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Manila Wafers
, July 25, 2000
The high point of the Walter Reade's last Philippine series in 1998 was its bracing Lino Brocka retro. Brocka, a brazen, openly gay filmmaker... More>>
Tabloid Celluloid Tabloid Celluloid
Docs Get Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
, July 25, 2000
Documentaries are not supposed to bend in the winds of mass-cult fashion. They're supposed to be unyielding in the pursuit of Truth (or, less... More>>
Jules Dassin’s Urban Legends
Exile on Main Street
, July 25, 2000
After five years, Tony le Stephanois—down-and-out, tubercular gangster—has finally gotten out of the pen. His girlfriend has shacked up... More>>
This Night Has Opened My Eyes This Night Has Opened My Eyes
, July 25, 2000
Michael Winterbottom's Wonderland is a bruised romantic's wary valentine to London life. No less than Wong Kar-wai's ravishing Hong Kong... More>>
Exhibit No. 2 Exhibit No. 2
, July 25, 2000
As gruesomely fascinating as it was ethically ambiguous, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills... More>>
Bands of Outsiders Bands of Outsiders
, July 18, 2000
Pop culture is often a matter of instant tradition. Take the once famous Rififi. A low-budget thriller that became an international success... More>>
Girl, Refrigerated
, July 18, 2000
BAM's "World According to Shorts," funneled from the French Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, is dominated by two lives: a museum worker's... More>>
Video Vanguard; Mensch Musician Video Vanguard; Mensch Musician
, July 18, 2000
The most high-profile nontelevised forum in the U.S. for experimental video, the New York Video Festival is distinguished by its eclecticism.... More>>
Hitchcockamamie; Kitsch-Doc Maiming Hitchcockamamie; Kitsch-Doc Maiming
, July 18, 2000
There may not be a more soulless director in Hollywood than Robert Zemeckis—his entire purpose is the manufacture of empty distractions, and... More>>
Voluminous Motion
, July 18, 2000
For at least an hour, Andre Téchiné's latest psychological melodrama, Alice and Martin, gains momentum through disorientation. The... More>>
This Is Hardcore
, July 18, 2000
The Asian American Film Festival's quirkiest lineup in several years is boosted by the presence of the great Korean iconoclast Jang Sun-Woo,... More>>
Kiss Me Deadly Kiss Me Deadly
, July 11, 2000
It will soon be 20 years since the untimely death of R.W. Fassbinder dealt populist art cinema a stunning blow. Moving throughout the '70s from... More>>
What’s That Smell?
, July 11, 2000
As the introductory, Drew Barrymore-ish victim of the Wayans brothers' Scary Movie, Carmen Electra qualifies her idea of horror films to the... More>>
Twins Infinitive
, July 11, 2000
A massive plaster gander atop a highway restroom proves the most telling image in writer-director Charlie Ahearn's addled road psychodrama, Fear... More>>
Sleeping With The Enemy
, July 11, 2000
Tahmineh Milani's Two Women places the feminist desire for equality in the center of the conflict between conservative and progressive elements... More>>
François Ozon Keeps His Distance François Ozon Keeps His Distance
La Petite Mort
, July 11, 2000
Touchingly reverent as it is in rendering the cruel Fassbinderian ironies of sexual power struggles, François Ozon's Water Drops on... More>>
Time Bandits
, July 11, 2000
Supernatural child-bonding having paid off so handsomely last summer, Bruce Willis in The Kid (or Disney's The Kid, like Jesus' Son) once again... More>>
Drowning by Numbers
, July 11, 2000
Resurrected by one of Hollywood's slicker scams, the director's cut, Luc Besson's 1988 The Big Blue is among the least likely films to benefit... More>>
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Blood, Sweat, and Tears
, July 04, 2000
Appearing amid the same NYU-fueled mid-'80s indie boom that introduced Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, and Susan Seidelman, Joel and Ethan Coen's boldly... More>>
Music for the Masses Music for the Masses
, July 04, 2000
Having toiled for the last decade in big-screen TV treatments and David Spade vehicles, Penelope Spheeris returns to her old moshing grounds with... More>>
Anti-Essential Viewing Anti-Essential Viewing
, July 04, 2000
A teenage lesbian comedy with the insouciance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, But I'm a Cheerleader is the debut feature of Jamie Babbit, a director... More>>
Moose in a Noose
, July 04, 2000
Such are the secrets movie stars harbor: In the world as it should be, you couldn't get Robert De Niro to play an animated Jay Ward... More>>
Imitation of Life
, July 04, 2000
Scratch the surface of 1950s American postwar prosperity and you'll find an era rife with paranoia and anxiety, where rampant conformity bred... More>>
Brave Hearts Brave Hearts
, June 27, 2000
Will Roland Emmerich's evocation of the American Revolution supplant Roland Emmerich's Independence Day as the greatest July 4th attraction in... More>>
What’s Your Beef?
, June 27, 2000
Not even passable as a waxy-beefcake oglefest, Mel Chionglo's Burlesk King fully consigns the Filipino go-go-boy melodrama (a blueprint drawn by... More>>
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