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The Sorrow and the P. Diddy The Sorrow and the P. Diddy
, December 25, 2001
As headlong wallows in hatred and degradation go, Marc Forster's Monster's Ball self-consciously outgrunges the year in American film, but the... More>>
Fight Songs Fight Songs
, December 25, 2001
Now that the western is no longer with us, there are three basic modes with which Hollywood represents history. The first is the Great Man... More>>
To the Manor Born To the Manor Born
, December 25, 2001
After some 30-odd years and almost as many features, Robert Altman finally gets around to fashioning a loving repro of his Rosetta stone with... More>>
Plastic Fantastic Plastic Fantastic
, December 18, 2001
"Much that once was is lost" is the poignant opening phrase in Peter Jackson's long-awaited, mega-million-dollar production of Lord of the Rings:... More>>
Keep the Home Fires Burning Keep the Home Fires Burning
, December 18, 2001
Lasse Hallström has warbled the Academy fight song for Miramax three Decembers running now, and The Shipping News is, in most respects,... More>>
The Rules of the Game The Rules of the Game
, December 18, 2001
Helplessly drawn to the spectacle of tragic genius yet routinely thwarted by its abstract dimensions, the Hollywood inspirational biopic has over... More>>
Space Odyssey
Michael Mann’s Vision Quest
, December 18, 2001
Of A-list journeymen directors, Michael Mann is a unique specimen with a disarming record of electrifying perfectly mundane... More>>
Look Homeward, Angel Look Homeward, Angel
, December 11, 2001
The Royal Tenenbaums may not be the movie of the year, but it is a seasonal gift to us all. Sweet and funny, doggedly oddball if bordering... More>>
The Color of Paradise The Color of Paradise
, December 11, 2001
Writing in this publication in 1963, Jonas Mekas broke from his usual poetic polemics for the New American Cinema to praise the rough loveliness... More>>
Final Approach
Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Covert Operations
, December 11, 2001
The conditions surrounding the making, and now the U.S. release, of Kandahar are as saddening as those depicted in the film. Mohsen Makhmalbaf's... More>>
The Tall B
Budd Boetticher, 1916–2001
, December 11, 2001
The last of the red-hot, golden-age Hollywood genre buckaroos, Budd Boetticher, who died November 29 at the age of 85, represented a... More>>
Icon See Clearly Now Icon See Clearly Now
, December 11, 2001
There comes a moment in every massively popular movie star's trajectory when his or her movies become expositions on the fermented psychology of... More>>
Synchronized Drowning
, December 11, 2001
In Lantana, Ray Lawrence's fastidious diagram of inert lives and impacted relationships, Sydney is for all intents and purposes an outer circle... More>>
That Puerto Rican Swing That Puerto Rican Swing
If They Could Be Like Mikey...
, December 11, 2001
It seems everyone has a Mikey story. For me, it was the time I met him in 1985 at Neither/Nor, a seedy East 6th Street club in what used to be... More>>
Flirting With Disaster
, December 11, 2001
Serious Spanish cinema may be said to begin with the films of Luis Berlanga and Juan Bardem, who trained together at film school, codirected a... More>>
, December 04, 2001
"Strangers fight for a short time, families for a lifetime," says a character in Broken Silence, Basque director Montxo Armendáriz's vivid... More>>
Sweet Hereafters
, December 04, 2001
Is there an award for Unlikely Star of the New York EXPOsition? Though Vladimir Putin is a contender, this year it would probably go to Neil... More>>
All as It Had Been All as It Had Been
Hollywood Revises History, Joins the Good Fight
, December 04, 2001
Nearly three months have passed and we're still talking about Armageddon—the day the volcano erupted, the asteroid crashed, the Martians... More>>
Role Players and End Games Role Players and End Games
, December 04, 2001
Ocean's Eleven is just about the perfect project to remake—at least from a director's point of view. It must have been a relief for Steven... More>>
Time Bomb
, December 04, 2001
War culture has become blithely easy to deride in eras of conflict as well as peacetime, but surely documentarian Hartmut Bitomsky's new film,... More>>
Danis Tanovic at the Front Lines
Soldiers of Misfortune
, December 04, 2001
Like many Bosnians of his generation, Danis Tanovic, director of No Man's Land, grew up watching movies about World War II in which "our"... More>>
The Gray Zones
Mastering the Art of War
, December 04, 2001
War movies, so readily adaptable as propaganda, have never enjoyed a particularly glowing reputation. Operation Enduring Freedom doesn't promise... More>>
Six Degrees of Separation Six Degrees of Separation
, December 04, 2001
Countless American films have essentialized corporate culture as an arid, perspective-warping biodome, a glass-and-chrome petri dish of... More>>
Reviewer Afraid
, December 04, 2001
A pair of movies this week tilts at civilization and its discontents, championing fluid sexuality and scorning societal hypocrisies. That the... More>>
The Haunting Hours The Haunting Hours
A Grief Observed
, December 04, 2001
If grief, as the commonplace goes, defies description and comprehension, it is emphatically resistant to cinematic representation as well. How to... More>>
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