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The King of Masks
, April 27, 1999
The King of Masks is a conventional melodrama whose dialogue has the stale ring of fortune-cookie aphorisms. Yet, as one character notes, you... More>>
Le Petomane
, April 27, 1999
Beery college slobs in tears over their own and each other's rectal trumpetings should be delighted to learn of their lifestyle's high cultural... More>>
A Rising Tide A Rising Tide
, April 20, 1999
It's been 15 years since François Truffaut's death, and it seems that this most emblematic and accessible of the New Wavers is weathering... More>>
Neck and Neck
Hollywood Starlets Vie for the Audrey Hepburn Mantle
, April 20, 1999
Among today's young starlets, everyone gets to be Audrey Hepburn for 15 minutes. The early front-runner in the race for "next Audrey" was It girl... More>>
Trip Teases Trip Teases
, April 20, 1999
David Cronenberg is body horror's acknowledged high muckety-muck, but his comic cyberthriller, eXistenZ, shows him in a relatively benign mind... More>>
Pushing Tin
, April 20, 1999
Nick Falzone (John Cusack), a/k/a the Zone, is a zany air-traffic-controller scalawag who mans his console dressed in a... More>>
Opposing Farces Opposing Farces
, April 20, 1999
Director Alexander Payne follows up Citizen Ruth, his sharp, almost Sturges-like abortion-wars satire, with Election, a less ambitious film with... More>>
, April 20, 1999
The rarest item in MOMA's Hitchcock retro is Mary, the German-language version of his 1930 Murder!, shot simultaneously on the same sets at... More>>
He Got Game He Got Game
David Cronenberg’s Virtual Surreality
, April 20, 1999
EXistenZ, David Cronenberg's more-comic-than-usual fantasy of "the new flesh," visualizes the story of an artist, Allegra Geller, whose medium... More>>
, April 20, 1999
Don't be dissuaded by the crude, unfunny trailer, and don't mind that the screen writers' only previous effort was the rotten Destiny Turns... More>>
Mighty Peking Man
, April 20, 1999
I keep thinking I've seen Mighty Peking Man before, maybe on cable, or during the lost days of WABC's 4:30 monster-movie blocks, but I could be... More>>
Out of the Past Out of the Past
, April 13, 1999
Gillies MacKinnon's robustly directed, fiercely pictorial, drastically sanitized, and ultimately bungled adaptation of Esther Freud's 1992 novel,... More>>
Jeanne and the Perfect Guy
, April 13, 1999
Here's something you don't see very often: an ACT UP march in Paris in which the principals burst into song. But the scene's strange mix of... More>>
True Brits True Brits
, April 13, 1999
Changing the Guard: The Festival of New British Cinema" is full of scruffy orphan films—smarter, sexier, and livelier than almost all the... More>>
Go Getters
He Shoots, He Scores
, April 13, 1999
Doug Liman, indie film's latest gift to the Hollywood studios, scored two years ago with Swingers and currently follows through with the more... More>>
SLC Punk!
, April 13, 1999
The rewind to the '80s is already upon us with skateboarders sporting Dead Kennedys T-shirts and Mary Harron's adaptation of American Psycho... More>>
Autonomy Lessons Autonomy Lessons
Paying the Price of Independence
, April 13, 1999
How misleading is the phrase "independent film"? Now that Kevin Smith's Christian-doctrine satire, Dogma, has scared the pants off the Disney... More>>
Open Your Eyes
, April 13, 1999
There's nothing more maddening than being dropped into a movie, getting to know its characters, walking with them through twists and turns only... More>>
101 Nights
, April 13, 1999
Made in 1994 and inspired by the centenary of the movies, Agnès Varda's 101 Nights is a work of unbridled whimsy in which Michel Piccoli... More>>
Blood Rites
, April 13, 1999
Joe Carnahan doesn't apologize for his unpolished debut, Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane, so much as explain it. "This movie was designed to... More>>
The Stunt Men
, April 06, 1999
Go, the bluntly titled action-comedy directed by Doug Liman in wide-screen pulsarama, is a disaster film with an exceedingly witty premise.... More>>
'A Rising Tide'
, April 06, 1999
Think Scandinavian cinema and you inevitably think Sweden and Denmark— until recently, few Norwegian films made any impact abroad. The... More>>
Keeping the Fate
, April 06, 1999
Hard as it is to begrudge a film as meticulously constructed and deeply felt as Julio Medem's Lovers of the Arctic Circle, this avowedly... More>>
Grand Allusions
, April 06, 1999
Working off the transcendently paranoid, made-for-movies premise that reality might be the grandest illusion of all, The Matrix comes on like an... More>>
California Myth
, April 06, 1999
Welcome to Roberto Klein's (Tyrone Power Jr.) midlife crisis. He hates his job, his wife's pregnancy has deflated his sex life, and he's... More>>
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