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The Vulgar Classes The Vulgar Classes
, May 16, 2000
It's my pleasure to report that Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks doesn't pretend to be anything more than a well-executed caper. Eschewing... More>>
House of Games
, May 16, 2000
Knee-deep in dread, fueled by sexual repression, The Well is an outback gothic that resists Grand Guignol in favor of psychological suggestion... More>>
Beasts and Beefcake
, May 16, 2000
Twelve years and $200 million in the making, the debut feature from Disney's digital studio finally lumbers into view, clutching in its jaws a... More>>
The Interpretation of Dreams The Interpretation of Dreams
, May 16, 2000
"My childhood seems like a ghost town. . . . When I look back, I know my memory is hopelessly flawed, tangled with my imagination." Bette... More>>
Soaps, Social Schemas, Softcore Sex Soaps, Social Schemas, Softcore Sex
, May 16, 2000
Like many things filed under the heading of "African"—one talismanic word to contain a continent's worth of history, language, culture,... More>>
Prince of New York
Another Director, Another Hamlet
, May 16, 2000
"One thing that makes Hamlet a masterpiece is the way it's absorbed and echoed so many different voices and viewpoints over the last 400 years,"... More>>
Vanity Fare Vanity Fare
, May 09, 2000
Obsessed with his role-playing, even as he rebels against it, Hamlet may be the most self-conscious poseur in English theater. It's a part... More>>
The Anatomy of Memory The Anatomy of Memory
, May 09, 2000
"Was there anything other than courage in the Resistance?" a young girl in 1969 asks her father, a pharmacist in the French town of... More>>
Jean Therapy
, May 09, 2000
Jean Arthur is one in the great basketful of Hollywood personalities of the '30s and '40s who make even the most workmanlike studio product seem... More>>
Screen Test
World’s Hardest Movie Quiz 2000
, May 09, 2000
Simply, this third incarnation of the Annual Spitting-Nails Movie Trivia Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition is designed to separate the... More>>
Woman on Top; Girls in Heat Woman on Top; Girls in Heat
, May 09, 2000
As smooth and powerfully packed as its protagonist, Katya Bankowsky's documentary Shadow Boxers focuses on Lucia Rijker, widely considered the... More>>
Like a Flame—Fame!
, May 09, 2000
People who succeed at ballet are good at following directions; they take thousands of lessons over a decade and then get jobs before their peers... More>>
A Guide to the Season's Competitors
, May 09, 2000
Don Simpson Did not Die In Vain Battlefield Earth John Travolta, looking to all the world like George Clinton, may have let his Scientology get... More>>
Sneaky Peeks
, May 09, 2000
Few tools used in a summer movie's publicity are as lavishly forged and conscientiously sharpened as the trailers; see how even in late April the... More>>
Get a Clue
, May 09, 2000
"Teen movie" has become dreaded Hollywood shorthand—like "SNL spinoff" or "Kevin Costner vehicle"—since usually you can bet Joshua... More>>
Suddenly, This Summer
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
, May 09, 2000
We anticipate the onslaught of summer movies—cineculture's annual Run of the Bulls—but also loathe it when it's raging, somehow... More>>
Natural Selection Natural Selection
, May 02, 2000
There's more wind than light in the thunderous hokum that is Ridley Scott's Gladiator. This gusty sub-Hong Kong action flick has been as... More>>
Watts Happening
, May 02, 2000
It sounds like a hoax: Schlitz beer helps finance a soul music concert to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the 1965 Watts riots, and the... More>>
Strong Wills; Quick Thrills Strong Wills; Quick Thrills
, May 02, 2000
Stubborn and demanding, impulsive and libidinous, Camile (Karin Viard), the hero of Catherine Corsini's The New Eve, is not an easy woman to... More>>
Up, Out, and Away Up, Out, and Away
, May 02, 2000
Movie stars in the making are known for their grand entrances, but Burt Lancaster's, in his debut film, was strangely oblique. In Robert... More>>
Distant Voices, Still Lives Distant Voices, Still Lives
, May 02, 2000
Fondly memorialized by bourgie nostalgists as a panoramic playground for twittering, uptight, romance-starved expats, pre-war Italy receives one... More>>
Smells Like Team Spirit
, May 02, 2000
A weak-kneed feel-good film about overcoming prejudice in the wake of World War I, The Basket is a moralistic history lesson designed to charm... More>>
Triple Bypass
, May 02, 2000
Hard-luck Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman) puts a great deal of terrified faith in numerology: She was five when her momma left her, got 55... More>>
Arrested Development Arrested Development
, April 25, 2000
Publicity, as all good modernists should know, is the lifeblood of any successful avant-garde. It may be a bit of a stretch to term the... More>>
They Shoot, They Score They Shoot, They Score
Reteamed Players
, April 25, 2000
When Gina Prince-Bythewood was looking for backers for her first film, Love and Basketball, Sundance sponsored a reading. The writer-director... More>>
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