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Clash of the Titans
Hardest Movie Quiz Answers Revealed!
, June 20, 2000
The tally for this year's quiz (May 16) was something of a dead heat between 1998 winner Morton Tankus and 1999 champ Derek Davidson, clearly the... More>>
Aardman Hatches a Chick Flick Aardman Hatches a Chick Flick
The Joy Cluck Club
, June 20, 2000
A prisoner-of-war film starring poultry, Aardman's feature-length Chicken Run repackages in summer-movie form the British claymation studio's... More>>
Freddie’s Revenge
, June 20, 2000
Unwaveringly arbitrary in nature, Robert Iscove's teenflick Boys and Girls approaches such niceties as construction and character motivation with... More>>
Are You Defending Your Life? Are You Defending Your Life?
, June 20, 2000
It's hardly a promising artistic coupling: the terse, enigmatic Franz Kafka and the baroque, shamelessly bombastic Orson Welles. Approached in... More>>
The Politics of Dancing
, June 20, 2000
A North African rent-controlled banlieu outside Paris is a not-quite-slapstick battleground for cops, immigrants, a fundamentalist Muslim little... More>>
Cops and Squabblers
, June 13, 2000
Starting off in a promisingly gloomy, Kafka-via-David Fincher mode, first-time director Craig Monahan's cop thriller, The Interview, ends up... More>>
The Searchers The Searchers
, June 13, 2000
Time Regained, the tastefully brash, subtly eccentric, and altogether triumphant Raúl Ruiz adaptation of the labyrinthian volume that... More>>
Join the Good-Fight Club Join the Good-Fight Club
, June 13, 2000
Banned for seven years by the Iranian government, Dariush Mehrjui's The Lady screens for the first time in the U.S. at the Human Rights Watch... More>>
Human Traffic
, June 13, 2000
Filmmaker-photographer Rudy Burckhardt, who died last year at age 85, had a career almost impossible to imagine anywhere except New York City.... More>>
Auto Ban
, June 13, 2000
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, bravely soldiering on after the death of partner-in-excess Don Simpson, lords over what is now the most emblematic of... More>>
Your Own Impersonal Jesus Your Own Impersonal Jesus
, June 13, 2000
Alison Maclean's chilly, mopey materialization of Denis Johnson's story cycle Jesus' Son might be the supreme screen portrait of '70s drug... More>>
Old Masters of the New Wave Old Masters of the New Wave
Making History
, June 06, 2000
This year's Cannes festival began with a bang for the lucky few and a whimper for the rest. Understandably skipping the opening film, Roland... More>>
The Players Club The Players Club
, June 06, 2000
American Pimp, the documentary by the twins Allen and Albert Hughes (Dead Presidents, Menace II Society), may not be the most garrulous... More>>
One Foot in the Rave One Foot in the Rave
, June 06, 2000
The first American fiction feature to embrace the rave scene as more than colorful scenery, Groove is less a work of subcultural ethnography than... More>>
On the Beaten Path
Melted-Cheese Cockroaches!
, June 06, 2000
Channel 13's efforts to gain wider recognition for independent New York-based filmmakers with its Reel New York series are unassailable, but a... More>>
Reality Rites
, June 06, 2000
Unlike many of the midcentury's cinematic "movements," cinema vérité has faded from view not because it is dated but because it is... More>>
Children of a Lesser God Children of a Lesser God
, June 06, 2000
On New Year's Eve, 1899, the Sonnenschein family of Budapest toasts the future. Ignatz (Ralph Fiennes), the elder son and a successful judge,... More>>
Disguise the Limit
, June 06, 2000
The first half of Martin Lawrence's foray into prosthetic calisthenics, Big Momma's House, travels in nasty, scatological, Martin-sitcom... More>>
Tough Sells and Transported Cinephiles Tough Sells and Transported Cinephiles
In the Cannes
, May 30, 2000
It was a cinephile's wet dream and a distributor's nightmare. Never has the gap between art and commerce seemed more vivid—and... More>>
Queer and Present Danger Queer and Present Danger
, May 30, 2000
With each passing year, despite good intentions, the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival doesn't so much celebrate queer innovation as illustrate the... More>>
Based on a True Story Based on a True Story
, May 30, 2000
Anyone taking in the new "Docfest" as a 16-course meal will be struck first by the it's-a-small-world heterogeneity, and then, conversely, by the... More>>
Calm Within the Storm
Edward Yang's Kin Flick
, May 30, 2000
"We live three times as long since the invention of cinema," says a character in Edward Yang's Yi-Yi (A One and a Two), an intimate three-hour... More>>
Duels in the Sun
, May 30, 2000
The self-loathing underworld god-king of masculine genre angst and the world's first genuine action craftsman, Sam Peckinpah made movies that... More>>
Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors
, May 30, 2000
Unlike such philosophically grounded early-summer rivals as the Aurelian Gladiator and the Hubbardist Battlefield Earth, Mission: Impossible 2 is... More>>
Promised Lands Promised Lands
, May 23, 2000
Anyone who knows Takeshi Kitano only from Violent Cop, Boiling Point, or Sonatine might be understandably bewildered by the sugary pink seraphim... More>>
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