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You choke, you learn
, August 24, 1999
Yet another black comedy that misunderstands and misrepresents the genre—call them Very Bad Jaw breakers—Kevin Williamson's first... More>>
Kicking and Screening Kicking and Screening
Hooligans, punters, murder, romance, and the existential crisis of the goalie
, August 24, 1999
No sooner had the U.S. women's soccer team's Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt after scoring the winning penalty in the World Cup final than... More>>
Video Dome
, August 24, 1999
A true working knowledge of world cinema doesn't happen these days without an acquaintance with Facets Video, the country's largest rental... More>>
Defining Deviancy Down
By treating audiences with kid gloves, the MPAA delivers a lethal blow to grown-up fare
, August 24, 1999
The NC-17 rating is approaching its ninth birthday, but some people are calling for a funeral instead. In a recent manifesto published in... More>>
Shtick Figures
, August 24, 1999
Let's give Hugh Grant some credit where credit is due: he's not waving his shtick around quite so much anymore. In his dumb, affable new comedy... More>>
Finding Their Religion
, August 17, 1999
In the religion of the movies, Sergio Leone is a prime candidate for beatitude. Among his miracles, the Italian director—who is getting his... More>>
The Fight of Their Lives The Fight of Their Lives
Sparring partners: Novice filmmakers get into the ring with aspiring boxers
, August 17, 1999
"It wasn't about doing a boxing film," says Nanette Burstein, codirector with Brett Morgen of On the Ropes, a portrait of boxing trainer Harry... More>>
Fallen women on the rise
Hopping beds and breaking barriers: Retro show de-codes a raunchy chapter in Hollywood history
, August 17, 1999
The term "pre-Code" has come to describe films made between March 1930, when the Production Code was adopted, and July 1934, when it was amended... More>>
Call Off the Dogs
, August 17, 1999
Surely many hoped that Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels represented the last gasp of the Woo-via-Tarantino genre of ironic bloodbath capers,... More>>
A Life in Motion
, August 17, 1999
Ian Brownell and Webb Wilcoxen's A Time To Dance (Anthology, August 19–22 and 27–29) is a family affair, initiated by a young man whose... More>>
Living In Captivity Living In Captivity
, August 17, 1999
As if more proof were needed that there are almost no good roles for women in Hollywood, we have the very talented Claire Danes— who seemed... More>>
White-Collar Crimes
, August 17, 1999
A riff on, among other things, wounded masculinity and white-collar facelessness, the Japanese revenge thriller Nobody opens with three ad... More>>
Only In Their Dreams
, August 17, 1999
Hyped since its Japanese release in 1997 as a movie Hitchcock could have made, Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue is a deliriously impressive, albeit... More>>
Directors on the Verge
, August 10, 1999
Bowfinger, the character Steve Martin plays in the new comedy of the same name, is a particularly contemporary figure—the ridiculously... More>>
Detroit Rock City
, August 10, 1999
There's an awful lot of rocking out going on in Detroit Rock City, but then rocking out is this occasionally clever but lifeless movie's reason... More>>
Making Tracks
Patrice Chéreau's Train of Thought
, August 10, 1999
Trains and cameras make a good match," says director Patrice Chéreau. "Films that are set on trains are always exciting to me, even when... More>>
Girls & Boys Together
, August 10, 1999
Better Than Chocolate: as in "Your love is...," as in the Quik-secreting Sarah McLachlan ballad. The namesake film is an amiable, scatterbrained... More>>
Vice Versa
, August 10, 1999
The paradigmatic auteur maudit, Donald Cammell was always more legendary than praiseworthy. He had all the trappings of a myth: rugged beauty,... More>>
Palace Walks Palace Walks
On the Road With the Theatre Historical Society
, August 10, 1999
Seated behind me are two projectionists who have just met— Elizabeth Lilley from Garland, Texas, and Barry Took from Send Woking in Surrey,... More>>
Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember
, August 10, 1999
Anyone who has interviewed actors knows that even the greatest can say little to illuminate their largely intuitive art. Mastroianni, who died... More>>
The Uninvited
, August 03, 1999
Despite being an inflated, polished-to-an-anonymous-shine Disney deal, M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense has its nervous thumb on something, a... More>>
, August 03, 1999
John Turturro points the camera at the stage in Illuminata, a loving ode to the theatrical world. The subject is, as one character describes it,... More>>
Misfits of Science
, August 03, 1999
The loser superheroes of the unexpectedly smart comic book send-up Mystery Men are a pretty pathetic lot. There's Mr. Furious (professional... More>>
Grand Scheme
, August 03, 1999
As a matter of mere consumer advice, there is no better movie-for-your-money bargain in the city than the newly restored revival of Jean... More>>
A Little Bit of Soul
, August 03, 1999
A flustered romp of supposedly Faustian proportions, Peter Duncan's A Little Bit of Soul moves from one chaotic scene to the next, which is... More>>
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