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Mourning Glory Mourning Glory
, May 01, 2001
Shinji Aoyama's Eureka is a film of rare tenderness and mystery. One might describe it as a mix of John Ford's The Searchers and Akira Kurosawa's... More>>
Model Behavior
, May 01, 2001
Billed as a romantic comedy, The Young Girl and the Monsoon is neither particularly romantic nor especially funny. It is instead a portrait of... More>>
The Land That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot
Shinji Aoyama's Natural Ingredients
, May 01, 2001
A hugely empathic study of sorrow and reckoning, Shinji Aoyama's epic Eureka maps the aftermath of a bus hijacking in southwest Japan that leaves... More>>
All Excess
, May 01, 2001
Somewhere between a Sixth Generation soap-opera splurge and a gender-flipped mimeograph of The King and I, Yim Ho's Pavilion of Women starts out... More>>
Money Changes Everything
, May 01, 2001
Layered with politics and philosophy like a rich moussaka, the 17 selections in this festival of new Greek cinema emerge from a land where even... More>>
Tsui Hark’s Planet Hong Kong Tsui Hark’s Planet Hong Kong
That’s Entertainment!
, May 01, 2001
"I don't think I've changed in years," admits Tsui Hark, Hong Kong movie mogul and director of Time and Tide (opening May 11). "Actually, I don't... More>>
Rich & Heinous
, May 01, 2001
Foreshadowed by a swelling inventory of ego collisions, inflationary spirals, executive bloodshed, and release-date equivocations (13 delays over... More>>
Intimate Strangers
The Last Detail
, May 01, 2001
Robert Beavers is so defiantly old school, he's Old World. In an age of cinevisual excess and decentered authority, his films are a clear and... More>>
Speed Freaks Speed Freaks
, April 24, 2001
"Everybody's in showbiz, everybody is a star," sang the Kinks back in the day. One of the key fantasies of the past 150 years has been the... More>>
Mondo Trasho and Desperate Living Mondo Trasho and Desperate Living
, April 24, 2001
The Tom Green Cancer Special was a genuinely startling piece of surreality TV, a gallows parody of disease-of-the-week programs that just... More>>
Forgotten Silver
Shelf Life
, April 24, 2001
Kino! Kino! Kino! as Guy Maddin would say—cinephiles are easy to suss out amid the metaglamour and thrill-seeking that amount to American... More>>
In Briefs
, April 24, 2001
The problem with good intentions is that you know exactly where they lead, and it's rarely to anywhere as interesting as hell. Earnest messages... More>>
Argentina’s Criminal Lovers Argentina’s Criminal Lovers
, April 24, 2001
One of the big discoveries of the Berlin Film Festival was La Ciénaga (The Swamp), the debut feature of the Argentine director Lucretia... More>>
Perfectly Frank
Jamie Thraves’s Shy Fidelity
, April 24, 2001
Director Jamie Thraves sums up his first feature, The Low Down, with one tellingly modest remark: "It's a character study in which the characters... More>>
New Romantics
, April 24, 2001
With his monumental '90s bookends, Les Amants du Pont-Neuf and Pola X, Leos Carax reinvented the art of the ridiculous sublime—a thrilling... More>>
Heads Shot
, April 24, 2001
Brent Meeske's The End of the Road is the Citizen Kane of parking-lot fan docs. Confronting the elephant in the rental rack of that burgeoning... More>>
Games People Play Games People Play
, April 17, 2001
Vladimir Nabokov considered The Luzhin Defense, a case study of a chess champ's midtournament crack-up, to be the warmest of his Russian... More>>
The State That I Am In The State That I Am In
, April 17, 2001
Coy and fitful as it might seem, The Low Down captures the latent anxieties of a hazy, ambling existence with pinpoint accuracy. No chic... More>>
Commodify Your Dissent
, April 17, 2001
Freaks, Glam Gods and Rockstars superficially resembles punky verité: The Decline of Eastern Civilization, where civilization means the... More>>
Natural Porn Killers
, April 17, 2001
Wayne Wang's first foray into digital video offers two interpretations of its title. "The thing about computers is you're connected to everyone... More>>
Shape-Shifting Creature Features Shape-Shifting Creature Features
Art & Industry
, April 17, 2001
Larry Fessenden's Wendigo is a monster movie more sad than scary. It debuted at Slamdance in January, received a rave review from Variety and,... More>>
A Second Life
, April 17, 2001
Just another symptom of our all-American film culture quarantine: Master Dutch documentarian/free-form personal filmmaker Johan van der Keuken... More>>
Iran’s High-Water Mark Iran’s High-Water Mark
The Not-So-New Wave
, April 17, 2001
Like the few other national cinemas that maintained any kind of transnational presence during Hollywood's globalization, Iran's has pegged its... More>>
The Shinings
, April 17, 2001
"The film image—whose intangible reality consists of lights and shadows beamed through the air and caught on the surface of a silver... More>>
Flowers of Taiwan
, April 17, 2001
For film buffs, the phrase "Made in Taiwan" suggests the carefully composed, acutely observed, and historically complex explorations of self and... More>>
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