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Bedded and Bored
, April 25, 2000
Brazilian director Bruno Barreto calls his 14th film a gift to his wife and leading lady, Amy Irving, and if Bossa Nova avoids tripping a single... More>>
Future Shock; Führer Schlock Future Shock; Führer Schlock
, April 25, 2000
A movie primed to make grown men cry, the time-travel thriller Frequency comes on like a sensitive-jock older brother to the cutely paranormal... More>>
Bow’s Travails
, April 25, 2000
So many "It" Girls have come and gone since the term was invented for Clara Bow. But who, on-screen, could equal her sensuality, emotional... More>>
Season in the Sun
, April 25, 2000
Inexplicably, just as French cinema is taking a home-field drubbing at the hands of "l'affaire Leconte" (in which French filmmakers and critics... More>>
Real Time to Kill; Faking It Real Time to Kill; Faking It
, April 25, 2000
More fashionable than innovative, Mike Figgis's Time Code brings the hot new technology of digital video to bear on the hippest trend in... More>>
Shelf Life
, April 25, 2000
Before Pamela Anderson, there was Brigitte Bardot, whose momentous career has gone largely unscrutinized in the 27 years since her retirement.... More>>
Endless Summer Endless Summer
, April 18, 2000
Barry Lyndon, revived for a week in a long-overdue new print, is the loveliest of Stanley Kubrick films. Indeed, Barry Lyndon is the one Kubrick... More>>
Shoot Through the Heart Shoot Through the Heart
, April 18, 2000
On a late summer afternoon in 1981, outside a sprawling modern house in the upper-middle-class, largely black Los Angeles neighborhood of Baldwin... More>>
I Want It That Way
, April 18, 2000
Romantic ruins, Shetland ponies, luscious lawns, and rose gardens—for the English, Ireland had everything. But by 1920, the natives were... More>>
Homing Instinct
Léa Pool Comes Full Circle
, April 18, 2000
Léa Pool's new film, Set Me Free, conveys the fervent longings of adolescence through its sweet, lonely, and insatiably tactile... More>>
Death and the Maidens Death and the Maidens
, April 18, 2000
As purposefully ambiguous as its source novel, The Virgin Suicides doesn't so much unfold as waft off the screen, leaving behind a vapor trail of... More>>
In the Loop
MOMA's New Wall of Fame
, April 18, 2000
A gigantic black-and-white face, neither totally still nor notably animated, stares down a long corridor. Replacing the usual high-end art in... More>>
Sub Cultures
, April 18, 2000
Hardly a spasm of nostalgia but so old-fashioned it smells like your grandfather's socks, Jonathan Mostow's U-571 is not the WW II submarine... More>>
Sofia Coppola's Mystery Girls
Dreamlife of Angels
, April 18, 2000
For her limpid, pitch-perfect adaptation of The Virgin Suicides, first-time director Sofia Coppola adheres both to the narrative rhythms and the... More>>
Inspector Gadje
, April 18, 2000
First-time filmmaker Jasmine Dellal knows that it can be hard to dispel myths without in some way reinforcing them, especially when approaching a... More>>
The Feds Are Coming!
A Conspiracy So Vast
, April 11, 2000
It came as a surprise to many that, as reported in the Times two weeks ago, the CIA had secretly produced (with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph America's tax... More>>
Atrocity Exhibitions Atrocity Exhibitions
, April 11, 2000
"His normality is more terrifying than all atrocities together." So hyperbolized Hannah Arendt of Adolf Eichmann, the unprepossessing Nazi... More>>
Growing Up; Going Down
, April 11, 2000
The most exuberant set piece in the acutely sensitive Set Me Free finds two girls blithely spurning the puppy-dog attentions of the boys at a... More>>
Look Who's Balkan
, April 11, 2000
This annual festival of recent features and documentaries from Greece and the Balkans offers a mix of films as eclectic and sometimes volatile as... More>>
Pulp Friction
, April 11, 2000
Suggesting that punishment fits the crime, Third World Cop exposes the clash between gun traffickers and the police in Kingston, Jamaica. Capone... More>>
While You Were Passed Out
, April 11, 2000
Irrepressible alcoholic Sandra Bullock shows up plastered at her sister's wedding, prompting the bride, Lilly (Elizabeth Perkins), to explode:... More>>
, April 11, 2000
As an actor, Edward Norton is full of surprises. He has a gift for catching you off-guard, mostly because he seems so little like a performer.... More>>
, April 11, 2000
Duck and cover: Finally for big-budget Hollywood, it's Giuliani time. William Friedkin's bathetic flag-fucker Rules of Engagement is as dogged... More>>
, April 11, 2000
The title of the Walter Reade's Canadian retro and the amusing if dubious claim in the program that many New Yorkers still see their neighbors... More>>
, April 11, 2000
If you have a weakness for butt jokes, flatulent nuns, or old ladies saying, "Bitch-slap him like the two-bit crack whore that he is," Ready to... More>>
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