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Toronto’s Before and After
, September 18, 2001
The terror attacks on the Trades and the Pentagon blew a hole in the Toronto International Film Festival as well. Hundreds of journalists emerged... More>>
Subterranean Homesick Blues Subterranean Homesick Blues
, September 18, 2001
"I want good to happen to me, not evil," explains 12-year-old Mihai, one of five homeless children profiled in Edet Belzberg's haunting... More>>
Booster Shot
, September 18, 2001
For anyone who's ever suspected that something sinister lurks behind the rah-rah vehemence of high school football, Kenneth A. Carlson's Go... More>>
No Depression
, September 18, 2001
Shawn Holloway is having a bad day. Actually, she's having a miserable life: Her father was never there for her, she hates her job, and she's... More>>
Fake It So Real Fake It So Real
, September 11, 2001
To judge from the movies, the most common fantasy in our starstruck nation must be that of vaulting out of the mass audience and onto the spotlit... More>>
New Thai Cinema Hits the Road New Thai Cinema Hits the Road
Mysterious Objects and Black Tigers
, September 11, 2001
A goat loiters in a shady corner of its rough-hewn pen, dodging wayward chickens and the persistent late-July sun. Crops planted in rows fan out... More>>
As the Lights Go Down As the Lights Go Down
Pauline Kael, 1919–2001
, September 11, 2001
The hot-pants Queen Victoria of American film criticism, Pauline Kael has now paid the debt of nature, providing the obituarians with the... More>>
Tommy (Mottola), Can You Hear Me? Tommy (Mottola), Can You Hear Me?
, September 11, 2001
What with post-Napster ennui, SoundScan fraud, A&R layoffs, and artists suing labels left and right, it's no wonder that several of the rock docs... More>>
Replacement Killers
, September 11, 2001
Even Tim Roth, whose trademark blend of savagery and insouciance made Planet of the Apes intermittently entertaining, can't rescue Peter Hyams's... More>>
Short Sharp Shocks
, September 11, 2001
It remains a sad cinematic fact that only a modicum of animated films—especially doubly damned shorts—ever find their way into... More>>
Milk of Human Kindness Milk of Human Kindness
, September 04, 2001
Balanced on a knife-edge between the exotic and the familiar, Djomeh is among the most formally accomplished of new Iranian films. Hassan... More>>
Magnificent Obsessions Magnificent Obsessions
, September 04, 2001
His detractors have claimed that Kon Ichikawa is not a real auteur because of the extreme eclecticism of his work. In the course of a career... More>>
Still Lives in Perpetual Motion
, September 04, 2001
Iranian culture sometimes seems to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, its pre-revolutionary past buried under political repression, its... More>>
What's Eating You
, September 04, 2001
Straight-faced and blithely ironic, Bernard Rapp's A Matter of Taste is a tale of obsessive love, but here it's a deranged, Nietzschean self-love... More>>
Shrew To Tango
, September 04, 2001
Depending on your romantic inclinations, writer-director Mark Brown's scalding comedy Two Can Play That Game will strike you as either... More>>
Happiness Is a Young Gun
, September 04, 2001
Pablo Escobar has been dead for more than eight years now, but he never really went away. The drug kingpin's virtual dictatorship all but... More>>
Show of Force
, September 04, 2001
Soon, there will be two films in New York theaters about the experience of Czech Jews during the Holocaust and the Communist terror that... More>>
Screen Test
World’s Hardest Movie Quiz 2001
, August 28, 2001
As is the tradition, this year's annual Stuart Byron Movie Trivia Quiz seeks to winnow out dilettantes from the dead-serious cinephiles, and with... More>>
Soggy Bag
, August 28, 2001
Plagued by hankie-tugging character arcs (Travolta's movie-of-the-week highlight) or conceived as punch lines (Seinfeld's immunodeficient churl),... More>>
Character Flaws Character Flaws
, August 28, 2001
Begging for trouble every which way, O transposes Shakespeare's Othello to a coed prep school in South Carolina. The Moor of Venice, the war hero... More>>
Market Driven
, August 28, 2001
More than just a pulp-for-pulp's-sake statement, Ghosts of Mars poses a battery of questions: How does John Carpenter get his new movies made... More>>
Set This House on Fire Set This House on Fire
Nat Turner’s Second Coming
, August 28, 2001
"I was the great-grandson of a slave owner, and he was the great-grandson of slaves," says Sophie's Choice novelist William Styron, 76, recalling... More>>
Like Pater for ‘Chocolat’
, August 28, 2001
A Chicano cover version of Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, Tortilla Soup mixes Food Network money shots with the dregs of King Lear, aiming for... More>>
Chronic Fatigue
, August 21, 2001
Movie-watching has always demanded a tolerance for solipsism, but even fans of Kevin Smith may allow that the freedom Clerks won him (to... More>>
The War That Never Ended The War That Never Ended
, August 21, 2001
Novelistic scope and dialectical edge distinguish Fighter, Amir Bar-Lev's irresistible documentary about two Czech Holocaust survivors, Jan... More>>
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