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Path of Glory
Stanley Kubrick, 1928­1999
, March 09, 1999
Suddenly dead Sunday at the age of 70, Stanley Kubrick was more than a filmmaker— he was a major manufacturer of the last half of the 20th... More>>
Taipei Personality
, March 09, 1999
The most memorable fusion of song, dance, and weather since Singin' in the Rain, The Hole overflows with Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang's... More>>
Ganging Up Ganging Up
, March 02, 1999
From the original Scarface to Superfly to Reservoir Dogs, the urban gangster film has thrived on a combination of violence, attitude, and... More>>
Tribute to Edward G. Robinson
, March 02, 1999
The greatest of Jewish movie gangsters (although he was cast instead as Italian, Greek, Portuguese, or Chinese), Edward G. Robinson, né... More>>
The Filth Element The Filth Element
, March 02, 1999
The premise of Cruel Intentions— a retread of Les Liaisons Dangereuses with high-school kids— can be distilled to a single joke:... More>>
Cable Guy
, March 02, 1999
Given the recognition accorded such recent films as Lolita, Bastard Out of Carolina, and The Last Seduction, there is no longer a stigma... More>>
Culture Wares
Celebrating Iran's Fajr Film Fest
, March 02, 1999
In Tehran's majestic Freedom Square, a crowd of revelers a million strong commemorated the 20th anniversary of their independence, chanting... More>>
Bear Market Bear Market
Berlin's Falling Stock
, March 02, 1999
There is a wonderful old photograph in the guide to this year's Berlin Film Festival. It shows Rainer Werner Fassbinder in evening dress,... More>>
, March 02, 1999
8MM pretends to be about evil— the enormity of evil, why it exists, how it contaminates, deep stuff like that. In case you don't pick up on... More>>
Taylor Made Taylor Made
, March 02, 1999
The most interesting thing about Matthew Diamond's Oscar-nominated documentary on choreographer Paul Taylor is not its incisive portrait of... More>>
The Party's Over The Party's Over
, March 02, 1999
Millennial angst and mounting Y2K panic indicate that 1999's New Year's Eve festivities will be more than the usual debauchery. Otherwise, New... More>>
Rock the Boat
, March 02, 1999
Rock the Boat may be a doc, but it's also a stirring adventure story— the account of an all-HIV-positive crew's odyssey in the TransPac... More>>
Missing Links Missing Links
, February 23, 1999
Ambitious but confused, Conceiving Ada is a noble attempt at retracing the life of Ada Lovelace— the daughter of Lord Byron and, more... More>>
15th Annual Israeli Film Festival
, February 23, 1999
A woman shoots her brutal husband; a niece poisons her abusive uncle; men jump off rooftops, motivated by suicidal guilt or jealousy. Passions... More>>
To Tell the Truth To Tell the Truth
, February 23, 1999
When you're introduced to the Williamses, the black middle-class clan about to be cut to pieces in Blind Faith, they're so stolid and familiar... More>>
Flesh and Fantasy Flesh and Fantasy
, February 23, 1999
Looking at looking: A middle-aged filmmaker whose career dates to the tide-pool stage of the French New Wave, Benoit Jacquot has made his... More>>
20 Dates
, February 23, 1999
Like an obnoxious four-year-old who believes everything he does is fascinating and adorable, filmmaker Myles Berkowitz likes to announce, at the... More>>
'The Films of Gillo Pontecorvo'
, February 23, 1999
It was after seeing Rossellini's Paisan that Gillo Pontecorvo decided on a career in filmmaking and Rossellinian neorealism is evident in both... More>>
The Old College Try
, February 23, 1999
With one tuxedo, thousands of postcards, and a Winnebago, the nine men of the New York City­based Broken Lizard comedy troupe took Puddle... More>>
Screen Test
World's Hardest Movie Quiz 1999
, February 23, 1999
This, the second reinstitution of the annual World's Hardest Movie Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition, takes few prisoners, but so it must with... More>>
Message in a Bottle
, February 16, 1999
Theresa (Robin Wright Penn) is a recently divorced Chicago Tribune staffer. Since she is wan and frizzy-haired with a cheerful yet slightly... More>>
Global Village People Global Village People
, February 16, 1999
The teenaged daughter of an internationally celebrated filmmaker makes a feature-length documentary about twin 11-year-old girls who have been... More>>
Skin Flicks Skin Flicks
Rotterdam Gets Racy
, February 16, 1999
Even in its less stellar incarnations (and this was, to be honest, one of them), the Rotterdam Film Festival can be counted on for a bracing... More>>
Out To Launch Out To Launch
, February 16, 1999
In the age of cyberspace, there's something remarkably quaint and corn-fed about the image of a boy craning his neck to follow the smoke trail of... More>>
Blast From the Past
, February 16, 1999
Like the isotopes that provide the plot's organizing principle, Blast From the Past is half-gone halfway through, a darkly promising gambit... More>>
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