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Name That 'Toon Name That 'Toon
, January 22, 2002
Enraged, scurrilous, and angst-ridden, allergic to hypocrisy, morbidly spiteful, and naturally very funny, Todd Solondz is the movie equivalent... More>>
Freeze Frame
MOMA Shuts Down Film Stills Archive
, January 22, 2002
As the Museum of Modern Art breaks ground in midtown for its new $650 million expansion project, the powerful arts institution has closed its... More>>
Natural Ingredients
, January 22, 2002
What is it about food that makes films with ethnic-identity themes easier to swallow? Last year's Tortilla Soup was a fairly digestible remake of... More>>
Harlem Renaissance
, January 22, 2002
Harlem is as mythic as Hollywood and just as rife with history, mystery, sex, violence, and portent. It is probably more synonymous with Black... More>>
We Gotta Get Out of This Place We Gotta Get Out of This Place
, January 22, 2002
Movies that tap into the petty grievances and mind games of office culture occupy their own dingy cubicle; they're oddballs in a medium... More>>
The Plagues The Plagues
, January 22, 2002
Layering sexy Hitchcockian paranoia over oddball tabloid hooey has been The X-Files' stock-in-trade for an eternity now, but its formula has yet... More>>
To Live
, January 22, 2002
It's not that no one cares much about contemporary Chinese cinema anymore—in whatever generation they're in, if they're even... More>>
Waiting for Twilight Waiting for Twilight
, January 15, 2002
"It's the only place he ever slept with his wife," a German friend remarked as we stood at the grave of Bertolt Brecht, in a leafy cemetery of... More>>
Win, Lose, or Draw
, January 15, 2002
At this year's Academy Awards, cartoons won't be considered kid stuff anymore. But will the inaugural award for Best Animated Feature (the... More>>
Reality Czech
, January 15, 2002
With dissent looking dangerous in a nation suddenly too unified for its own good, the unlikely saga of the Plastic People of the Universe, the... More>>
Rite What You Know Rite What You Know
, January 15, 2002
Time of Favor, the first feature by 33-year-old Israeli writer-director Joseph Cedar, is a flawed but engrossing thriller. Highly atmospheric, it... More>>
Sexy Beasts and Sweet Nothings Sexy Beasts and Sweet Nothings
, January 15, 2002
All pulp may be proletarian, but surely some pulp is more equal than others. American and Asian pulp, for instance, have always had the racy... More>>
Boiling Points
, January 15, 2002
In the Japan Society's "Dark Visions," noir seems a catchall term for a group of loosely related psycho-thrillers, police procedurals, low-budget... More>>
The Mother and the Whore
, January 15, 2002
Bette Davis called Anna Magnani "the greatest actress I have ever seen"; Pauline Kael said she was "the most 'real' of actresses." The... More>>
Time (Clock of the Heart) Time (Clock of the Heart)
, January 08, 2002
Existential slapstick? Epistemological comedy? Buddhist farce? Whatever it is, Tsai Ming-liang's witty, wistful new film, What Time Is It There?,... More>>
The Body Artists
, January 08, 2002
This year's "Dance on Camera Festival" is heavy on explorations of character and psychic states. It embraces a starchy Canadian biopic about... More>>
Left Out in the Cold Left Out in the Cold
, January 08, 2002
"Except for health and money, all's well with me," a matchmaker cheerfully proclaims in The Vow (1937), one of the last Yiddish films to be made... More>>
Cooper Union
Shelf Life
, January 08, 2002
I feel it's possibly true that there are aliens on earth, and they work in television. —David Lynch Strange as it may seem that ABC wasted... More>>
The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Vincent Cassel Lets His Hair Down
, January 08, 2002
Vincent Cassel, soon to be howling his way through the French martial-arts costume drama Brotherhood of the Wolf (opening January 11), has been... More>>
Mann Handled
, January 08, 2002
Andrea Weiss and Wieland Speck's Escape to Life: The Erika and Klaus Mann Story (Quad, opens January 11) chronicles the careers of Thomas Mann's... More>>
Citizen Park
, January 08, 2002
He took the presentation, which was like that thick, plopped it in front of me, and said, Leaf through it. . . . It was just like, This is the... More>>
The Connections The Connections
Perchance to Screen
, January 01, 2002
Year's end found Jonathan Franzen's third novel and Wes Anderson's third film occupying the same cultural space, yoked by some overlapping themes... More>>
Director's Cut Director's Cut
, January 01, 2002
Biopics about directors are a relatively late-blooming phenomenon—starting more or less with 1992's enervating Chaplin—because there's... More>>
Veteran Players, New Teams Veteran Players, New Teams
Company Flow
, January 01, 2002
"Film is one of the last bastions of entrepreneurial endeavor, and it's always reinventing itself in difficult times," says veteran producer Ed... More>>
The Anniversary Party
, January 01, 2002
It's easy to sympathize with repertory programmers: 52 weeks of screen time every year, and only so many international cinemas and revivable... More>>
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