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Booze or Lose
, October 24, 2000
The joys of dubbing are probably best reserved for Sunday afternoons on the couch with a kung fu triple feature, so it's a shame about the... More>>
Dark Victories
60-Year-Old Polish Guy Tells All
, October 24, 2000
"I'm the slowest guy ever," says James Gray, explaining why it took him six years to follow up Little Odessa with The Yards. "People wanted to... More>>
The Children's Hour The Children's Hour
, October 24, 2000
George Washington, the first feature by 25-year-old David Gordon Green, is the year's most fascinating American indie precisely because it's the... More>>
Furtive Desires and Faustian Bargains Furtive Desires and Faustian Bargains
, October 24, 2000
Anything can happen when actors direct—from Robert Montgomery's sojourns into subjective weirdness to Robert Redford's flatulent... More>>
Kill Yr Idols
, October 24, 2000
Just in time to placate the quadrennial Beltway snipers, Warner Bros. prostrates itself before John McCain with the inbred Gump relation Pay It... More>>
Totò Recall Totò Recall
, October 17, 2000
Someday, perhaps, some bold internationalist will consecrate an alley off Hollywood Boulevard to those other superstars of world cinema—the... More>>
Devil Inside
, October 17, 2000
The Vatican's latest recruitment film, Lost Souls, bitch-smacks the fear of Linda Blair into hapless nonbelievers, proposing agnosticism as the... More>>
Weather Forecasts
, October 17, 2000
The sophomore edition of this underheralded film fest proves that just because we're commonly unable to hear the falling tree of new Russian... More>>
Peep Shows and Prison Showmanship Peep Shows and Prison Showmanship
, October 17, 2000
"Two, four, six, eight. Don't go in to masturbate," chant the strippers who are picketing the entrance to San Francisco's Lusty Lady Theater. In... More>>
Thai One On
Vancouver Smackdown
, October 17, 2000
Just when you thought the Pad Thai Western was dead. Wisit Sasanatieng's Fah Talai Jone—by a wide mile the daffiest, most kaleidoscopic... More>>
Next of Kin in Shades of Gray Next of Kin in Shades of Gray
, October 17, 2000
After only two features, James Gray is emerging as a distinctive, confidently unfashionable voice in American movies. The 31-year-old, whose... More>>
All That Latin Jazz
, October 17, 2000
Since 1999's fabled Latin pop explosion, our understanding of la música has been framed by media gatekeeping: Ricky Martin becomes the... More>>
Pub Crawl
, October 17, 2000
Being damned by faint praise is the lot of most releasable ultra-indies, and Walter Foote's The Tavern is particularly damnable—deliberately... More>>
American Ugly
, October 17, 2000
Cinema's assault on the middle class continues with Cleopatra's Second Husband, an engagingly grim psychological thriller from 1998. Unlike its... More>>
The Atrocity Exhibit
They Came From Within
, October 17, 2000
Adam Simon's documentary The American Nightmare (Independent Film Channel, October 19, 28, and 31) does an admirable job of reclaiming 1970s... More>>
A Conspiracy So Vast A Conspiracy So Vast
, October 10, 2000
The Contender will be no one's idea of an October surprise, although, barring some late-breaking revelation of George Bush fratboy shenanigans,... More>>
Luis Buñuel’s Fetish-Object Lessons
, October 10, 2000
Openly, serenely delighted with how our own dreams can appall us, and how close movies are to that appalling dreaminess, Luis Buñuel may... More>>
Blame It on the Brain
, October 10, 2000
Suggestion to Sony: Since never-say-die metal gawd Rob Halford recently penned a riotous tune called "Cyber World," and since he'll be gigging in... More>>
Prague Spring
, October 10, 2000
If BAM's miniseries of out-of-the-gate national work is any measure, Czech cinema is still worshiping and homaging its 35-year-old co-Slovakian... More>>
Lynne Ramsay Starts With a Punch Lynne Ramsay Starts With a Punch
Canal Plus
, October 10, 2000
"People tend to romanticize childhood," says Glasgow-born director Lynne Ramsay. "I think it's actually quite a brutal place. I'm not interested... More>>
Great Leaps Forward
, October 10, 2000
Durham County, England, in 1984, is a land of dreary brick houses and circumscribed horizons. Billy Elliot, British director Stephen Daldry's... More>>
First-Timers Get Under the Skin First-Timers Get Under the Skin
, October 10, 2000
The first image in Ratcatcher, Lynne Ramsay's haunting evocation of a horrific Glasgow childhood, is of a preadolescent boy wrapping himself in a... More>>
Dolorous Haze
, October 10, 2000
Robert Altman calls his latest film a "love letter to the women of Dallas," but it's hard to detect anything resembling affection in Dr. T and... More>>
Falling Down
, October 03, 2000
A lot of time, money, and pain have gone into establishing Joel Schumacher's reputation as a well-oiled toxic-waste machine (deathless Batman and... More>>
Kennel Vision
, October 03, 2000
In 1996's snarky Waiting for Guffman and now in Best in Show, actor-director-screenwriter Christopher Guest takes a scattershot approach to... More>>
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