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, March 23, 1999
Hollywood has been knocking TV since its inception, viewing it as a force no less malevolent than the Communist conspiracy— it came from... More>>
A Walk on the Moon
, March 23, 1999
Taking a provocative culture clash (hippies versus Catskills vacationers during 1969's Woodstock summer) and turning it into a fairly... More>>
Tried and True Tried and True
Hardest Movie Quiz Answers Revealed
, March 23, 1999
This year's Hardest Movie Quiz winner: Derek Davidson of the Upper West Side, who for his particularly voracious appetite for futile movie data... More>>
Meat and Greet Meat and Greet
, March 16, 1999
I Stand Alone, a movie that did much to hone the edge of the last New York Film Festival, is lacerating in its precision. This hair-trigger... More>>
Forces of Nature
, March 16, 1999
Trapped on the road to conformity, nice young men and women are happy to be waylaid by unmanageable forces. Or at least that's how it happens in... More>>
Primal Fears Primal Fears
, March 16, 1999
Emily Bergl is a young actor of uncommon talent, great integrity, and no particular beauty. I doubt that any male director would have cast her as... More>>
Devil's Advocate
, March 16, 1999
It's my Birth of a Nation," filmmaker Fridrik Thor Fridriksson says about Devil's Island, which is set in Reykjavík in the early '50s, at... More>>
, March 16, 1999
A Vegas road trip goes awry in the genial but clichéd Sparkler, in which three broke L.A. housemates seek a jackpot that will cover... More>>
Wing Dings
, March 16, 1999
The latest in a long line of video games making the jump from cyberspace into a theater near you, Wing Commander falls far short of its legacy... More>>
End Games End Games
, March 16, 1999
A filmmaker who's plowed the same narrow, distinctive furrow all his career, Hal Hartley seems to have dug himself into a hole. While his last... More>>
Somber Samurai
, March 16, 1999
Little-known in these parts, genre director Tai Kato (1916­1985), subject of a nine-film retro at Japan Society (March 19 through May 21),... More>>
The Rook
, March 16, 1999
The real star of The Rook is production designer Sebastian Schroder, who, with an obviously minuscule budget, has done some of the most inventive... More>>
Astral Projections
The Cloudy Crystal Ball of Movie Magazines
, March 16, 1999
The latest vogue in millennial-chic film journalism is to look at Young Hollywood through a crystal ball and ask: which of today's stars will... More>>
Guided by Voices Guided by Voices
, March 09, 1999
The Harmonists, as Joseph Vilsmaier's Comedian Harmonists has been retitled for American release, is framed as a sort of retrospective... More>>
Schooled for Scandal Schooled for Scandal
, March 09, 1999
If there's a trend to be detected in the 1999 edition of "Rendez-Vous With French Cinema Today," it's that there are more naked tits and asses on... More>>
Purchase Power
, March 09, 1999
Twenty years ago, who would've thunk that Purchase College, a placid upstate party dominion and a SUNY to boot, would muster an indie-film... More>>
Thrills and Chills Thrills and Chills
, March 09, 1999
Now in its sixth year, the New York Underground Film Festival has taken up residence at the Anthology Film Archives, cradle of American... More>>
Up Beat
, March 09, 1999
Reaching back to the heroic age, the NYUFF presents two artifacts Alfred Leslie made in the aftermath of Pull My Daisy— the beats-at-home... More>>
The Wall / The First Night of My Life
, March 09, 1999
It's no surprise that every film in the "2000 Seen by . . . " series— eve-of-millennium stories commissioned by French television— uses... More>>
Path of Glory
Stanley Kubrick, 1928­1999
, March 09, 1999
Suddenly dead Sunday at the age of 70, Stanley Kubrick was more than a filmmaker— he was a major manufacturer of the last half of the 20th... More>>
Taipei Personality
, March 09, 1999
The most memorable fusion of song, dance, and weather since Singin' in the Rain, The Hole overflows with Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang's... More>>
Ganging Up Ganging Up
, March 02, 1999
From the original Scarface to Superfly to Reservoir Dogs, the urban gangster film has thrived on a combination of violence, attitude, and... More>>
Tribute to Edward G. Robinson
, March 02, 1999
The greatest of Jewish movie gangsters (although he was cast instead as Italian, Greek, Portuguese, or Chinese), Edward G. Robinson, né... More>>
The Filth Element The Filth Element
, March 02, 1999
The premise of Cruel Intentions— a retread of Les Liaisons Dangereuses with high-school kids— can be distilled to a single joke:... More>>
Cable Guy
, March 02, 1999
Given the recognition accorded such recent films as Lolita, Bastard Out of Carolina, and The Last Seduction, there is no longer a stigma... More>>
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