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The Best Article of the Year!
, June 12, 2001
The critics who pop up in ads for the likes of Tomcats and Swordfish are as mysterious as they are invariably enthusiastic. You've seen their... More>>
Inside the Actors Studio Inside the Actors Studio
, June 05, 2001
A thoroughly inside job, The Anniversary Party is a film about actors in Hollywood cowritten and codirected by two semi-stellar SAG... More>>
Ring Cycles
, June 05, 2001
Bruce Beresford's new movie about the life of Alma Schindler-Mahler, Bride of the Wind, is a standard-issue fin de siècle costume parade,... More>>
Waking the Dead Waking the Dead
, June 05, 2001
The utopian fantasies that dominated the imagination of the past century may be dead and buried, but the age's central cataclysm lives on. Czech... More>>
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
, June 05, 2001
When on a shopping spree for anguish, rapture, martyrdom, comas, counts, rapes, bastards, orphans, dogaressas, philtres, sirens, suicides,... More>>
The Miseducation of Nanni Moretti
, June 05, 2001
With his latest film, La Stanza del Figlio (The Son's Room), winning the Palme d'Or in Cannes, it might seem that Italian director-actor Nanni... More>>
Fetish Abject
, June 05, 2001
A firm believer in the pace and pitch of exploitation moviemaking, Japanese cine-terrorist Takashi Miike disgorges as many as three or four toxic... More>>
Once Upon a Mattress Once Upon a Mattress
, May 29, 2001
The last decade has witnessed a revival of interest in the films of "pre-Code" Hollywood, a term covering the bracing period in the early '30s... More>>
Days of Infamy Days of Infamy
, May 29, 2001
The surprise Japanese air raid on the American fleet that provides the premise for Memorial Day's supreme blockbuster, Michael Bay's $140 million... More>>
God and Man at Cannes God and Man at Cannes
The Mirror Has Two Faces
, May 29, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE—At the least, there are two Cannes Film Festivals. The best-known is a glamorous, star-driven affair that draws le public to... More>>
Not for Ourselves Alone Not for Ourselves Alone
, May 29, 2001
Equal parts documentarian and melodramatist of the disenfranchised, Ken Loach protests the political and socioeconomic forces behind personal... More>>
Homo Superior
, May 29, 2001
Though the 13th annual New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival opens with the high-profile Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the documentary Bombay... More>>
Ready to Eat Ready to Eat
, May 29, 2001
The Italy you confront in the new Walter Reade series is restlessly global in two opposing senses of the word: On one hand, immigrant-infused... More>>
Figments of Your Hallucination Figments of Your Hallucination
Bingeing and Purging at Cannes
, May 29, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE—It was somehow appropriate that the illusory, use-once-and-destroy pop plaything known as Moulin Rouge, curtain raiser for... More>>
For Your Ice Only For Your Ice Only
Inuit Director Wins Camera d'Or
, May 29, 2001
CANNES, FRANCEÑZacharias Kunuk grew up along the coast of the Canadian Arctic, where until the age of nine he and his family lived as... More>>
, May 29, 2001
Past Pop for Now People Cannes-Cannes Kicks Off by Dennis Lim Moretti Wins at Cannes The Results Are In by Dennis Lim For Your Ice Only Inuit... More>>
Jim McKay’s Dreams So Real Jim McKay’s Dreams So Real
High School Confidential
, May 22, 2001
Jim McKay is screening his film Our Song at the Hostos Lincoln Academy in the Bronx, where he's serving as Principal for a Day, and he's... More>>
Hungry Heart Hungry Heart
, May 22, 2001
For a couple of movies now, the words "starring Jennifer Lopez" have heralded little more than low-aspiration, risk-immune star vehicles. Yet... More>>
Kitsch as Kitsch Can Kitsch as Kitsch Can
, May 22, 2001
The grander the passion, the kitschier; the crazier the kitsch, the better. Why not cast the whole 20th century as just another silly love song?... More>>
What It Feels Like for a Girl What It Feels Like for a Girl
, May 22, 2001
Our Song is an exemplary coming-of-age tale not least because it so gracefully transcends its genre—for all its verité specificity,... More>>
Fast Company
, May 22, 2001
In one resounding ker-splat, Hong Kong shitstorm Tsui Hark has finally made a crater above Canal Street, thanks to a blistering new film (Time... More>>
Moretti Wins at Cannes Moretti Wins at Cannes
The Results Are In
, May 22, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE— Nanni Moretti's The Son's Room, a film designed especially to make grown men weep, walked off with the Palme d'Or on Sunday... More>>
Manic Regression Manic Regression
, May 15, 2001
With DreamWorks' new all-digital confection, Shrek, computer animation has finally achieved a dismaying marzipan-ness. Three dimensions are... More>>
Richard Widmark’s High-Low Country Richard Widmark’s High-Low Country
, May 15, 2001
No one ever made a more haunting film debut than Richard Widmark. Just recruited from Broadway, the young actor lucked out at Fox in his first... More>>
Diner for Two
, May 15, 2001
Take a couple of love-starved women, add a few jerky, insecure men, throw in some grimy downtown New York locations, stir it all together with... More>>
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