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The Old College Try
, February 23, 1999
With one tuxedo, thousands of postcards, and a Winnebago, the nine men of the New York City­based Broken Lizard comedy troupe took Puddle... More>>
Screen Test
World's Hardest Movie Quiz 1999
, February 23, 1999
This, the second reinstitution of the annual World's Hardest Movie Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition, takes few prisoners, but so it must with... More>>
Message in a Bottle
, February 16, 1999
Theresa (Robin Wright Penn) is a recently divorced Chicago Tribune staffer. Since she is wan and frizzy-haired with a cheerful yet slightly... More>>
Global Village People Global Village People
, February 16, 1999
The teenaged daughter of an internationally celebrated filmmaker makes a feature-length documentary about twin 11-year-old girls who have been... More>>
Skin Flicks Skin Flicks
Rotterdam Gets Racy
, February 16, 1999
Even in its less stellar incarnations (and this was, to be honest, one of them), the Rotterdam Film Festival can be counted on for a bracing... More>>
Out To Launch Out To Launch
, February 16, 1999
In the age of cyberspace, there's something remarkably quaint and corn-fed about the image of a boy craning his neck to follow the smoke trail of... More>>
Blast From the Past
, February 16, 1999
Like the isotopes that provide the plot's organizing principle, Blast From the Past is half-gone halfway through, a darkly promising gambit... More>>
The Apple of Her Eye The Apple of Her Eye
Samira Makhmalbaf on Art and Ambition
, February 16, 1999
In Iran, cameras and film stock are scarce commodities, usually provided after a lengthy wait, so it was no small amount of fatherly devotion and... More>>
Empire and Memory
, February 16, 1999
Subtitled "Repercussions and Evocations of the 1899 Philippine-American War," this lively program comprises Hollywood features as well as... More>>
, February 16, 1999
"Dark," as we know, is the indie flavor of the month; it's also, as done by crass, witless (and, almost invariably, young white male)... More>>
Prole Playing Prole Playing
, February 16, 1999
It's nine o'clock on a weekday morning— do you know where you are? If you've ever stumbled into work more than a few minutes late,... More>>
Artists and Models Artists and Models
, February 09, 1999
You can keep your cutie-pie Shakespeare in Love. The season's wittiest, most original, and best-written portrait of the artist as a young (very... More>>
God Said ''Ha!''
, February 09, 1999
For those of us who get ornery when a head cold persists, the sight of Julia Sweeney wisecracking through the tale of her cancer-stricken... More>>
Slippery Slopes Slippery Slopes
Sundance Takes a Tumble
, February 09, 1999
How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world," complained Hamlet, that textbook example of unresolved oedipal... More>>
, February 09, 1999
Though the parallels between them are shaky, Tango unavoidably calls to mind Sally Potter's paean to this genre of choreographed foreplay, the... More>>
Simply Irresistible
, February 09, 1999
Though it comes late in the current cycle of youth-oriented romantic comedies, this occasionally inspired combination of Like Water for Chocolate... More>>
Three's Company Three's Company
, February 09, 1999
This seems to be pickpocket season. First, a revival of Bresson's transcendental film in the MOMA retro, and now Hermine Huntgeburth's wholly... More>>
Party Monster
, February 09, 1999
There's nothing abstracted about Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's Party Monster, a goosey documentary about the rise and fall of club... More>>
Spacing Out Spacing Out
, February 02, 1999
Twenty-five years after it won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, Rene Laloux's animated oddity Fantastic Planet is humming back into... More>>
She's All That
, February 02, 1999
In this inoffensive variation on John Hughes's frenetic Cinderella stories, April (post­ spring break and post­college acceptance... More>>
Grand Delusions Grand Delusions
, February 02, 1999
There are movies, of course, and then there are movies— stark raving mad movies that make up what they may lack in rigor, taste, and... More>>
All This Jazz All This Jazz
, February 02, 1999
The best jazz films are not so much about jazz as they are of jazz, partaking of the music and finding ways to interpret it that honor the... More>>
, February 02, 1999
A lot of directors have described their films as their children— as in, they can't pick favorites. But Nancy Savoca has a more closely... More>>
Truth and Consequences Truth and Consequences
, February 02, 1999
The great Scots filmmaker John Grierson is the undoubted father of the British documentary movement. (Indeed, it was Grierson who coined the term... More>>
Going Native Going Native
, February 02, 1999
A sexy stranger lands in the midst of a settled, community-sanctioned relationship with convulsive results. It's the story of Picnic, Titanic,... More>>
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