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Moretti Wins at Cannes Moretti Wins at Cannes
The Results Are In
, May 22, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE— Nanni Moretti's The Son's Room, a film designed especially to make grown men weep, walked off with the Palme d'Or on Sunday... More>>
Manic Regression Manic Regression
, May 15, 2001
With DreamWorks' new all-digital confection, Shrek, computer animation has finally achieved a dismaying marzipan-ness. Three dimensions are... More>>
Richard Widmark’s High-Low Country Richard Widmark’s High-Low Country
, May 15, 2001
No one ever made a more haunting film debut than Richard Widmark. Just recruited from Broadway, the young actor lucked out at Fox in his first... More>>
Diner for Two
, May 15, 2001
Take a couple of love-starved women, add a few jerky, insecure men, throw in some grimy downtown New York locations, stir it all together with... More>>
Daydream Believer
, May 15, 2001
A pomo coming-of-age story, Strange Fits of Passion focuses on its nameless twentysomething heroine's search for the perfect lay—or at least... More>>
Cities of Lost Children Cities of Lost Children
, May 15, 2001
Jacques Doillon is best known for Ponette, a lacerating passion play in which a preschooler simply, stubbornly refuses to believe that her... More>>
Bigger, Longer & Uncut
The Hours and Times
, May 15, 2001
Somewhere it is etched in the spongy blacktop of popular-art history that the ideal, or at least appropriate, length for feature films is between... More>>
Past Pop for Now People Past Pop for Now People
Cannes-Cannes Kicks Off
, May 15, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE—Posh and tacky in equal measure, the Cannes Film Festival kicked off its 54th installment last Wednesday night with Moulin... More>>
Contra Iran
Jafar Panahi’s INS Trial
, May 15, 2001
The same weekend Jafar Panahi's The Circle opened in New York, the Iranian director was handcuffed, chained, and thrown into detention—not... More>>
Godard's Newest Masterpiece Godard's Newest Masterpiece
, May 15, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE—Jean-Luc Godard's Éloge de L'Amour screened on the seventh day of Cannes 2001, turning a relatively lackluster and... More>>
Lynch's 'City of Dreams' and More Lynch's 'City of Dreams' and More
, May 15, 2001
CANNES, FRANCE—After a first half that a Hollywood Reporter headline pronounced "d'Or-mant" and an Indiewire report (evoking the title of... More>>
Embarrassment of Riches Embarrassment of Riches
, May 08, 2001
World-class eccentric, anachronistic prima donna, and paragon of blue-blood ridiculousness, Colin Tennant (or, as he no doubt prefers to be... More>>
Rocks Off Rocks Off
, May 08, 2001
The power-pop genre resuscitator and all-around mogul Tsui Hark used to be thought of as Hong Kong's Steven Spielberg. As the man who discovered... More>>
Death of a Sales Ploy Death of a Sales Ploy
, May 08, 2001
Late in 1998, at the height of dotcom hysteria, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman left his job at Goldman Sachs to become the CEO of, an Internet... More>>
, May 08, 2001
Hot mutton for the Medieval Times crowd and unlikely catalyst for a Chaucer revival, A Knight's Tale is at best harmless, if not quite fun. Heath... More>>
Ice Queen on a Hot Streak Ice Queen on a Hot Streak
Charlotte’s Rampage
, May 08, 2001
"I had to take time off, OK?" Charlotte Rampling coolly hisses to our very first question (Where've you been?), confirming her own off-putting,... More>>
Flails From the Crypt Flails From the Crypt
, May 08, 2001
Proving again that a Dogmatic vow of chastity can lead to a certain purity of hogwash, Kristian Levring's The King Is Alive is endearingly... More>>
Garden 'Hos
, May 08, 2001
Anyone would envy the title character of About Adam his seductive talents and adaptable charm, not to mention his copious free time. The boy's... More>>
Mourning Glory Mourning Glory
, May 01, 2001
Shinji Aoyama's Eureka is a film of rare tenderness and mystery. One might describe it as a mix of John Ford's The Searchers and Akira Kurosawa's... More>>
Model Behavior
, May 01, 2001
Billed as a romantic comedy, The Young Girl and the Monsoon is neither particularly romantic nor especially funny. It is instead a portrait of... More>>
The Land That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot
Shinji Aoyama's Natural Ingredients
, May 01, 2001
A hugely empathic study of sorrow and reckoning, Shinji Aoyama's epic Eureka maps the aftermath of a bus hijacking in southwest Japan that leaves... More>>
All Excess
, May 01, 2001
Somewhere between a Sixth Generation soap-opera splurge and a gender-flipped mimeograph of The King and I, Yim Ho's Pavilion of Women starts out... More>>
Money Changes Everything
, May 01, 2001
Layered with politics and philosophy like a rich moussaka, the 17 selections in this festival of new Greek cinema emerge from a land where even... More>>
Tsui Hark’s Planet Hong Kong Tsui Hark’s Planet Hong Kong
That’s Entertainment!
, May 01, 2001
"I don't think I've changed in years," admits Tsui Hark, Hong Kong movie mogul and director of Time and Tide (opening May 11). "Actually, I don't... More>>
Rich & Heinous
, May 01, 2001
Foreshadowed by a swelling inventory of ego collisions, inflationary spirals, executive bloodshed, and release-date equivocations (13 delays over... More>>
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