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Sub Cultures
, April 18, 2000
Hardly a spasm of nostalgia but so old-fashioned it smells like your grandfather's socks, Jonathan Mostow's U-571 is not the WW II submarine... More>>
Sofia Coppola's Mystery Girls
Dreamlife of Angels
, April 18, 2000
For her limpid, pitch-perfect adaptation of The Virgin Suicides, first-time director Sofia Coppola adheres both to the narrative rhythms and the... More>>
Inspector Gadje
, April 18, 2000
First-time filmmaker Jasmine Dellal knows that it can be hard to dispel myths without in some way reinforcing them, especially when approaching a... More>>
The Feds Are Coming!
A Conspiracy So Vast
, April 11, 2000
It came as a surprise to many that, as reported in the Times two weeks ago, the CIA had secretly produced (with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph America's tax... More>>
Atrocity Exhibitions Atrocity Exhibitions
, April 11, 2000
"His normality is more terrifying than all atrocities together." So hyperbolized Hannah Arendt of Adolf Eichmann, the unprepossessing Nazi... More>>
Growing Up; Going Down
, April 11, 2000
The most exuberant set piece in the acutely sensitive Set Me Free finds two girls blithely spurning the puppy-dog attentions of the boys at a... More>>
Look Who's Balkan
, April 11, 2000
This annual festival of recent features and documentaries from Greece and the Balkans offers a mix of films as eclectic and sometimes volatile as... More>>
Pulp Friction
, April 11, 2000
Suggesting that punishment fits the crime, Third World Cop exposes the clash between gun traffickers and the police in Kingston, Jamaica. Capone... More>>
While You Were Passed Out
, April 11, 2000
Irrepressible alcoholic Sandra Bullock shows up plastered at her sister's wedding, prompting the bride, Lilly (Elizabeth Perkins), to explode:... More>>
, April 11, 2000
As an actor, Edward Norton is full of surprises. He has a gift for catching you off-guard, mostly because he seems so little like a performer.... More>>
, April 11, 2000
Duck and cover: Finally for big-budget Hollywood, it's Giuliani time. William Friedkin's bathetic flag-fucker Rules of Engagement is as dogged... More>>
, April 11, 2000
The title of the Walter Reade's Canadian retro and the amusing if dubious claim in the program that many New Yorkers still see their neighbors... More>>
, April 11, 2000
If you have a weakness for butt jokes, flatulent nuns, or old ladies saying, "Bitch-slap him like the two-bit crack whore that he is," Ready to... More>>
Putting on the Fritz
, April 04, 2000
In 1990, Fritz Lang's centenary went scandalously uncelebrated in these parts. Born in Austria, his compelling fantasies of the past, present,... More>>
Quit Playing Games (with my heart)
, April 04, 2000
First-time director Bonnie Hunt pays slavish adherence to the Nora Ephron rules of assembly for the prefab rom-com: emotion-cueing whitebread... More>>
oral personality; Anal geek oral personality; Anal geek
, April 04, 2000
Rulo is a middle-aged Argentinean with a potbelly and a heavy nicotine habit. As played by Luis Margani, who's like a Latin Jean Gabin, he's... More>>
Stalin for Time
, April 04, 2000
In 1946, Stalin issued a proclamation offering Russians in exile Soviet citizenship if they would return to help rebuild their ravaged homeland.... More>>
On the Subject of Me
, April 04, 2000
A cozy, affirmative fantasy, Me Myself I relies on shopworn metaphysics to illustrate any number of cockeyed truisms about destiny and... More>>
The Ecstasy and the Agony The Ecstasy and the Agony
, April 04, 2000
Liam McGrath's doc Southpaw focuses on light-welter Irish boxer Francis Barrett, the piercingly modest and Wahlberg-mugged Galway teen who at 19... More>>
Agnes Godard's Candid Camera
Sensation Show
, April 04, 2000
Claire Denis's Beau Travail breathtakingly juxtaposes textures and colors—bodies against rocks, rocks against water, water against... More>>
Street Smarts Street Smarts
, April 04, 2000
There's mass culture and then there's the authenticity mass-cult's always looking for, the stuff happening on the street. Joe Gould's Secret and... More>>
Howdy Doo-doo
, March 28, 2000
As suave today as his films were once gross, John Waters is an almost foolproof documentary subject. In Divine Trash, director Steve Yeager... More>>
World Affairs
, March 28, 2000
Journey to the Sun Life in Istanbul is precarious, even for those whose papers are in order. A sweet young man with a decent job and loving... More>>
Truth and Consequences Truth and Consequences
, March 28, 2000
Nursing the raw wounds of decades of institutionalized racism, the South African government in 1994 formed the Truth and Reconciliation... More>>
Get Shorty
, March 28, 2000
With 41 movies over four weeks, the fifth annual Short Film Exhibition offers a diverse lineup and more than a few finds. Opening night starts... More>>
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