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Great Leaps Forward
, October 10, 2000
Durham County, England, in 1984, is a land of dreary brick houses and circumscribed horizons. Billy Elliot, British director Stephen Daldry's... More>>
First-Timers Get Under the Skin First-Timers Get Under the Skin
, October 10, 2000
The first image in Ratcatcher, Lynne Ramsay's haunting evocation of a horrific Glasgow childhood, is of a preadolescent boy wrapping himself in a... More>>
Dolorous Haze
, October 10, 2000
Robert Altman calls his latest film a "love letter to the women of Dallas," but it's hard to detect anything resembling affection in Dr. T and... More>>
Falling Down
, October 03, 2000
A lot of time, money, and pain have gone into establishing Joel Schumacher's reputation as a well-oiled toxic-waste machine (deathless Batman and... More>>
Kennel Vision
, October 03, 2000
In 1996's snarky Waiting for Guffman and now in Best in Show, actor-director-screenwriter Christopher Guest takes a scattershot approach to... More>>
Shake Your Bon-Bon
, October 03, 2000
Chock-full of feisty-frank go-girl sextalk speculating on white guys' underplayable size (a myth vanquished by Scott Bakula's... More>>
Dose of Reality Dose of Reality
, October 03, 2000
Out of breath, dizzy with migraine frustration, and shuddering with an undeniable energy, Darren Aronofsky's torpedo-shot through Hubert Selby... More>>
Spike Lee’s Own Scary Movie Spike Lee’s Own Scary Movie
, October 03, 2000
What better title than Bamboozled for a film in which the most electrifying dance numbers since the days of Vincente Minnelli occur within an... More>>
The Way of a Gun
, October 03, 2000
A wry, nearly deadpan suburban comedy, David Maquiling's Too Much Sleep is so good it made me wish I had kept that workhorse phrase "remarkably... More>>
It's All Relative It's All Relative
, October 03, 2000
Edward Yang's Yi Yi, which screens tonight at the New York Film Festival and opens Friday at Film Forum, is a wonderfully engrossing... More>>
Body Shots and Brilliant Disguises Body Shots and Brilliant Disguises
, October 03, 2000
One of the most striking numbers in MGM's 1929 musical The Hollywood Revue is a spooky romp entitled: "Lon Chaney's Gonna Get You If You Don't... More>>
Show Me Love
, October 03, 2000
Meet the Parents waters down There's Something About Mary's pre-prom martyrdom sequence to feature length, capitalizing on Ben Stiller's... More>>
Grand Illusion
More About Eve
, October 03, 2000
When I was a theater-struck kid in Chicago, the only important local honor for actors was the Sarah Siddons Award. I learned decades later that... More>>
Contact Sports Contact Sports
, September 26, 2000
Taboo, which has its premiere at the New York Film Festival this weekend, could be considered an event within the event. Nagisa Oshima is Japan's... More>>
Original Sins and Future Shock Original Sins and Future Shock
, September 26, 2000
An autumn ritual, the New York Film Festival's "Views From the Avant-Garde" offers devotees of the subculture an opportunity to see a fairly wide... More>>
Boys in the Bland
, September 26, 2000
The mating habits of gay men come under scrutiny yet again in The Broken Hearts Club, a Sundance favorite that, for release, has been helpfully... More>>
Body Fount
, September 26, 2000
Whatever else can be said of Urban Legends: Final Cut, you can't whine that they skimped on the cast: Not only is Rebecca Gayheart (you know,... More>>
A Master Mimic Reads the Riot Act A Master Mimic Reads the Riot Act
, September 26, 2000
An unrivaled body snatcher, Anna Deavere Smith has gained a sizable, PBS-attuned audience for her one-woman, multicharacter plays, in which her... More>>
How Do I Deal
, September 26, 2000
Josh Evans's The Price of Air starts out temptingly: Shot on digital video, the movie doesn't tell its story so much as toss it in the air like... More>>
Might of the Hunter
, September 26, 2000
A grassroots refutation of Discovery Channel/National Geographic dispassion, The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story is hot and sweaty with fetching... More>>
Kin Flick; Kindred Spirits Kin Flick; Kindred Spirits
, September 19, 2000
By any standards, Alma is a nightmare of a mother. A pathological narcissist who experiences frequent psychotic episodes, she has problems with... More>>
Survival Guides
, September 19, 2000
Only a surrealist would cast Isabella Rossellini as an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman. But in Left Luggage, Dutch actor-director Jeroen... More>>
Traction Figures
, September 19, 2000
Something like the soapbox derby car of superhero comedies, Craig Mazin's The Specials skirts the edge of professionalism, one-upping Mystery... More>>
Trailer Flash and Female Trouble Trailer Flash and Female Trouble
Toronto Divides and Conquers
, September 19, 2000
Twenty-five this year, the Toronto Film Festival has managed to integrate its various identities—Hollywood junket, Perspective Canada,... More>>
Stage Frightful
, September 19, 2000
Karaoke represents liberation in Duets—far more than a train-wreck by-product of oblivious drunkenness, it's a transformative escape for the... More>>
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