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Requiem Suite
Marc Forster’s Symphonies of Sorrow
, November 13, 2001
In Marc Forster's Everything Put Together, a 2000 Sundance entry that's just been released, the crib death of a newborn exposes the fissures in... More>>
Jersey Snore
, November 13, 2001
Despite its title, The Simian Line is not about human evolution—it refers to a rare combined head-and-heart line in the palm. In Linda... More>>
Whispers in the Dark Whispers in the Dark
, November 13, 2001
Mary Pickford once remarked that it was a shame sound film hadn't come first and silent movies later. Her observation will appeal to those who... More>>
Celestial Events Celestial Events
, November 06, 2001
From The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari through the Andy Warhol factory to the various para-cinematic performances included in the current "Shadow Play"... More>>
Lost in the House of Games Lost in the House of Games
, November 06, 2001
A seminal vernacular demiurge in his stagecraft, David Mamet has tended toward a sort of hard-boiled mushiness in his films. Oleanna is an... More>>
The Stranger
, November 06, 2001
Racial profiling has gone from municipal scourge to Justice Department imperative in the last couple months, and the events behind Otomo are a... More>>
Bygone Conclusions
, November 06, 2001
Old-fashioned in good ways and bad, playwright Seth Zvi Rosenfeld's uneven King of the Jungle harkens back to an era when movies weren't afraid... More>>
In Sickness and in Stealth In Sickness and in Stealth
, November 06, 2001
Racked with cold sweats and panic attacks, Marc Forster's digital-video feature Everything Put Together is at once venturesome and reductive. Its... More>>
Declarations of Martial Awe
, November 06, 2001
The One reduces Nietzschean eternal recurrence to a mere 124 coexisting universes (the "multiverse"), all of them apparently consisting of L.A.... More>>
Toy Stories Toy Stories
, October 30, 2001
There's a case to be made that the two poles of fin de siècle commercial movies are dehumanized live-action cartoons and their supposed... More>>
Hookers, Panthers, Dragons, Tigers
, October 30, 2001
Identity confusion—both national and psychic—dominated this year's Vancouver International Film Festival. In Saafa Fathy's absorbing... More>>
Truth and Reconciliation Truth and Reconciliation
Orthodox Eyes on ‘G-d’
, October 30, 2001
On a recent Saturday night at a Hasidic home in Brooklyn, a mother of 10 children ushered her guests past a dining room lined with leather-bound... More>>
Lyrical Gangbang
, October 30, 2001
Buppie backlash cast as revenger's tragedy, Bones situates a writhing, viscous City of the Dead in a blasted ghetto so anonymous it must be... More>>
Where the Mild Things Are
, October 30, 2001
Adept smugglers of neurotic subtexts, children's narratives can be notoriously subversive (as Alison Lurie's Don't Tell the Grown-Ups points... More>>
Casualties of Global War
, October 30, 2001
Timeliness is of the essence, and the 25th annual Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival has got it to spare. No doubt the biggest draw in this... More>>
Berlin Babylon
, October 30, 2001
There is no expiration date for dread. Fritz Lang died in 1976, but the work of this most perennially modern of directors is of uncanny... More>>
God Save the Queens
, October 30, 2001
Sassy, sappy, and warm as November in L.A., the super-mellow comedy Punks is propelled by writer-director Patrik-Ian Polk's impressive desire to... More>>
Uncertainty Principles
, October 30, 2001
If Richard Linklater's Waking Life emulates the syllogistic flow of a philosophy term paper cranked out during a chemically abetted all-nighter,... More>>
Mark Rylance’s Body Language
Intimate Stranger
, October 23, 2001
Mark Rylance unwittingly auditioned for the lead role in Patrice Chéreau's Intimacy—as a bartender who leaves his wife and sons for a... More>>
Houses of the Unholy
, October 23, 2001
Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter is the movie freak's definitive love machine: maligned when first released in 1955, hopelessly out of... More>>
Over the Killing Moon Over the Killing Moon
Richard Kelly’s Totally ’80s
, October 23, 2001
Mournful time-travel fantasy and heady nostalgia trip, Donnie Darko may be the first movie to fully simulate the carnivalesque horror of growing... More>>
, October 23, 2001
This week's romantic comedy entries are sitting ducks, titularly speaking: Better Than Sex isn't, while the truly painful Ouch! underestimates... More>>
Meet the Depressed Meet the Depressed
, October 23, 2001
Donnie Darko, the first feature by 26-year-old writer-director Richard Kelly, is a wondrous, moodily self-involved piece of work that employs... More>>
Conflicts of Interest
, October 23, 2001
Early in Trembling Before G-d, Sandi Simcha DuBowski's documentary about gay and lesbian Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, a psychotherapist named... More>>
Vicious Cycles
, October 23, 2001
Though it merely extends the bloodline of feminist horror that runs from Cat People to Carrie to The Company of Wolves, the linkage between... More>>
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