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, August 03, 1999
John Turturro points the camera at the stage in Illuminata, a loving ode to the theatrical world. The subject is, as one character describes it,... More>>
Misfits of Science
, August 03, 1999
The loser superheroes of the unexpectedly smart comic book send-up Mystery Men are a pretty pathetic lot. There's Mr. Furious (professional... More>>
Grand Scheme
, August 03, 1999
As a matter of mere consumer advice, there is no better movie-for-your-money bargain in the city than the newly restored revival of Jean... More>>
A Little Bit of Soul
, August 03, 1999
A flustered romp of supposedly Faustian proportions, Peter Duncan's A Little Bit of Soul moves from one chaotic scene to the next, which is... More>>
Love on the Run
, August 03, 1999
Patrice Chéreau's Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train is a rarity—a near perfect match of feeling and form wedded by an intellect... More>>
Mything in Action
, August 03, 1999
History lodges itself in popular memory as mythic saga; myth becomes moralizing as compact fairy tale. The Kennedy administration morphs into... More>>
The Gambler
, August 03, 1999
The only true democracy in Europe" was how Fyodor Dostoyevsky described the casino in Wiesbaden, where submission to the laws of chance leveled... More>>
Spelling It Out
, August 03, 1999
Memorable horror films tap into both primal fears and the anxiety du jour. American guilt over the war in Vietnam inspired Night of the Living... More>>
Uncomfortably Numb
, August 03, 1999
In Irvine Welsh's "The Granton Star Cause," one of three short stories from his collection The Acid House adapted for this film trilogy, a laddie... More>>
Chills and Spills
, July 27, 1999
Inspired amateurism and shoestring ingenuity may not be to every taste, but anyone who thinks The Blair Witch Project has been oversold should... More>>
Twin Falls Idaho
, July 27, 1999
In Twin Falls Idaho, their somber, fablelike first feature, identical twins Michael and Mark Polish try to milk resonance from novelty value-the... More>>
Fever Pitch Fever Pitch
A Director and Actor on Their Bracing Balkan Portrait
, July 27, 1999
Goran Paskaljevic's Cabaret Balkan, the first film to depict the daily lives of Serbia's ordinary people in the late '90s, is one long howl of... More>>
Cruising in the Village
, July 27, 1999
Tom Cruise is no stranger to homosexual subtext. His movies Top Gun and Cocktail are splashed with homoerotic undercurrents dolled up in macho... More>>
Old Haunts
Minding the House in the Movies
, July 27, 1999
What joy to leave a bright yellow street on a hot summer day, walk into a cool theater, and get lost in an old dark house with thin white... More>>
Porn Yesterday Porn Yesterday
True Confessions of a Celebrity Skin Editor
, July 27, 1999
During my last week at college, while struggling to complete my senior thesis on gangster movies, some wannabe artist asked me what I was going... More>>
Inspector Gadget
, July 27, 1999
Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) is hysterical, not to say hysterically funny. The hero of Disney's live-action version of the '80s cartoon... More>>
Crossed Cultures
, July 20, 1999
Now in its 22nd year, the Asian American International Film Festival feels a little smaller and shorter in comparison to installments past, but... More>>
Fatale Attraction
, July 20, 1999
Take one bourgeois husband, add a suburban home or a sun-washed villa, fill it with a towheaded child or some sinister houseguests, put the... More>>
Márta Mészáros
, July 20, 1999
Something like the Janis Ian of Eastern Bloc cinema, Hungary's Márta Mészáros has been the only uncompromised feminist... More>>
My Life So Far
, July 20, 1999
The life in question is that of 10-year-old Fraser, an inquisitive boy who lives in the Scottish highlands with his saintly mother (Mary... More>>
I Wake Up Dreaming
, July 20, 1999
The best thing about Eyes Wide Shut may be its title, but anyone planning to see Stanley Kubrick's long-awaited, posthumously released swan song... More>>
, July 20, 1999
Post-Sundance raves have claimed that Trick represents a new, agenda-free brand of gay film (call it the Gay Gay Cinema), "revolutionary" (as... More>>
Destroy and Search
, July 20, 1999
Cabaret Balkan begins with an incident of road rage. A hapless teenage tough, weaving through the dark streets of Belgrade in an unlicensed... More>>
Tuned In
, July 20, 1999
What shocks most about South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut isn't its well-documented gross indecencies but their context: the film's a... More>>
, July 20, 1999
Decent films about adolescent girls are hardly a dime a dozen. Watching the new Belgian film Rosie veer alarmingly close to truthfulness and... More>>
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