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Havana Great Time
, June 01, 1999
Like the vintage hand-tinted postcards it resembles, Wim Wenders's film about the Buena Vista Social Club— the dozen or so aging Cuban... More>>
Promises Fulfilled Promises Fulfilled
Updating Bresson at Cannes
, June 01, 1999
The 11th-hour Palme d'Or win of Rosetta, which showed on the final day of the festival, should have come as no surprise. In a competition of... More>>
In the Presence of a Clown
, June 01, 1999
In conjunction with the U.S. premiere of Ingmar Bergman's stage production of The Image Makers, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is screening three... More>>
Finding North
, June 01, 1999
Finding North, the directing debut of Tanya Wexler (daughter of cinematographer Haskell Wexler), is a most paradoxical film: a road movie that... More>>
Careers in Rehab Careers in Rehab
Around the Bend, on the Mend
, June 01, 1999
Maybe it's part of some postimpeachment cycle of sexual amnesty, but the film world this summer is doling out second chances to some of its own... More>>
The Thirteenth Floor
, June 01, 1999
It'll make you cyberlaugh, it'll make you cybercry, just like cyberlife. Based on a 30-year-old SF novel, this Roland Emmerich­produced... More>>
Out and About Out and About
, June 01, 1999
With close to 200 features, shorts, and docs on view at four venues, the Lesbian & Gay Festival has a lot on its plate. Although some of the... More>>
Artists in Love Artists in Love
, May 25, 1999
The Cannes Film Festival climaxed last week amid ritual hand-wringing over the decline of European art cinema. As if on cue, the home front's... More>>
The Love Letter
, May 25, 1999
Helen MacFarquhar, a bookstore owner in a sleepy New England town, is the sort of wry, slightly disappointed heroine that Joan Fontaine used to... More>>
Star Stricken Star Stricken
, May 25, 1999
The tagline for Notting Hill reads, "Can the most famous film star in the world fall for the man on the street?" A more honest version would be... More>>
Eire Apparent
, May 25, 1999
Hollywood has exploited the Emerald Isle as a background for films time without end, but the struggle for a truly indigenous Irish cinema has... More>>
Twice Upon a Yesterday
, May 25, 1999
Cringingly titled and lumpily assembled, this stew of Brit romance and banal magical realism is conceptually lame in hot-diggity ways we... More>>
Book 'Em
, May 25, 1999
No less than three recent romantic comedies—You've Got Mail, Notting Hill, and The Love Letter—are centered around independent... More>>
Appalachian Sprung Appalachian Sprung
, May 25, 1999
The patch of rural Kentucky that American Hollow methodically turns is poor but fertile ground, growing big families and persistent problems that... More>>
The Underground
, May 25, 1999
The only discernible reason to sit through The Underground Comedy Movie is to admire writer-director-star Vince Offer's marketing hustle. By... More>>
Jewish Soul, American Beat
, May 25, 1999
This documentary's title dares to find something harmonious in the thorny issue of Jewish assimilation in America. Pfeffer bucks conventional... More>>
In Limbo In Limbo
Dogma Deliberated at Cannes
, May 25, 1999
Disappointed Star Wars devotees take note: Kevin Smith's Dogma is the real Phantom Menace, as inspired, goofy, subversive, and thought-provoking... More>>
Internal Affairs Internal Affairs
Dariush Mehrjui’s Domestic Dramas
, May 18, 1999
Westerners expect a Third World filmmaker to show something exotic and colorful, or else to make a film about the poor," suggests 59-year-old... More>>
High Commission
A European Company’s Series Business
, May 18, 1999
The relationship between cinema and television in France has mostly been fraught with tension, envy, and misunderstandings. But in recent years... More>>
Edge of Seventeen
, May 18, 1999
With a sophisticated script by Todd Stephens, this tender film by David Moreton tells the story of Eric (Chris Stafford), a gangly teen in... More>>
Frogs for Snakes
, May 18, 1999
Screenwriting formulas dictate that for a movie to work, it needs to introduce the gist of its plot within the first 10 minutes. Frogs for... More>>
All Droid Up All Droid Up
, May 18, 1999
There's a rough justice in the way the 24-hour news cycle devours its own. Bill Clinton was the first American president to enjoy a preinaugural... More>>
, May 18, 1999
There's a great deal of love in Trekkies, Roger Nygard's warm and good-naturedly funny documentary about the world of Star Trek fandom.... More>>
Pet Projects
On the Indie Means of Production
, May 18, 1999
For a brief moment in the early '90s, it seemed as if indie producers might become the new auteurs. That didn't quite pan out. While it's... More>>
Movies with meals and names
, May 18, 1999
My Dinner with Andre The charm and power of the rereleased My Dinner With Andre depends completely on your mind-set going into the theater.... More>>
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