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Rules of the Game
Choose or Lose
, March 21, 2000
Should campaign-finance reform apply to Oscar barnstorming? Witness the soft-money spendthrifts at Miramax (last seen wallpapering your local... More>>
Missions Impossible Missions Impossible
, March 14, 2000
Made for the coffee budget of behemoths like Mission to Mars or The Ninth Gate, Craig Baldwin's conspiratorial harangue Spectres of the Spectrum... More>>
Family Viewing
, March 14, 2000
Christina Andreef worked as assistant director on Jane Campion's first three films, and Soft Fruit, Andreef's feature-length debut, is a mutant... More>>
Another Country, Not Her Own
, March 14, 2000
Umbrellas in the sun protect the Anglo-Indian characters in Cotton Mary from "unsightly" darkening. Ismail Merchant (one half of Merchant-Ivory... More>>
Performance Anxieties Performance Anxieties
, March 14, 2000
A beguiling, navel-focused freakazoid as original and mysterious as Sundance award winners are ever likely to get, Scott King's Treasure Island... More>>
Recycle It!
, March 14, 2000
In spite of his considerable accomplishments, Paul Morrissey has often been treated as some sort of shadow of Andy Warhol. When Morrissey first... More>>
Cold Comforts Cold Comforts
, March 14, 2000
In The Carriers Are Waiting, Benoit Poelvoorde, the charismatic killer in Man Bites Dog, plays an altogether different and perhaps more... More>>
Tit for Tat Tit for Tat
, March 14, 2000
In the thoroughly winning Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts plays a single mother who, without any legal training, uncovers the evidence and... More>>
Growing Pains and Shrinking Fortunes Growing Pains and Shrinking Fortunes
, March 07, 2000
The year 2000 edition of the Walter Reade's annual French series spans the generations--from portraits of girlhood by the young directors... More>>
Party Over, Whoops, Out of Time
, March 07, 2000
Paling beside La Sept Arte's "2000 as Seen By . . . " series standouts Don McKellar's Last Night and Tsai Ming-liang's The Hole, Walter Salles... More>>
Through a Mirror Darkly Through a Mirror Darkly
, March 07, 2000
The newly pop-culture-friendly gay man/straight woman paradigm—rendered invariably as a wellspring of waggish repartee and mutual... More>>
Kitsch or Kill
, March 07, 2000
Those hoping to apply a little cultural-studies eugenics to the miscegenation of high art and low pop would no doubt have their knickers in a... More>>
Getting Over; Going Underground Getting Over; Going Underground
, March 07, 2000
Peter Mullan's volatile, ultimately cathartic debut feature suggests a combo of Scorsese's After Hours and Cassavetes's Husbands transposed to... More>>
All About His Mother All About His Mother
Peter Mullan’s Debut: An Orphan No More
, March 07, 2000
Three months ago, Peter Mullan discovered that FilmFour, the producers of his first feature, Orphans, had destroyed 40 minutes of extra footage... More>>
Attack of the Mutants Attack of the Mutants
Tracking the Resurgence of Experimental Film
, March 07, 2000
Far from klieg lights, unknown to the E! Channel, a particular mode of filmmaking has begun to flourish again in New York, fueled by young... More>>
East Is West: Berlin Goes Planet Hollywood East Is West: Berlin Goes Planet Hollywood
Achtung Baby
, February 29, 2000
Half a century after it was created as a Cold War showcase for amerikanische cultural values and the celluloid wonders of the Free World... More>>
Blinded Justice
, February 29, 2000
As suggested by its title (derived from an Alexander Pope epigram, "All is yellow to the jaundiced eye"), Nonny de la Peña's documentary... More>>
Into the Void Into the Void
, February 29, 2000
Canon formation is typically a matter of official look-backs and critical group-think. Raging Bull, to take one example, was not born a... More>>
Rough Trades and the Wages of Sin Rough Trades and the Wages of Sin
, February 29, 2000
It's work, not love, that perplexes, frustrates, and infuriates the young women and men in Erick Zonca's films. How do you earn a living without... More>>
Seven Children, No Organisms
, February 29, 2000
One would hope that Anjelica Huston, who grew up in the remote fields of County Galway, would have the bitter reality of Irish proles in her... More>>
Hungry for Attention Hungry for Attention
, February 22, 2000
One of the most-praised dramatic features of the 1999 Sundance Festival, Judy Berlin has intimations of soft apocalypse. Eric Mendelsohn's debut... More>>
True to Formula True to Formula
, February 22, 2000
Mifune, a/k/a Dogma 3, hews about as closely as its forerunners to the collective's tenfold Vow of Chastity (i.e., kinda), but it differs in one... More>>
Israeli Gears
, February 22, 2000
Some 40 selections, including features, documentaries, and made-for-TV miniseries, are screening in this year's Israeli Film Festival, an ever... More>>
All in the Wash
, February 22, 2000
A young nun, a Laundromat owner, and a teenage girl: lonely individuals living in protective shells, drawn together by capricious circumstance.... More>>
Desperate Men and Twisted Sisters Desperate Men and Twisted Sisters
, February 22, 2000
Like L.A. Confidential, Curtis Hanson's latest picture has allure. The sexiness of L.A. Confidential came with the turf, but the film pulled you... More>>
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