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Too Much, Too Soon
, June 22, 1999
Like any religion, the movies have their martyrs—some even sacrificed on the altar of art. The archetypal frustrated career is Orson... More>>
The General’s Daughter
, June 22, 1999
Mucking around the proving grounds and Big House residences of a Louisiana army base, The General's Daughter is a curiously primeval detective... More>>
True Colors True Colors
, June 22, 1999
An American Love Story is a 10-hour television series directed by Jennifer Fox, who, in the early '90s, spent more than a year videotaping the... More>>
Borderlines: Paul Robeson and Film
, June 22, 1999
Paul Robeson was far more than a movie star, and most of the movies in which the awesomely gifted singer- athlete­political activist... More>>
And Baby Makes Two
, June 22, 1999
This short documentary about single motherhood follows eight women in a support group as they try to either get pregnant or adopt an infant.... More>>
The Max Factor The Max Factor
, June 22, 1999
A shot that does not call for tracks Is agony for poor dear Max, Who, separated from his dolly, Is wrapped in deepest melancholy.—James... More>>
Regret To Inform
, June 22, 1999
More than 20 years after her husband was killed in combat, Barbara Sonneborn decided to visit the site of his death in Vietnam. The resulting... More>>
The Broken Giant
, June 22, 1999
Twenty-seven-year-old Estep Nagy's debut film does no hand-holding of either the expositional or moral sort in telling the tangled, ugly story... More>>
Action Pack
Previewing Hong Kong's Summer Movies
, June 22, 1999
Despite rumors of its demise, Chinatown's Music Palace continues to offer counterprogramming to Hollywood blockbusters. One of the last five... More>>
Devil May Care
, June 15, 1999
Imported from Spain, where it was one of 1995's highest homegrown grossers, The Day of the Beast is an unexpectedly wry and fresh little horror... More>>
Minor Threat
The R-Rating Meets Pay-for-Play Politics
, June 15, 1999
It was so obvious that no one thought of it until now. Reacting to Washington's stepped-up scrutiny of Hollywood's contribution to teen violence,... More>>
Just a Little Harmless Sex
, June 15, 1999
Just in time for Hugh Grant's second coming, a film arrives whose pivotal incident entails a hooker, a front-seat blowjob, and a police bust.... More>>
So Long a Go-Go
, June 15, 1999
Jean-Luc Godard has long been consigned to the margins of commercial cinema, but the "new wave" cinema epitomized by his 1959 Breathless lives on... More>>
The Red Dwarf
, June 15, 1999
The leering bastard child of La Dolce Vita and Freaks, The Red Dwarf is a Belgian melodrama that never transcends its air of sentimentalized... More>>
Strand and Deliver
Celebrating a Decade of Risky Business
, June 15, 1999
Strand Releasing's origins can hardly be described as glamorous. "Jon and I were working for Vestron Pictures, when our paychecks bounced, and... More>>
Parallel Lives
, June 15, 1999
Adapted from Oscar Wilde's romantic comedy of manners about an ambitious politician with a scandalous secret hanging over his head and the... More>>
, June 15, 1999
It's a jungle out in Hollywood, so it's no surprise that Disney sticks to the straight and narrow path once again with its latest visually rich... More>>
Rights and Wrongs
, June 08, 1999
If you wanted a demonstration of the movies' ability to capture the difficult truths of average people's lives, you could do no better than this... More>>
, June 08, 1999
Joan Grossman and Paul Rosdy's Port of Last Resort tells the little-known story of nearly 20,000 Central European Jews who—in the face of... More>>
, June 08, 1999
The new psychodrama Instinct tells the not very compelling tale of Dr. Ethan Powell (Anthony Hopkins), a primatologist who kills some African... More>>
Desert Blue
, June 08, 1999
Baxter, California, population 89, is a desert town with only one landmark: a giant ice cream cone. When a truck carrying possibly hazardous... More>>
Smoke and Mirrors
, June 08, 1999
Advertising, as any American child can tell you, is largely based on imbuing a specific brand of a particular product, the more useless the... More>>
Return With Honor
, June 08, 1999
Now that Spielberg and Benigni have succeeded in dulcifying the Holocaust, here come the Oscar-winning doc-makers of Maya Lin: A Strong Clear... More>>
A Life on Strings
, June 08, 1999
An omnibus film constructed around a single fetish object, The Red Violin spans three continents, four centuries, and five languages. On the... More>>
Fest Forward
Digital Video at Cannes
, June 08, 1999
The future of cinema as we know it was not to be found at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. Most of the press agreed that this was a particularly... More>>
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