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Accidents Will Happen
, August 21, 2001
A tricky proposition in life, time travel is a breeze in cinema: Just run the film backward. Opening with such reverse spoolery, Brad Anderson's... More>>
Circle Jerk
, August 21, 2001
Made with $980 and about as many brain cells, Cupid's Mistake is more cute than clever. A tale of titillation and rejection, Young Man Kang's... More>>
Lukas Moodysson Travels Light Lukas Moodysson Travels Light
No Place Like Utopia
, August 21, 2001
The improbable missing link between Marx and ABBA, Lukas Moodysson's Together ventures into the vanishing utopia of a Swedish commune in the mid... More>>
The Kapital Gang The Kapital Gang
, August 21, 2001
Forget those magazine offices, law firms, schoolrooms, and coffee shops. The great unexplored milieu for a TV sitcom is the hippie commune. It's... More>>
Best in Show
, August 21, 2001
Massy and multi-tentacled, the celebrity-industrial complex has never been so hell-bent on proving Andy Warhol right as it is now. What's any... More>>
Badly Drawn Boys and Girls
, August 14, 2001
More the celluloid equivalent of fluffing than an actual movie, J.B. Rogers's absurdly pro forma American Pie 2 defies categorization. Is it a... More>>
Prime Movers Prime Movers
, August 14, 2001
Band of Outsiders (1964) is the Godard film for people who don't much care for Godard: a proto-slacker mood piece about two nondescript guys... More>>
Destiny’s Child Destiny’s Child
, August 14, 2001
PARIS, FRANCE—Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, which will reach America in November as just plain Amélie (an exclamation... More>>
Anna Karina’s Magnificent Movieness Anna Karina’s Magnificent Movieness
Her Life to Relive
, August 14, 2001
The sad-eyed, raven-haired Guinevere of the international art film's belle epoque, Anna Karina will always possess a hallowed place in movie... More>>
Lush hour Lush hour
, August 14, 2001
Norway and England, worlds apart, represent different states of mind in Aberdeen, Hans Petter Moland's harsh but strangely lyrical drama of... More>>
Love and Other Catastrophes Love and Other Catastrophes
, August 14, 2001
Maybe all anyone needs to know about Captain Corelli's Mandolin can be parsed from its title. The Captain as in "& Tennille," since the Italian... More>>
Blood Feuds
, August 14, 2001
To watch Korean movies is to watch a national culture bar-brawl with itself, and fight dirty every step of the way. There may not be a more... More>>
Secrete Agents Secrete Agents
, August 07, 2001
Like a B-12 shot in the ass after hot months of malt liquor and White Castle, Osmosis Jones resuscitates the filmgoing summer with a vital jolt... More>>
The Shinings
, August 07, 2001
There are horror movies like The Silence of the Lambs or Alien that make you scream, clutch your date, or cover your eyes. Less typical is the... More>>
City Sickness City Sickness
, August 07, 2001
Encapsulating the moviemaking energies of an entire continent in 30 films, the Walter Reade's biennial Latin American series warrants the... More>>
Rogue Cops and Bad Lieutenants Rogue Cops and Bad Lieutenants
, August 07, 2001
Threaded throughout Film Forum's encyclopedic 50-film "NYPD" series are broad hints that the cops-'n'-crooks genre adores what it means to stamp... More>>
Friends of Dorothy
, August 07, 2001
Less a gaysploitation dramedy than a guy-guy homage to Nora Ephron's dark side, All Over the Guy is a painfully earnest case of generic romance... More>>
Try Fidelity
, August 07, 2001
A must-see for opera lovers and a snappy diversion for cinephiles, The Turandot Project is documentarian Allan Miller's latest peek into the... More>>
Death and the Maidens Death and the Maidens
, August 07, 2001
Whatever else it may be—a cold-sweat nightmare of male sexual anxiety, a mocking explication of Eros and Thanatos, the best-disguised... More>>
Big Bang Theory
Takashi Miike’s Lost Souls
, August 07, 2001
"I really feel like Audition didn't go over the top," says the Japanese director Takashi Miike. "The envelope remains to be pushed." Anyone who... More>>
Caste Away
, August 07, 2001
Disney's The Princess Diaries, despite its grandiose carpet bomb of a title (n.b. the subliminal "Princess Di"), is a modest, enjoyable fairy... More>>
Fear Eats the Soul Fear Eats the Soul
, July 31, 2001
Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (no relation to Akira) has written and directed 14 genre movies since 1983. Those I've seen have been deftly... More>>
Devolution of the Species Devolution of the Species
, July 31, 2001
The distinctive siren song of the original Planet of the Apes films has a powerful subterranean charge. Whatever its surface attractions and... More>>
Howe Does It Feel
, July 31, 2001
Cinematographer James Wong Howe's career spanned six decades of stylistic change and technical innovation. His manipulations of light and shadow... More>>
Sweet Portugal’s Badass Songs Sweet Portugal’s Badass Songs
, July 31, 2001
When it comes to Portuguese cinema—another national legacy Americans know next to nothing about—the argument usually begins and ends... More>>
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