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Landscapes With Alienated Figures Landscapes With Alienated Figures
, November 28, 2000
If Michael Snow's 1967 landmark avant-garde film Wavelength is like a Hitchcock movie with the narrative pared away so that only the suspense... More>>
Toxic Avengers
, November 28, 2000
Embraced by E!, shrugged off by Psychotronic, and variously hyped or panned by less schlock-centric institutions, the output of Troma Studios has... More>>
Cara Seymour Looks for Trouble Cara Seymour Looks for Trouble
Paths Less Traveled
, November 28, 2000
Cara Seymour has become the year's flashpoint actress, with small but pivotal roles in two controversy-courting films: In Mary Harron's American... More>>
Dutch Ado
, November 28, 2000
Complain though we might about access to international cinema, contemporary New York filmgoing can afford an awesome opportunity to participate... More>>
Black Hole Son
, November 28, 2000
Alberto Simone's Moon Shadow is partly inspired by the work of the late psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, who in the early '70s founded a series of... More>>
Past Action Heroes; Insane Clone Posses Past Action Heroes; Insane Clone Posses
, November 21, 2000
Refreshingly, novelist William Boyd's The Trench doesn't gang-press WW I, virtually forgotten apocalypse that it was, into genre service or a... More>>
Traveling Miles
, November 21, 2000
Now in its eighth installment, the African Diaspora Film Festival remains a cannily programmed collection. This year's highlights include a... More>>
Cruel and Unusual Cruel and Unusual
, November 21, 2000
"Dear reader, I have a naughty little tale to tell. . . . " So begins Quills, Philip Kaufman's earnestly overblown celebration of the Marquis de... More>>
This Won’t Hurt a Bit This Won’t Hurt a Bit
, November 21, 2000
Variously characterized as ingenious, cheap, or (by those familiar with '60s cult favorite Carnival of Souls) secondhand, the suckerpunch finale... More>>
Ride of Chuckie
, November 21, 2000
Nine years old and still growing strong, Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo's animated Rugrats remains a merchandise machine with heart, maintaining... More>>
Beat Poetry Beat Poetry
Jang Sun Woo Tops From the Bottom
, November 21, 2000
"Think of my dick as shit," a middle-aged dude in the South Korean sex farce Lies tells his teenage lover, as he prepares to plumb what the... More>>
Imps of the Perverse Imps of the Perverse
, November 14, 2000
I read someplace (it might even have been last week's Village Voice) that Korean food was the cuisine du jour. If so, it's appropriate that Jang... More>>
Blasts from the Past Blasts from the Past
, November 14, 2000
Set in Paris during the countdown to Christmas Eve, Danièle Thompson's by turns hilarious and wounding La Bûche disproves the... More>>
Come As You Are
, November 14, 2000
The theme of this year's MIX Festival is "Launch Pad: The Future of Cinema and Sexuality," but the most compelling selections (of the more than... More>>
Billy, Don’t Be an Antihero Billy, Don’t Be an Antihero
, November 14, 2000
Tom Courtenay is in every scene of two of the British new wave's hallmark films, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Billy Liar,... More>>
‘Boys’ Keeps Swinging
Curtis Hanson’s Second Coming
, November 14, 2000
In these days of too many movies, it's rare for any of them to get a second chance at life. Wonder Boys, Curtis Hanson's bedraggled screwball... More>>
Sibling Revelry
Danièle Thompson Keeps It Together
, November 14, 2000
French director Danièle Thompson arrived in New York with her luggage lost in transit, but the Parisian sisters in her film, La... More>>
Visionary Frescoes of Youth Gone Wild Visionary Frescoes of Youth Gone Wild
, November 14, 2000
1963 was the breakthrough year for the Czech new wave: Milos Forman, Vera Chytilová, Jaromil Jires, and Pavel Jurácek all made... More>>
Do You Believe?
, November 14, 2000
A pale, patchy amalgam of the year's two unfairly reviled interplanetary adventures, Supernova and Mission to Mars, the lunkheaded Red Planet... More>>
Brief Encounters
Pith and Vinegar
, November 14, 2000
Robert Arnold's Triptych—one of the opening-night selections at the 34th Annual New York Exposition of Short Film and Video (through... More>>
What Would the Community Think What Would the Community Think
, November 07, 2000
Kenneth Lonergan's You Can Count on Me, the winner of two of Sundance's biggest prizes, seems like a TV movie. A well-written, sympathetically... More>>
Moving Violations
Oh! So Young.
, November 07, 2000
Reunification may be the major political buzzword on the Korean peninsula this fall, but down in the port city of Pusan—the second largest... More>>
Lou Ye’s Generation Next Lou Ye’s Generation Next
Voyeur Eyes Only
, November 07, 2000
Mainland Chinese cinema nudged its way into Western art houses in the late '80s with the panoramic history lessons of the so-called Fifth... More>>
Untouched by an Angel
Bachelor Father Knows Best
, November 07, 2000
You know some cheap-irony critical mass has been reached when studios start green-lighting glitzy remakes of TV shows that themselves wallowed in... More>>
Know How You Feel
, November 07, 2000
As Thomas Dolby used to cry, Science! Books and TV shows exploring scientific issues and processes proliferate on all levels, but movies... More>>
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