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Sins of the Father
, January 18, 2000
Andrzej Wajda's career has been inseparable from themes of Polish history. His new film, Pan Tadeusz, the Last Foray in Lithuania (did Mel Brooks... More>>
What Becomes a Legend Most
, January 18, 2000
The books and movies about long-gone bluesman Robert Johnson have been coming fast and furious, hellhounds on his trail, particularly since... More>>
Go Western, Young Man Go Western, Young Man
, January 18, 2000
MOMA's ambitious retro casts a wide net, encompassing 60 films ranging from Edwin S. Porter's landmark 1903 The Great Train Robbery to Jim... More>>
Times of Tumult Times of Tumult
, January 11, 2000
Somewhere in the forests of southern India, a prisoner is being tortured by the revolutionary cell he betrayed. Tied to a tree in the pouring... More>>
The Year in Underachievements
Hidekis '99
, January 11, 2000
Now in their third year, the annual Village Voice Hidekis were originally defined as toasting "non-achievement" in movies, and with their... More>>
Ron Shelton Hits Below the Belt
, January 11, 2000
Ron Shelton's new sports comedy, Play It to the Bone, suggests that the director's most successful blueprint—over-the-hill jock inspired by... More>>
New Digs for Ice Cube's not-so-Fresh Prince New Digs for Ice Cube's not-so-Fresh Prince
, January 11, 2000
It's the rare cash-in sequel that's worth the price of full admission, so it's no surprise that Next Friday (part of the minifranchise that... More>>
On the Township
, January 11, 2000
Notable if only for a lead performance delivered by John Lynch with agonized focus and intensity, Marion Hansel's The Quarry bears a striking... More>>
Watch Your Steps
, January 11, 2000
Wild Hearts in Strange Times, an hourlong telefilm featured at this year's incarnation of the world's oldest dance film and video festival,... More>>
Paradise Lost and Found Paradise Lost and Found
, January 11, 2000
In Philip Roth's Operation Shylock, an American Jew travels to Israel to promote Diasporism, a movement encouraging Jewish emigration back to the... More>>
Robert Bresson (1901-1999)
Remembering a Master of Precise Gestures and Cinematic Emotion
, January 04, 2000
A magisterial figure in world cinema, having made but 13 features over the course of four decades and influenced virtually every major European... More>>
Straight Out of the Everglades Straight Out of the Everglades
, January 04, 2000
Julian L. Goldberger's debut feature is a haunting portrait of a teenage boy busted out of reform school with nowhere to run. Buried in the... More>>
A New Director Rediscovers His Native Nowhere
The Milieu Runs the Show
, January 04, 2000
A still-warm slice of American heart-meat, Julian Goldberger's Trans does a simple thing movies no longer find easy to do: bushwhacks and bags a... More>>
Taking Cues from the Past
, January 04, 2000
A bundle of animated shorts set to famous classical music pieces, Fantasia hitched a supposedly lowborn art form to a high-hat soundtrack; Mickey... More>>
Distributing the Wealth
World’s Fare
, January 04, 2000
What do Chen Kaige, Nanni Moretti, Raul Ruiz, Alexander Sokurov, and Hou Hsiao-hsien have in common? All of these directors have been introduced... More>>
Nights in Havana
, January 04, 2000
Both the Cuban-Spanish coproductions in the Reade's "Love Letters to Cuba" program are simpatico and engaging. Fernando Perez's Life Is to... More>>
The Corn Blows at Midnight
, January 04, 2000
A circumstantial genre (determined after-the-fact on its audience being punchy, bleary-eyed, and thoroughly snotted), midnight movies live on at... More>>
Leaps of Faith Leaps of Faith
, December 28, 1999
No matter who Time sees fit to anoint Man of the Century, it's difficult not to view World War II--and specifically, the Holocaust--as the 20th... More>>
Pulling Punches; 'Star Trek' Trickery Pulling Punches; 'Star Trek' Trickery
, December 28, 1999
Rising above his filmic circumstances, Denzel Washington delivers a mesmerizing, volatile performance as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the New Jersey... More>>
Kiarostami Takes a Mirror to Movie-World Fame
, December 28, 1999
A full decade after its making, Abbas Kiarostami's Close-Up emerges from the closed country of Rumored Masterpieces to no doubt pass through our... More>>
End Games End Games
, December 21, 1999
This is the week of the new and improved: Man on the Moon resurrects Andy Kaufman in the form of superstar Jim Carrey, Julie Taymor turns... More>>
From Riches to Rags: Ugly Americans and Plucky Irish From Riches to Rags: Ugly Americans and Plucky Irish
, December 21, 1999
If you want to set yourself up for disappointment, you've only to look forward to a movie based on a book you love. But even taken on their own... More>>
Wet Dreams May Come
, December 21, 1999
Now it can be told. For years, mystery shrouded the auteurship of the notorious gay cult film Pink Narcissus, released anonymously in 1971,... More>>
Fiennes and Hawke Get the Cold Shoulder Fiennes and Hawke Get the Cold Shoulder
, December 21, 1999
As Evgeny Onegin, the luckless hero of Pushkin's cruelly ironic tale of romantic reversal, Ralph Fiennes—his thin lips locked into a rueful... More>>
Look Who’s Multiplying
, December 21, 1999
The robotics guys working on Chris Columbus's latest minivan—his usual rich-suburban, vaguely fascistic dramedy guaranteed by Satan's... More>>
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