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Time Bomb
, December 04, 2001
War culture has become blithely easy to deride in eras of conflict as well as peacetime, but surely documentarian Hartmut Bitomsky's new film,... More>>
Danis Tanovic at the Front Lines
Soldiers of Misfortune
, December 04, 2001
Like many Bosnians of his generation, Danis Tanovic, director of No Man's Land, grew up watching movies about World War II in which "our"... More>>
The Gray Zones
Mastering the Art of War
, December 04, 2001
War movies, so readily adaptable as propaganda, have never enjoyed a particularly glowing reputation. Operation Enduring Freedom doesn't promise... More>>
Six Degrees of Separation Six Degrees of Separation
, December 04, 2001
Countless American films have essentialized corporate culture as an arid, perspective-warping biodome, a glass-and-chrome petri dish of... More>>
Reviewer Afraid
, December 04, 2001
A pair of movies this week tilts at civilization and its discontents, championing fluid sexuality and scorning societal hypocrisies. That the... More>>
The Haunting Hours The Haunting Hours
A Grief Observed
, December 04, 2001
If grief, as the commonplace goes, defies description and comprehension, it is emphatically resistant to cinematic representation as well. How to... More>>
Moviehead Gift Guide
, November 27, 2001
With the plexes pipe-glutted with elfin this and magical that, the only sensible recourse is to prime the economy by shopping for real... More>>
The Method Actor
, November 27, 2001
What is the magic surrounding porn legend Ron Jeremy? The fat, greasy, deliveryman mystique? Or, as one dinky blond fan puts it in Porn Star,... More>>
Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell
, November 27, 2001
Entranced, romantic, utopian, and utterly French, Jacques Demy has always been the most patronized and underappreciated of the major nouvelle... More>>
, November 27, 2001
The didactic ABCD is less effective in dramatizing the choices facing second-generation Indian Americans than as a showcase for Sheetal Sheth's... More>>
International Men of History International Men of History
, November 27, 2001
As if post-September 11 revelations of the CIA's ineptitude were just advance PR, the flashy espionage thriller Spy Game casts a wistful eye on... More>>
Ports of Call
Hellraisers and Homebodies
, November 27, 2001
The 42nd Thessaloniki Film Festival strove for topicality with a workshop on digital cinema and a competition entry on anthrax (the U.K.'s... More>>
Letter to Jayne
, November 27, 2001
Cobbled from years' worth of disparate footage and breathtakingly disdainful of such niceties as logic and tact, The Wild, Wild World of Jayne... More>>
An Officer and a Gentlewoman An Officer and a Gentlewoman
, November 27, 2001
On a naval base in the Adriatic, jaunty blond flyboys glide down the tarmac in magisterial slo-mo, the air rippling with torrid national pride.... More>>
Schlock Exchange
, November 27, 2001
A fitfully amusing valentine to the late-night picture shows of bygone years, The Independent commemorates the decades-long career of... More>>
Ghost Worlds Ghost Worlds
, November 20, 2001
Working against generic convention, The Devil's Backbone and In the Bedroom—two offbeat movies with interchangeable titles—conjure up... More>>
The Reckless Moments The Reckless Moments
, November 20, 2001
Already, so many of the late-century world cinema promises have been broken: The Chinese Fifth Generation has devolved into efficient,... More>>
Imitations of Life
, November 20, 2001
Proudly derivative, Bangkok Dangerous tries to mainline a speedball cocktail of John Woo and Wong Kar-wai but just misses the vein. This addled,... More>>
Into the Dark Into the Dark
Guillermo del Toro Drinks Deep
, November 20, 2001
"I like the symbolist school of painting a lot," says Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, whose new film, The Devil's Backbone, opens today.... More>>
Scatter Shots
, November 20, 2001
If it initially seems lacking in veteran auteurs—no Mambety, Sissoko, Sembene, Chahine, or Van Peebles, not even retrospectively—the... More>>
Directors Without Borders
Afghanistan's Shock Corridor
, November 20, 2001
The current news coverage of Afghanistan has suffered from a virtual absence of native voices, and while film distributors have picked up Iran's... More>>
Slack Magic Slack Magic
, November 13, 2001
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is less a $120 million movie than an expensive, elaborately planned military operation. Caution is the... More>>
The Skin of Their Teeth The Skin of Their Teeth
, November 13, 2001
Double indemnity this week: A pair of well-off but compromised working guys—anesthetized by daily routine against looming midlife crisis... More>>
All in the Stars
, November 13, 2001
A distinctive and restless force in European cinema for more than 35 years, the Taviani brothers mastered an eloquent stylistic bridge between... More>>
Wish You Were Queer Wish You Were Queer
, November 13, 2001
The Fluffer, an oddly coy peek into the workings of the gay adult-film industry, opens with a knowingly porn-like twist of fate. Fresh-faced... More>>
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