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Master of His Craft
, September 07, 1999
For many years, Haxan (1921), Benjamin Christensen's compelling examination of witchcraft, was considered his only important achievement. This... More>>
Killing Time
, September 07, 1999
The ad campaign for The Minus Man is what you might call an exercise in ironic suggestibility, all sneering warnings ("Don't Bring a Dumb Date")... More>>
Domestic Troubles
, September 07, 1999
When they work, not merely as genre pieces but dream-stealing windows on our civilized weaknesses and vanities, horror movies can achieve a kind... More>>
Across the Great Divide
, September 07, 1999
A few minutes into Deepa Mehta's Earth, when a little girl drops a plate and it shatters to the ground, the child asks her mother, "Can one break... More>>
The Spoils of War
, August 31, 1999
The freshest aspect of Ziad Doueiri's largely autobiographical first feature, West Beirut, is its offhand acknowledgment that war zones can be... More>>
Vikings kick it old-school
, August 31, 1999
Long-delayed and rumored to be a laughable mess, the John McTiernan?directed Viking adventure The 13th Warrior is actually a well-marbled, albeit... More>>
Teenage Wasteland
A wartime adolescence in a divided city
, August 31, 1999
Ziad Doueiri was 12 in 1975, the year that fighting broke out in his hometown, Beirut. As civil war fractured the city into a Christian east and... More>>
Splendor in the grass
, August 31, 1999
Cross Rushmore with Cheech and Chong and you might get Outside Providence, an unassuming fish-out-of-water, coming-of-age movie for stoners.... More>>
Shelf Life
Brothers from another planet 
, August 31, 1999
In considering the animated films of Stephen and Timothy Quay, the lion's share of which are now available on one tape from Kino called The... More>>
Days of future past
I never promised you an orgasmatron
, August 31, 1999
Current sci-fi films seem endlessly obsessed with special effects one-upmanship, so the best parts about them--the provocative glimpses of... More>>
Altered Fates Altered Fates
, August 24, 1999
The Muse is light summer fare about a middle-aged Hollywood screenwriter so desperate to brainstorm a light summer fare he hires a Greek goddess... More>>
A Cincinnati Narc Strikes a Pose
, August 24, 1999
The new cops-and-crack thriller In Too Deep is a heavily cut bag of passing gangsta highs, empty at the core but superficially diverting. Ripping... More>>
Blast to the Past Blast to the Past
, August 24, 1999
When Pinki, the teenage killer and governing conscience of Srdjan Dragojevic's harrowing The Wounds, arrives at a hospital, shot nearly dead by... More>>
You choke, you learn
, August 24, 1999
Yet another black comedy that misunderstands and misrepresents the genre—call them Very Bad Jaw breakers—Kevin Williamson's first... More>>
Kicking and Screening Kicking and Screening
Hooligans, punters, murder, romance, and the existential crisis of the goalie
, August 24, 1999
No sooner had the U.S. women's soccer team's Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt after scoring the winning penalty in the World Cup final than... More>>
Video Dome
, August 24, 1999
A true working knowledge of world cinema doesn't happen these days without an acquaintance with Facets Video, the country's largest rental... More>>
Defining Deviancy Down
By treating audiences with kid gloves, the MPAA delivers a lethal blow to grown-up fare
, August 24, 1999
The NC-17 rating is approaching its ninth birthday, but some people are calling for a funeral instead. In a recent manifesto published in... More>>
Shtick Figures
, August 24, 1999
Let's give Hugh Grant some credit where credit is due: he's not waving his shtick around quite so much anymore. In his dumb, affable new comedy... More>>
Finding Their Religion
, August 17, 1999
In the religion of the movies, Sergio Leone is a prime candidate for beatitude. Among his miracles, the Italian director—who is getting his... More>>
The Fight of Their Lives The Fight of Their Lives
Sparring partners: Novice filmmakers get into the ring with aspiring boxers
, August 17, 1999
"It wasn't about doing a boxing film," says Nanette Burstein, codirector with Brett Morgen of On the Ropes, a portrait of boxing trainer Harry... More>>
Fallen women on the rise
Hopping beds and breaking barriers: Retro show de-codes a raunchy chapter in Hollywood history
, August 17, 1999
The term "pre-Code" has come to describe films made between March 1930, when the Production Code was adopted, and July 1934, when it was amended... More>>
Call Off the Dogs
, August 17, 1999
Surely many hoped that Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels represented the last gasp of the Woo-via-Tarantino genre of ironic bloodbath capers,... More>>
A Life in Motion
, August 17, 1999
Ian Brownell and Webb Wilcoxen's A Time To Dance (Anthology, August 19–22 and 27–29) is a family affair, initiated by a young man whose... More>>
Living In Captivity Living In Captivity
, August 17, 1999
As if more proof were needed that there are almost no good roles for women in Hollywood, we have the very talented Claire Danes— who seemed... More>>
White-Collar Crimes
, August 17, 1999
A riff on, among other things, wounded masculinity and white-collar facelessness, the Japanese revenge thriller Nobody opens with three ad... More>>
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