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Mixed Tapes Mixed Tapes
, July 13, 1999
Now that The Phantom Menace and An Ideal Husband have been digitally transmitted by satellite and electronically projected in theaters across the... More>>
The Velocity of Gary
, July 13, 1999
Calculating Gary's said velocity might give occasion to a new definition of warp speed: lumbering and misshapen, apparently stitched together... More>>
Muppets From Space
, July 13, 1999
Ever since Jim Henson's death, his successors have wrestled with a dilemma even more serious than finding a vocal replacement for Kermit:... More>>
Secrets and Spies
The Betrayal of Stanley Kubrick
, July 06, 1999
The saturation-bombing approach to promotion taken by this summer's blockbusters Phantom Menace and Austin Powers 2 throws into relief the very... More>>
Living on the Edge
, July 06, 1999
Multicultural and multisensory, this series of outdoor screenings, set in a sculpture garden in Long Island City and catered by local... More>>
Before the Fall
, July 06, 1999
Will the current craze for filmed Shakespeare and the ongoing one for genteel adaptations of 19th-century novels vault the great miniaturist Eric... More>>
The Dinner Game
, July 06, 1999
In the Annals of Idiocy— there with Dan Quayle, Charles Bovary, and Debbie Matenopoulos—surely a place is reserved for Pignon... More>>
Losing It
, July 06, 1999
A shrill, underhanded, neighbor-from-hell thriller, Arlington Road seems genuinely unable to distinguish between topicality and exploitation.... More>>
Journey Men Journey Men
, July 06, 1999
When I was about eight years old, a boy in my class requested my company after school to play with his erection set. Oblivious to the snickering... More>>
Defying Gravity
, July 06, 1999
Denying Reality, more like. John Keitel's first feature is impossibly naive, even as smoothed-over coming-out tales go, and its sole, cursory... More>>
, June 29, 1999
Quick thinking as he is, Spike Lee rarely shoots a boring scene or makes an entirely coherent movie. The details are worked out; the structure is... More>>
Broken Vessels
, June 29, 1999
A particularly softheaded specimen of the just-say-no morality tale, Broken Vessels is a tawdry, flashy portrait of addiction whose main... More>>
The 24-Hour Women
Two Filmmakers and Their Ever-Present Cameras
, June 29, 1999
In 1991, Jennifer Fox started looking for subjects for what she had conceived as a one-hour documentary about three interracial couples. The... More>>
Love Etc.
, June 29, 1999
Few cinematic passions have proved more enduring than the love of a man for his best friend's wife. Love Etc. adds a touch of millennial fever... More>>
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
, June 29, 1999
The foulmouthed adventures of four crudely rendered grade schoolers from South Park, Colorado— Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Eric Cartman (all... More>>
Dark Victories Dark Victories
Spotlight on Women in Noir
, June 29, 1999
She is sitting at the drugstore counter biting into a hamburger. She is looking at an ad for a fur coat. Her hair is blond, her blouse is white,... More>>
The Good Fights
, June 29, 1999
That David Fincher's reputedly ultraviolent Fight Club has been Buffied (postponed by distributor Fox till the fall) is one sign that Hollywood... More>>
Eco Trip
Welcome to Earth First Film Crit
, June 29, 1999
In case you haven't heard, the newest critical discipline to be unleashed upon a beleaguered academia is literary ecology, or ecocriticism,... More>>
The Weasel Goes Pop
, June 22, 1999
American male culture fluctuates like a bobbing cocktail stork between being self-satisfied with its progressively earned enlightenment and... More>>
When Love Comes
, June 22, 1999
The title of this New Zealand–bred film derives from its fictional singer's late-'70s disco smash, "When Love Comes Along," but Katie Keen... More>>
Too Much, Too Soon
, June 22, 1999
Like any religion, the movies have their martyrs—some even sacrificed on the altar of art. The archetypal frustrated career is Orson... More>>
The General’s Daughter
, June 22, 1999
Mucking around the proving grounds and Big House residences of a Louisiana army base, The General's Daughter is a curiously primeval detective... More>>
True Colors True Colors
, June 22, 1999
An American Love Story is a 10-hour television series directed by Jennifer Fox, who, in the early '90s, spent more than a year videotaping the... More>>
Borderlines: Paul Robeson and Film
, June 22, 1999
Paul Robeson was far more than a movie star, and most of the movies in which the awesomely gifted singer- athlete­political activist... More>>
And Baby Makes Two
, June 22, 1999
This short documentary about single motherhood follows eight women in a support group as they try to either get pregnant or adopt an infant.... More>>
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