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Prosaic Nations Prosaic Nations
, February 19, 2002
With its lunatic genre freak-outs and intimidating quantity, Indian cinema is as difficult to nail down as a blob of mercury, but you'd never... More>>
, February 19, 2002
Cousins can exert a strange fascination—a peer group more exotic than siblings, they're a remote mirror for one's own experience. Maryam is... More>>
So Fajr Away So Fajr Away
Iranian Cinema Puts the Children to Bed
, February 19, 2002
Tehran, Iran—Branded part of an "axis of evil" on the eve of the 20th Fajr Film Festival, Iran effectively reminded the world that it is... More>>
Medium Cool Medium Cool
, February 19, 2002
It's hard to even envision a world without Blockbuster and camcorders, 100 channels of cable TV, Jumbotron billboards, digital cinema, or... More>>
I Think I Need a New Heart I Think I Need a New Heart
, February 19, 2002
Mulholland Drive began with a car crash, then inscribed the statuesque blankness of Laura Elena Harring's Rita with Hollywood dread; the new... More>>
Criminal Mischief
, February 19, 2002
In Barry Skolnick's Mean Machine, a minor-league soccer remake of The Longest Yard, British jailbirds use their one hour of daily recreation time... More>>
Computer Love
, February 19, 2002
Since the late 1990s, an insatiable home video market has egged on a generation of Japanese genre-smearers—some of whom began via film... More>>
Bully Pulpit Bully Pulpit
, February 12, 2002
The great box-office beneficiary of the new bellicosity, Black Hawk Down has proved perfectly attuned to the present moment in its tone of... More>>
For Mature Audiences Only For Mature Audiences Only
, February 12, 2002
There aren't many serious films about aging, but there has never been any shortage of movies that sling sweet bullshit about being old. Living on... More>>
Code Warriors
, February 12, 2002
It's hard enough to make a subject as unsexy as open-source software appealing to nongeeks. Harder still when the cast in J.T.S. Moore's... More>>
Bland Illusion
, February 12, 2002
Mixing two seemingly surefire genres—the P.O.W. movie and the courtroom thriller—Hart's War doesn't bother to compete with Stalag 17... More>>
Academy Fight Songs
, February 12, 2002
As mired in benign nostalgia as last year's homage/parody hybrids Wet Hot American Summer and Rat Race, Jay Chandrasekhar's dopey (in every... More>>
Spring Forward
, February 12, 2002
"We'll have hamburgers, but not morals or art," a man on the street laments, captured by Czech documentarian Karel Vachek's roving camera on the... More>>
Rotterdam’s Desert Storms Rotterdam’s Desert Storms
Tigers, Copulating Horses, Camel(s)
, February 12, 2002
ROTTERDAM—Surely the most unpredictable festival in the world, Rotterdam normally provides copious material for a critic, but the 31st... More>>
All Mixed Up
, February 12, 2002
There's a moment in Scratch, Doug Pray's new documentary, when you begin to feel the film accelerating from workman-like music journalism to... More>>
Conspicuous Consumption
, February 12, 2002
A gem of a Fredric Brown story runs, in its entirety: "The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. . . . "... More>>
Let the Buyer Beware Let the Buyer Beware
, February 05, 2002
Genre films rarely sidestep rank cynicism and flimsy irony these days, but Jez Butterworth's romantic comedy-cum-caper flick Birthday Girl... More>>
Lady of the Lake
, February 05, 2002
Alzheimer's isn't the sexiest subject in the world, so you can almost forgive Richard Eyre for trying to sauce up Iris (now in general release)... More>>
Saltwater Taffy
, February 05, 2002
With the deaths of family members at its core—not to mention its Maine setting and Nova Scotia locations—A Rumor of Angels would appear... More>>
Unholy Wars Unholy Wars
, February 05, 2002
The obvious media hero of the Afghan war only got his 15 minutes on American TV in death. On September 9, suicide bombers disguised as a TV crew... More>>
Blood Simple Blood Simple
, February 05, 2002
It was Orson Welles, Andrew Sarris once noted, who "infected the American cinema with the virus of artistic ambition." It was also Welles whose... More>>
The Kids Are Alright
, February 05, 2002
"Come back a film star!" a ticket agent in Salaam Bombay! says to an urchin about to board a train for India's cinematic capital. Krishna (Shafiq... More>>
Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter
Sundance's Real Deals
, February 05, 2002
Not least because reality checks are in such scant supply elsewhere, the documentary lineup at Sundance has long been a safe haven. Here the... More>>
Low-Budget Movies
Park City Real-Life Consumer Guide
, February 05, 2002
A full-on Sundance bender is murder on the eyes. After a week of playing in the sun and snow all day and watching movies all night (sometimes... More>>
Filmmaker, Heal Thyself Filmmaker, Heal Thyself
, January 29, 2002
Can movies be overtly therapeutic? Could they minister to our needs? Perform social work? How about filmmakers? Each in its own way, Frederick... More>>
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