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Gay Trippers
, June 26, 2001
Though far from radical—it's hardly a commercial or artistic risk to present a sad, pretty boy as an object of contemplation—Come... More>>
Night and the Cities Night and the Cities
, June 19, 2001
Hong Kong action flicks aside, the most sustained cult-movie enthusiasm of the past two decades has been for Japanese animation. Although it's... More>>
Driven to Perfection Driven to Perfection
Art & Industry
, June 19, 2001
Haitian director Raoul Peck says Lumumba proves to him that "you can make a mainstream film without compromising your political ideas." The Best... More>>
Far and Away
, June 19, 2001
The movie camera defies gravity in Himalaya, an action picture with yaks set 12,000 feet above sea level. French documentarian Eric Valli, an... More>>
Robot Speaks: Warning Warning Robot Speaks: Warning Warning
, June 19, 2001
As deliberately dazed and confused as Run Lola Run was mechanical crash-and-burn, Tom Tykwer's The Princess and the Warrior may represent an... More>>
That Obscure ‘Object’
Not Your Average Joe
, June 19, 2001
Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul likes to say that Mysterious Object at Noon is really about "nothing at all." So much for documentarians... More>>
School Crossing
Tough Assignments
, June 19, 2001
"I hate cotton," declares Laura Lee Wallace, the resilient 62-year-old matriarch in the documentary LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton (Quad, June... More>>
Multiple Choice
A Scene Grows in Brooklyn
, June 19, 2001
After BAM Rose Cinemas brought the Lincoln Plaza art-house model to Fort Greene two years ago and Regal Cinemas erected a 12-screen eyesore on... More>>
The Celluloid Casa
, June 19, 2001
While Hollywood's awkward gaze distorts Latinos in films like Blow (Colombian cokefiend melodrama) and All the Pretty Horses (filthy-Mexican-jail... More>>
Worse Lieutenant
, June 19, 2001
Social parody need not employ grotesque excess, but that is the route director Tim Ritter and his disgruntled band of B-movie thespians have... More>>
Time on Our Hands Time on Our Hands
, June 12, 2001
A month away from his 80th birthday, French filmmaker Chris Marker is the Janus of world cinema—as open to the future as he is fixated on... More>>
Barbarians at the Gate Barbarians at the Gate
, June 12, 2001
Like a middle-aged tomcat come in from the cold, Gary "Gal" Dove (Ray Winstone), a former London gangster now retired to the Spanish seaside,... More>>
The Waterboy
, June 12, 2001
This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the death of Ignatius Donnelly, the Populist congressman who single-handedly resurrected the... More>>
Culture Vultures Home to Roost Culture Vultures Home to Roost
, June 12, 2001
Earnest, anemic, and ham-handed, Maggie Greenwald's new period drama, Songcatcher, occupies interesting territory: Appalachia circa 1907,... More>>
Be My Quest
, June 12, 2001
Not the animated cat's big-screen debut the title implies, Adventures of Felix is instead a wafer-thin, sweetly sentimental picaresque with... More>>
Island Captive
, June 12, 2001
"How can the machete compete with the machine?" asks one of the many eloquent farmers in Life and Debt. After 25 years of IMF and World Bank... More>>
I Am, I Said
David Manning Speaks! Stunning!
, June 12, 2001
FROM: David Manning, Ridgefield, New Jersey TO: The Village Voice, Newsweek, Variety, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, et al. I'd like a chance to... More>>
Excitable Reviewers Reviewed
The Best Article of the Year!
, June 12, 2001
The critics who pop up in ads for the likes of Tomcats and Swordfish are as mysterious as they are invariably enthusiastic. You've seen their... More>>
Inside the Actors Studio Inside the Actors Studio
, June 05, 2001
A thoroughly inside job, The Anniversary Party is a film about actors in Hollywood cowritten and codirected by two semi-stellar SAG... More>>
Ring Cycles
, June 05, 2001
Bruce Beresford's new movie about the life of Alma Schindler-Mahler, Bride of the Wind, is a standard-issue fin de siècle costume parade,... More>>
Waking the Dead Waking the Dead
, June 05, 2001
The utopian fantasies that dominated the imagination of the past century may be dead and buried, but the age's central cataclysm lives on. Czech... More>>
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
, June 05, 2001
When on a shopping spree for anguish, rapture, martyrdom, comas, counts, rapes, bastards, orphans, dogaressas, philtres, sirens, suicides,... More>>
The Miseducation of Nanni Moretti
, June 05, 2001
With his latest film, La Stanza del Figlio (The Son's Room), winning the Palme d'Or in Cannes, it might seem that Italian director-actor Nanni... More>>
Fetish Abject
, June 05, 2001
A firm believer in the pace and pitch of exploitation moviemaking, Japanese cine-terrorist Takashi Miike disgorges as many as three or four toxic... More>>
Once Upon a Mattress Once Upon a Mattress
, May 29, 2001
The last decade has witnessed a revival of interest in the films of "pre-Code" Hollywood, a term covering the bracing period in the early '30s... More>>
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