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A Veteran Director's High Fidelity A Veteran Director's High Fidelity
His Maestro's Voice
, January 02, 2001
In his youth, the Korean director Im Kwon Taek churned out dozens of melodramas, gangster flicks, action pictures, and costume dramas. A few... More>>
Cold Fever
Capital Danes
, January 02, 2001
Once in a while, the countries of Scandinavia beget freaks—the wild energy of the Björks, Kaurismäkis, and von Triers... More>>
The Knobbies '00
The Year in Princely Cock-Ups
, January 02, 2001
In their fourth year, the Awards Formerly Known as the Hidekis™ have been rechristened and redefined, their original erstwhile Yankee... More>>
Fables and Fibs Fables and Fibs
, December 26, 2000
Taking its place as the Raise the Red Lantern of the new, manifold Korean film outbreak, Im Kwon Taek's Chunhyang is poised on the stage of... More>>
Blood Sports Blood Sports
, December 26, 2000
Premised on the notion that F.W. Murnau's silent horror classic Nosferatu was actually a documentary, Shadow of the Vampire manages to turn a... More>>
Willem Dafoe Bares His Fangs Willem Dafoe Bares His Fangs
Interview With the Vampire
, December 26, 2000
The deliriously camp concept of E. Elias Merhige's Shadow of the Vampire is that Max Schreck, the star of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, was a real... More>>
Pot of Gold
, December 26, 2000
There is simply no good reason why 20th Century Fox refused to screen the radiantly stoopid Dude, Where's My Car? for critics—it's a welcome... More>>
J. Hoberman's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
The melancholy that's supposed to shroud the end of a century—romantic myth or self-fulfilling prophecy? These unending literary... More>>
Dennis Lim's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
I won't attempt to defend the complete absence of American films in my Top 10 (though horrified cinepatriots should note that domestic product is... More>>
Michael Atkinson's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
However many times you hear it, the song remains the same: It's been the piss-poorest year for movies since 1929, and even the masterpieces... More>>
Jessica Winter's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
The guiding emotion in the year's best films was despair—and that's not meant as a reflection of what was, by and large, a lackluster 2000.... More>>
Negative Space
Flashback: The Year in Movies
, December 26, 2000
This was the worst year in the 85-year history of Hollywood. —Gerald Peary Frankly, I prefer a year where you mention a title and get a... More>>
Mensch Warmers
, December 19, 2000
Another midlife-crisis seizure courtesy of the spawning tribe of teary-eyed, silk-suited daddies who occupy the hills of Santa Monica, Brett... More>>
The Emancipation Proclamations The Emancipation Proclamations
, December 19, 2000
Swapping the wanton excesses of the 1980s New York art world for the puritanical confines of the Castro regime, Julian Schnabel continues to... More>>
Day for Naught
, December 19, 2000
With State and Main, David Mamet has, against all odds, made a movie about moviemaking that bears not a trace of either cinephilia or intentional... More>>
100 Years of Solitude 100 Years of Solitude
, December 19, 2000
The stylized silhouette of doomed soubrette Lily Bart emerges from the steam cloud produced by a train just about to leave the station: From its... More>>
Boys Will Be Boys (Sometimes Women) Boys Will Be Boys (Sometimes Women)
, December 19, 2000
All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy's elegiac novel about the loss of the West and the end of youth, has been adapted with respect and even... More>>
The Heat Is Off
, December 19, 2000
Although its Hays Code sanitizing is mitigated somewhat by the glorious extravagances of 1950s cinema (it's a Technicolor, 3-D star vehicle with... More>>
Stone Cold Warriors Stone Cold Warriors
, December 12, 2000
Galloping into the holiday season with a cloud of dust and a hearty "Hi-yo, Silver," Thirteen Days evokes a thrilling yesteryear of beehive... More>>
That Old Slack Magic That Old Slack Magic
, December 12, 2000
Lasse Hallström's Chocolat shares with the director's previous Miramax Oscar cause—the sheepish, unwittingly contradictory pro-choice... More>>
Ken Jacobs's Primal Dreams
The Influence of Anxiety
, December 12, 2000
Ken Jacobs was not born yesterday. For over 40 years he has been jump-starting rebellious energies at the cinematic fringes as a filmmaker,... More>>
Frost Bites
, December 12, 2000
However seductive the pulp-cinematic mechanics of mountain-climbing misadventures might be, it's a genre that really has only one destination... More>>
Gus Van Sant’s Conventional Wisdom Gus Van Sant’s Conventional Wisdom
Sticking to His Hired Guns
, December 12, 2000
As generic as a Christmas tree, Finding Forrester would be pretty disposable if it were not decorated with taste and tenderness by Gus Van Sant.... More>>
Tales from Tativille
, December 12, 2000
Mr. Hulot was Jacques Tati's most famous creation. A tall, silent figure in a smashed hat and crumpled raincoat, a polite witness to all modern... More>>
Captive Audience
, December 12, 2000
Prison dramas, as any Oz fan can tell you, are typically more concerned with the physics of bloodspray than with the inner lives of their... More>>
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