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Political Party Political Party
Waiting for the Big Ones
, May 21, 2002
CANNES, FRANCE—Hollywood ending? Not quite yet. "Thank God the French exist," Woody Allen's character exults when the movie he directed... More>>
Blind Faith Blind Faith
, May 14, 2002
Writer-director Henry Bean opens The Believer with a classy Latin quote: "I hate and I love and who can tell me why?" As its title suggests, The... More>>
Double Solitaire Double Solitaire
, May 14, 2002
Nick Hornby is a better novelist than he is a music critic, which admittedly isn't saying much, but his books do hold some artifactual interest... More>>
Between the Acts
HK's Fest Forges a Post-Colonial Path
, May 14, 2002
Hong Kong—Five years after the handover to China, the future of the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is clouded by a mixture of... More>>
Reproductive Rites Reproductive Rites
, May 14, 2002
To answer the most pressing question first: Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), now a teenager on his way to becoming Darth Vader, does not do... More>>
Going to Extremes
, May 14, 2002
Overproduced and excessive, bedizened with Gaelic and Masonic symbolism, and conceptually ornate to the point of prog-rock pretension, Cremaster... More>>
In Loco Parentis In Loco Parentis
Dover Kosashvili's Pressing Engagements
, May 14, 2002
Dover Kosashvili denies that his debut feature is an indictment of the strict family traditions he grew up with as a Georgian immigrant living in... More>>
, May 14, 2002
World-traveling art-bohemia chronicler Peter Sempel calls Nina Hagen = Punk + Glory (at Anthology Film Archives through May 21) a... More>>
Viva Revolution Viva Revolution
, May 07, 2002
So lovely but so reactionary: What could be said of the boldly resourceful heroine of Eric Rohmer's The Lady and the Duke could describe the... More>>
Moulin Raj
, May 07, 2002
With audiences prepped by musical references in Ghost World, Monsoon Wedding, and Moulin Rouge—not to mention the occasional Apu-related... More>>
Beard Like Us
The Corrections
, May 07, 2002
The credits that open Janice Beard (Empire, opens May 10 at the Angelika) raise hopes that the great proofreading movie has finally arrived.... More>>
Under the Stars Under the Stars
, May 07, 2002
The inaugural Tribeca Film Festival offers a sneak preview of the box office hopefuls Hollywood will be rolling out over the coming weeks,... More>>
Beyond Belief Beyond Belief
Ryan Gosling's Leaps of Faith
, May 07, 2002
Ryan Gosling, who gives an astonishing performance as a Jewish neo-Nazi in Henry Bean's lurid pulp shocker The Believer (opening May 17),... More>>
Always in the Dark
They Lost It at the Movies
, May 07, 2002
Jack Angstreich has a problem. He's attended some 7000 film programs in the second half of his 32 years, but lately it's been hard to keep up. "I... More>>
The Gang Show
I'll Rumble 4 Ya
, May 07, 2002
Felled in 1951 by the Shot Heard Round the World, rocked hither and thither by World Series agony and ecstasy (damn Yankees!), and left for dead... More>>
Lyne Disease
Constance Craving
, May 07, 2002
In Adrian Lyne's newest Alliance for Marriage promo, the perfect couple's perfect child portrays a flopsy bunny in his school play, but this... More>>
Phantom Ladies
, April 30, 2002
A vintage year for film noir, 1944 saw the release of Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity, Fritz Lang's The Woman in the Window, Otto Preminger's... More>>
Swim Back to Me Swim Back to Me
, April 30, 2002
For a culture in which the vision and craft of septuagenarians have never been less newsworthy, Shohei Imamura's buoyant, embraceable new... More>>
Mutant Strains
, April 30, 2002
A doggedly uninvolving slice of "stop and smell the roses" baloney that would do scare-mongering mommy warrior Sylvia Ann Hewlett proud, Stephen... More>>
The Upward Spiral
Are You Ready for This Jelly?
, April 30, 2002
Equal parts head-spinning comedy and sprawling ick-fest, Higuchinsky's Uzumaki (at the Pioneer) puts most American would-be chillers to shame.... More>>
Almost Heroes Almost Heroes
, April 30, 2002
Poor, misunderstood Spider-Man, the most alienated teenage superhero of the 1960s, gets careful treatment in the summer's first aspiring... More>>
Blind Man's Bluff Blind Man's Bluff
, April 30, 2002
Woody Allen has been cracking wise about mortality since he was a young man, but Hollywood Ending, the 66-year-old director's 31st feature in 34... More>>
Not Into the Mystic
, April 30, 2002
The boy handed in libellous reviews of the films. 'We can't print this, man,' Ganesh said. 'Is all right for you to talk. You just go around... More>>
Sing Me to Sleep
Bland Opera
, April 30, 2002
Nonpareil superstars and Farewell My Concubine adversaries Gong Li and Leslie Cheung have gone sadly missing from the celluloid radar in the last... More>>
Carnal Knowledge Carnal Knowledge
, April 23, 2002
"The freest spirit who ever existed," per Guillaume Apollinaire, the Marquis de Sade was visualized in Philip Kaufman's Quills as a ridiculously... More>>
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