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Wet Dreams May Come
, December 21, 1999
Now it can be told. For years, mystery shrouded the auteurship of the notorious gay cult film Pink Narcissus, released anonymously in 1971,... More>>
Fiennes and Hawke Get the Cold Shoulder Fiennes and Hawke Get the Cold Shoulder
, December 21, 1999
As Evgeny Onegin, the luckless hero of Pushkin's cruelly ironic tale of romantic reversal, Ralph Fiennes—his thin lips locked into a rueful... More>>
Look Who’s Multiplying
, December 21, 1999
The robotics guys working on Chris Columbus's latest minivan—his usual rich-suburban, vaguely fascistic dramedy guaranteed by Satan's... More>>
Ryder in the Storm
, December 21, 1999
Elliptical and mordantly witty, Susanna Kaysen's Girl, Interrupted recounts living as a teen in a mental hospital for a year and a half; it... More>>
Your Shows of Shows Your Shows of Shows
, December 14, 1999
Christmas comes early—at least for this reviewer—with a pair of highly audacious, hugely enjoyable, exceptionally well-written,... More>>
The Emperors’ Old Clothes The Emperors’ Old Clothes
, December 14, 1999
China's Fifth Generation continues to work through its midlife crisis. Zhang Yimou retreats further from art house opulence (his modest... More>>
Paul Thomas Anderson Lets It All Hang Out
Family Man
, December 14, 1999
"Without the pornography, I feel like I'm naked," writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson nervously confides, rapping his knuckles on a cluttered... More>>
Setting a Trap
, December 14, 1999
E.B. White's tearful prepubescent semi-classic gets the Happy Hollywood treatment, but with disappointing results—Stuart himself is a... More>>
Into the Mix
Balkanic Eruptions
, December 14, 1999
A macédoine is a salad of many fruits mixed together. Macedonia is also a region in Greece whose capital, Salonika, played host for... More>>
The Double Life of Vera Bila
, December 14, 1999
There have been few less likely singing sensations than Vera Bila, the Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn of gypsy music. The subject of this intimate... More>>
Mike Leigh Improvises on History Mike Leigh Improvises on History
Backstage Passages
, December 14, 1999
A definitively contemporary director, Mike Leigh has made a foray into the 19th century with Topsy-Turvy, a biopic of Gilbert and Sullivan, and... More>>
Figgis’s Ham-Handed Two Hander
, December 14, 1999
Smack in the middle of Miss Julie, Mike Figgis’s frenetic and grossly self-aggrandizing adaption of Strindberg’s worse-for-wear... More>>
Up in Arms on the Home Front Up in Arms on the Home Front
, December 07, 1999
Though movies trade in sex and violence, it's a rare film that faces up to the body as flesh—to its mottled colors, smothering weight, and... More>>
History Repeating History Repeating
, December 07, 1999
There's a rush-hour sense of history to Tim Robbins's Cradle Will Rock. Historical forces and famous ghosts jostle past each other in this... More>>
Doing Time with Glowing Saints and Glowering Sinners Doing Time with Glowing Saints and Glowering Sinners
, December 07, 1999
When the fiction foundry/movie mine/paradigm spigot that is Stephen King tries for an all-American magical-realism—his fave location for... More>>
Caught in the Act
, December 07, 1999
John Wallowitch has made a career of composing highly credible, if perhaps less than distinctive, would-be pop standards. Now in his seventies... More>>
Animating Rhythms
Fauvism Meets Folk Art
, December 07, 1999
Like the improvisational jazz that often scores their films, the Hubley family's animated output has always married technical mastery with... More>>
In Visible Cities
Return Trips
, December 07, 1999
In the 1930s, Shanghai was the world's only free port—no papers or payment required for entry. So at the start of World War II, nearly... More>>
Tim Roth Takes Some Shots Tim Roth Takes Some Shots
All in the Family
, December 07, 1999
Tough, bleak, and unencumbered by actor-turned-director hubris, Tim Roth's first feature, The War Zone (opening December 10), is anything but a... More>>
Lust, Love, and Ladies on the Lam
, December 07, 1999
One of the highlights of last year's Spanish program at the Walter Reade was Ventura Pons's Caresses, an omnisexual roundelay about the trials of... More>>
Back in the Ring
, December 07, 1999
Following Christopher Reeve in TV's busted Rear Window, post-stroke Kirk Douglas stars as a muttering geriatric in the fake-paste Diamonds, his... More>>
Iceland Cometh
, November 30, 1999
Iceland, a country of fewer people than Staten Island, brings us a retrospective of 10 recent films, including four by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,... More>>
Lost Without a Map
, November 30, 1999
From a bizarrely overenunciated, hooked-on-phonics voice-over, through a diva fit at a child's funeral as if the church were Jennifer Lopez's... More>>
Antonioni Snoozes; Arnold Stretches; Greed is Good Again Antonioni Snoozes; Arnold Stretches; Greed is Good Again
, November 30, 1999
Part of the price we have to pay, it seems, for the international art-film mardi gras of the '60s and '70s is the discomfiting experience of... More>>
That's the Spirit That's the Spirit
, November 30, 1999
I don't know if anyone has ever named God as a divorce-case third party, but it's a possibility the tormented male protagonists of Jane Campion's... More>>
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