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All This Jazz All This Jazz
, February 02, 1999
The best jazz films are not so much about jazz as they are of jazz, partaking of the music and finding ways to interpret it that honor the... More>>
, February 02, 1999
A lot of directors have described their films as their children— as in, they can't pick favorites. But Nancy Savoca has a more closely... More>>
Truth and Consequences Truth and Consequences
, February 02, 1999
The great Scots filmmaker John Grierson is the undoubted father of the British documentary movement. (Indeed, it was Grierson who coined the term... More>>
Going Native Going Native
, February 02, 1999
A sexy stranger lands in the midst of a settled, community-sanctioned relationship with convulsive results. It's the story of Picnic, Titanic,... More>>
Hands on a Hard Body
, February 02, 1999
Twenty-three hopefuls gather outside a Nissan dealership in Longview, Texas, place their hands on a shiny new pickup, and try to keep them there... More>>
The Last Days
, February 02, 1999
Though it's full of the conventions of Holocaust documentaries — survivors who burst into tears in midstory, indelible footage of the... More>>
Playing By Heart
, January 26, 1999
There's exciting telecommunications news out of Los Angeles: you no longer have to wait for your phone calls to go through. Just drop a coin, hit... More>>
Shoot To Kill Shoot To Kill
, January 26, 1999
The sequence is subjective, shown through a 16mm viewfinder. The camera approaches a bored London tart, follows her upstairs, films her... More>>
Rebel Revel Rebel Revel
, January 26, 1999
You can't do much thinking about contemporary Cuba without iconic images raising their chicly radical head: pictures of bearded men coming down... More>>
Over the Top Over the Top
, January 26, 1999
No film explores the high jinks and hysteria of thin-air alpine farce quite like Guy Maddin's Careful (1992), in which libidinous impulse... More>>
The Films of Ulrike Ottinger
, January 26, 1999
Deliriously sumptuous and transgressive, Ulrike Ottinger's world can hardly be confused with humdrum reality. Watching her films is like... More>>
Women's Work Women's Work
, January 26, 1999
Nancy Savoca is one of a kind—a female director who carved a niche for herself in the Amerindie boys' club by making four theatrical... More>>
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation
, January 26, 1999
Like it or not, Spike and Mike's festival of animation, the annual anthology of cartoons that play human cruelty and decrepitude for locker-room... More>>
Blind Faith Blind Faith
, January 19, 1999
Theoretically an exercise in '70s nostalgia at its ugliest, Still Crazy is in fact a deft, small-scale Brit comedy, effortlessly knocked off from... More>>
Saints and Sinners Saints and Sinners
, January 19, 1999
The name Robert Bresson strikes fear into some hearts and inspires awe in others—such is the uncompromising purity, gravity, and rigor of... More>>
The Children of Heaven
, January 19, 1999
As if Harvey Weinstein himself sat down to make his own Il Postino–ish version of a Kiarostami scenario, Majid Majidi's ham-handed Iranian... More>>
Six-String Samurai
, January 19, 1999
Everything from Pulp Fiction to The Wizard of Oz to Road Warrior to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly has been mulched into this postapocalyptic... More>>
He Got Name
Actor Peter Mullan's New Direction
, January 19, 1999
Will success spoil Peter Mullan? Not likely, says the writer-director-actor who won the Best Actor award at Cannes last year for Ken Loach's My... More>>
Striking Achievements
, January 19, 1999
The final weekend of "Premises: French Cinema, 1958­1998," the Guggenheim's three-month retrospective, offers two intriguing journeys through... More>>
Lee Marvin: A Personal Portrait
, January 19, 1999
Maybe it's me, but Lee Marvin might have been the most mesmerizing, original presence American movies have ever known. With his torpedo-shaped... More>>
Return of the Oppressed Return of the Oppressed
, January 19, 1999
Little is heard about Israel's one million Arab citizens— those Palestinians (and their descendants) who stayed after the 1948 war and... More>>
The Dispossessed The Dispossessed
, January 19, 1999
Neil Jordan's In Dreams is a nuclear family nightmare— nakedly auteurist and not at all nice. It's part possession-genre flick, part Grimm... More>>
The Winners
, January 19, 1999
A stark irony underpins the title of this Dutch-produced documentary about the often unbridgeable gap between the promise and fulfillment of... More>>
Shelf Life
, January 12, 1999
Critics can't seem to shut up about the new Iranian "wave," but for most of us it's a nonissue, since the stateside-release record on these most... More>>
A Fine Mess A Fine Mess
, January 12, 1999
Shohei Imamura has served notice that the long-germinating Dr. Akagi is his last movie. If so, Japan's 71-year-old master of bawdy black humor... More>>
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