people at once," Toshiro Mifune remarked about Akira Kurosawa's Sanjuro (1962), one of 12 offerings in Film... More>>
Curtain Calls
, July 23, 2002
More than 25 years have passed since Ely Landau, a TV producer then best known for getting O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into permanent celluloid... More>>
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