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Local Hero
, April 06, 1999
An exuberant fixture on the Downtown film and video scene for three decades, Raffe Azzouny— known to all as Rafic— died in his sleep,... More>>
Bard Behavior
, April 06, 1999
Despite her tabloid status as a former child star, recovering alcoholic, and whiplash bride and divorcée, Drew Barrymore, as an actress,... More>>
, April 06, 1999
It's official: Emily Watson is eminently capable of playing ordinary, well-adjusted characters, too. Metroland— shot after Breaking the... More>>
Spring Fever Spring Fever
, March 30, 1999
Self-consciously nestling into the richest, most fashionable and comforting of American regional cultures, Cookie's Fortune received an... More>>
The Mod Squad
, March 30, 1999
You'd pretty much have to be, in the edited-for-television language of the youthquake, out of your ever-loving mind to enjoy this feeble movie... More>>
Opposing Forces Opposing Forces
, March 30, 1999
Isa (Elodie Bouchez) and Marie (Natacha Régnier) are two young French women without a franc to their names. Isa is a classic gamine—... More>>
Shelf Life
, March 30, 1999
Critic Raymond Durgnat once catalogued over 300 films from the '40s and '50s as proper noir, and so if you think you're noir literate after a few... More>>
Talk of Angels Talk of Angels
A French Director's Star-Making Debut
, March 30, 1999
A late bloomer, Erick Zonca directed his first feature at the age of 40. The Dreamlife of Angels went to Cannes last year, where its two young... More>>
'Jeanette MacDonald— Hollywood Diva'
, March 30, 1999
Jeanette MacDonald had the good luck to make her screen debut with Ernst Lubitsch, who cast her as a lead in The Love Parade (1929). Under his... More>>
Shadow of a Doubt Shadow of a Doubt
, March 30, 1999
Perhaps the best thing you could say about Christopher Nolan's little-Brit-indie-that-could, Following, is that it trucks in ideas thick with... More>>
, March 30, 1999
Forty years after escaping the sexual abuse of the local landowner and the disdain of her community, Paulina Cruz Suarez, a middle-aged Mexican... More>>
Days of Heaven
, March 23, 1999
It was Terrence Malick's last film before his notorious 20-year hiatus, it was moviegoers' introduction to Sam Shepard, and it seems almost... More>>
Guilt Bonds Guilt Bonds
, March 23, 1999
A ridiculous deus-ex-machina "wrong man" story, Clint Eastwood's True Crime begins as though it might be Escape From Alcatraz II, a sequel to the... More>>
World in Motion World in Motion
, March 23, 1999
Heading into its 28th year, this annual Film Society of Lincoln Center­ Museum of Modern Art coproduction remains the most international of... More>>
Pirouettes and Pyramids
, March 23, 1999
If you've only time for one Egyptian musical (five examples of the genre are on view at the Walter Reade March 24 through 30), your best bet is... More>>
Among Giants
, March 23, 1999
Simon Beaufoy's script for Among Giants follows a motley crew of laborers hired to paint miles of electrical columns lining the Yorkshire moors.... More>>
If Looks Could Kill If Looks Could Kill
, March 23, 1999
An explicitly gay serial-killer flick, Hard might be expected to counteract, or at least undermine, the dubious take on sexuality endemic to its... More>>
Show Time Show Time
, March 23, 1999
Hollywood has been knocking TV since its inception, viewing it as a force no less malevolent than the Communist conspiracy— it came from... More>>
A Walk on the Moon
, March 23, 1999
Taking a provocative culture clash (hippies versus Catskills vacationers during 1969's Woodstock summer) and turning it into a fairly... More>>
Tried and True Tried and True
Hardest Movie Quiz Answers Revealed
, March 23, 1999
This year's Hardest Movie Quiz winner: Derek Davidson of the Upper West Side, who for his particularly voracious appetite for futile movie data... More>>
Meat and Greet Meat and Greet
, March 16, 1999
I Stand Alone, a movie that did much to hone the edge of the last New York Film Festival, is lacerating in its precision. This hair-trigger... More>>
Forces of Nature
, March 16, 1999
Trapped on the road to conformity, nice young men and women are happy to be waylaid by unmanageable forces. Or at least that's how it happens in... More>>
Primal Fears Primal Fears
, March 16, 1999
Emily Bergl is a young actor of uncommon talent, great integrity, and no particular beauty. I doubt that any male director would have cast her as... More>>
Devil's Advocate
, March 16, 1999
It's my Birth of a Nation," filmmaker Fridrik Thor Fridriksson says about Devil's Island, which is set in Reykjavík in the early '50s, at... More>>
, March 16, 1999
A Vegas road trip goes awry in the genial but clichéd Sparkler, in which three broke L.A. housemates seek a jackpot that will cover... More>>
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