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Desert Roses
African Film Comes of Age
, March 13, 2001
Among the best surprises of the 17th edition of the Festival of Pan-African Cinema in Ouagadougou (FESPACO) was a mini-barrage of films... More>>
Pioneer Trails
Projectionists Picket Two Boots Theater
, March 13, 2001
Moviegoers arriving at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater for some recent screenings have been treated to a preview available nowhere else in the... More>>
All the Girls of Their Age All the Girls of Their Age
, March 13, 2001
Unless you're a cop or a hit man, movies seldom give more than a wink and a nod to your line of employment. TV adds doctors, lawyers, and... More>>
Dumb and Dumber
, March 13, 2001
Less genuinely disturbed than developmentally arrested, the latest "Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation" omnibus (early champion of... More>>
Trade-Offs Trade-Offs
, March 13, 2001
Timed for a potential Traffic Oscars sweep or as ammunition for a Steven Soderbergh backlash, the MT&R's screening of Traffik serves the cause of... More>>
Persistence of Memory Persistence of Memory
, March 13, 2001
Memento takes the sensation of waking up in a strange bed beside a complete stranger and totalizes it. The movie is part Alice in Wonderland mind... More>>
Conflict Management Conflict Management
, March 06, 2001
Tense and unyielding even in her warmth, Julia Roberts is an actress who projects self-sufficiency. Her most successful recent romantic turn came... More>>
Surreal Endgames, Seedy Glamour Surreal Endgames, Seedy Glamour
, March 06, 2001
Historically a sanctuary for psychotronic splatter and abject grunge, the New York Underground Film Festival kicks off its eighth annual... More>>
Improbable Cause
, March 06, 2001
Commonly misquoted and misapplied, Warhol's dictum that everybody in the future will be famous for 15 minutes has had such a long run as a... More>>
Sound and Fury
, March 06, 2001
Brainchild of Kamel Saleh and Akhenaton, leader of celebrated rap group IAM, The Magnet (Comme un Aimant) is more than another tale of B-boys en... More>>
Scavengers Uncover a Mother Lode Scavengers Uncover a Mother Lode
, March 06, 2001
A side-door entrance into the French character and economy, Agnès Varda's eccentric and thoroughly winning The Gleaners and I is... More>>
Market Forces
, March 06, 2001
Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai began as a covert operator, making two films that dangled by a shoestring under the Film Bureau's radar, before... More>>
Double Fantasy
Superstar: The Pat Loud Story
, March 06, 2001
Video artist Cecilia Dougherty has a gift for revising popular culture, often imagining its icons as lesbian celebrities. Grapefruit (1989)... More>>
Forces of Nature Forces of Nature
Berlin's Body Politic
, February 27, 2001
Situation hopeless but not serious: The Berlin Film Festival and its affiliated Forum of Young Cinema—one a Cold War artifact, the other a... More>>
Utopian Euphoria and Unfinished idylls Utopian Euphoria and Unfinished idylls
, February 27, 2001
Jean Renoir's works are among the major achievements of world cinema and the essential Renoir is to be found in the films from La Chienne (1931)... More>>
Gripe Nuts
Actors Bite Hand That Feeds,
Insert Foot in Mouth
, February 27, 2001
There is a change of tone in Washington, or the pretext of one, and perhaps it can account for the hardball mudslinging that has upped and... More>>
Multiplication Fable
, February 27, 2001
The protagonist of Andrucha Waddington's unassuming dramedy Me You Them is the mother of all earth mothers. Serene yet horny, hardworking and... More>>
Bad Trips and Borrowed Trash Bad Trips and Borrowed Trash
, February 27, 2001
A self-adrenalizing, self-destructing pop-culture whirligig, Henry Selick's Monkeybone is no more centered or reasoned in its abuse of pulp than... More>>
Better than Chocolat
, February 27, 2001
Patrice Leconte's The Widow of St. Pierre divides its time between storybook romance and progressive pamphleteering. Leconte has of late become a... More>>
The Devolution will be Televised The Devolution will be Televised
, February 27, 2001
The script for Daniel Minahan's Series 7, a dead-on shot to the heart of reality TV, predated Survivor by several years; in fact, it grew out of... More>>
Witness Program
Tempered Optimism in Berlin
, February 27, 2001
Given that the competition at the Berlin Film Festival is mostly filled with Hollywood megaflicks and undigestible Euro-puddings, viewers tend to... More>>
Reborn Again
, February 20, 2001
In Down to Earth, bike messenger Lance Burton, played by Chris Rock, wants to be a successful stand-up comedian, like, say, Chris Rock.... More>>
Terminal Endearment
, February 20, 2001
An extra-thick vanilla schmalted with just the right amount of raw sugar to summon the awwwws of high school girls, Sweet November updates the... More>>
Bloc Busters Bloc Busters
, February 20, 2001
Minute for minute, this week's Shooting Gallery program may be the most inspired filmmaking on view at a commercial theater in New York—the... More>>
Rites of Passage
, February 20, 2001
The hero of Kate Davis's Southern Comfort is Robert Eads, a Georgia farmer with a craggy face, a scruffy beard, and an old-school gallant manner;... More>>
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