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Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors
, May 30, 2000
Unlike such philosophically grounded early-summer rivals as the Aurelian Gladiator and the Hubbardist Battlefield Earth, Mission: Impossible 2 is... More>>
Promised Lands Promised Lands
, May 23, 2000
Anyone who knows Takeshi Kitano only from Violent Cop, Boiling Point, or Sonatine might be understandably bewildered by the sugary pink seraphim... More>>
No Sleep for the Wicked No Sleep for the Wicked
, May 23, 2000
The psychopathology of choice at the movies—the split-personality syndrome that helped Gwyneth Paltrow find true love in Sliding Doors,... More>>
The Music Man
, May 23, 2000
The Screening Room's retro of classic MGM musicals is, wittingly or unwittingly, an homage to Arthur Freed. Eight of the 12 films were made by... More>>
Sweet and Lowdown
, May 23, 2000
Jackie Chan's latest shotgun marriage of martial-arts action and buddy-pic slapstick suffers from a script less written than treated, scenes less... More>>
Dyke Jones? Pussy Galore! Dyke Jones? Pussy Galore!
, May 23, 2000
"If you stay here too long, you don't think of guys at all. You get out of the habit." Film Forum might as well post this warning from the bleak... More>>
Thus Spake Maximus
Battle Royale: Crowe vs. Nietzsche
, May 23, 2000
The Will to Power Grievously outnumbered, kneeling and with hands bound, Russell Crowe in Gladiator slays five armed executioners. Russell Crowe... More>>
Living for Oblivion
, May 23, 2000
By far the most exciting part of the recent U.K. club-culture movie Human Traffic is the opening documentary-footage montage of illegal street... More>>
Culture Consumer Lewis Klahr Culture Consumer Lewis Klahr
The Re-Animator
, May 16, 2000
One of the most evocative, accessible, and culturally aware experimental filmmakers alive and working, Lewis Klahr uses what we—and our... More>>
The Vulgar Classes The Vulgar Classes
, May 16, 2000
It's my pleasure to report that Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks doesn't pretend to be anything more than a well-executed caper. Eschewing... More>>
House of Games
, May 16, 2000
Knee-deep in dread, fueled by sexual repression, The Well is an outback gothic that resists Grand Guignol in favor of psychological suggestion... More>>
Beasts and Beefcake
, May 16, 2000
Twelve years and $200 million in the making, the debut feature from Disney's digital studio finally lumbers into view, clutching in its jaws a... More>>
The Interpretation of Dreams The Interpretation of Dreams
, May 16, 2000
"My childhood seems like a ghost town. . . . When I look back, I know my memory is hopelessly flawed, tangled with my imagination." Bette... More>>
Soaps, Social Schemas, Softcore Sex Soaps, Social Schemas, Softcore Sex
, May 16, 2000
Like many things filed under the heading of "African"—one talismanic word to contain a continent's worth of history, language, culture,... More>>
Prince of New York
Another Director, Another Hamlet
, May 16, 2000
"One thing that makes Hamlet a masterpiece is the way it's absorbed and echoed so many different voices and viewpoints over the last 400 years,"... More>>
Vanity Fare Vanity Fare
, May 09, 2000
Obsessed with his role-playing, even as he rebels against it, Hamlet may be the most self-conscious poseur in English theater. It's a part... More>>
The Anatomy of Memory The Anatomy of Memory
, May 09, 2000
"Was there anything other than courage in the Resistance?" a young girl in 1969 asks her father, a pharmacist in the French town of... More>>
Jean Therapy
, May 09, 2000
Jean Arthur is one in the great basketful of Hollywood personalities of the '30s and '40s who make even the most workmanlike studio product seem... More>>
Screen Test
World’s Hardest Movie Quiz 2000
, May 09, 2000
Simply, this third incarnation of the Annual Spitting-Nails Movie Trivia Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition is designed to separate the... More>>
Woman on Top; Girls in Heat Woman on Top; Girls in Heat
, May 09, 2000
As smooth and powerfully packed as its protagonist, Katya Bankowsky's documentary Shadow Boxers focuses on Lucia Rijker, widely considered the... More>>
Like a Flame—Fame!
, May 09, 2000
People who succeed at ballet are good at following directions; they take thousands of lessons over a decade and then get jobs before their peers... More>>
A Guide to the Season's Competitors
, May 09, 2000
Don Simpson Did not Die In Vain Battlefield Earth John Travolta, looking to all the world like George Clinton, may have let his Scientology get... More>>
Sneaky Peeks
, May 09, 2000
Few tools used in a summer movie's publicity are as lavishly forged and conscientiously sharpened as the trailers; see how even in late April the... More>>
Get a Clue
, May 09, 2000
"Teen movie" has become dreaded Hollywood shorthand—like "SNL spinoff" or "Kevin Costner vehicle"—since usually you can bet Joshua... More>>
Suddenly, This Summer
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
, May 09, 2000
We anticipate the onslaught of summer movies—cineculture's annual Run of the Bulls—but also loathe it when it's raging, somehow... More>>
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