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Taking Another Stab Taking Another Stab
, December 15, 1998
Just to liquidate all remaining suspense: For all intents and purposes, Gus Van Sant really does "recreate" Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho—from... More>>
Port Djema
, December 15, 1998
Languidly drifting through the dusty, deadly byways of a fictional francophone African nation, Port Djema is a maddening but nonetheless... More>>
Giant Steps
, December 15, 1998
A strong roster of 14 works, all local premieres, screens this weekend at the Walter Reade's third annual "Dance on Camera" festival. Ranging... More>>
Desperate Measures Desperate Measures
, December 08, 1998
White-water time: The holidays are upon us and the studio floodgates are open. You can try panning for gold (or even silver) in the new-release... More>>
Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance
, December 08, 1998
In terms of performance art's potential for flabbergasting bullshit in the name of "transgression," Ron Athey tries and in a sense succeeds at... More>>
Getting Vocal Getting Vocal
Jane Horrocks Makes an Art of Awkwardness
, December 08, 1998
Jane Horrocks is a peculiar sort of scene-stealer. Mannered, mercurial, sometimes just plain mad, her uningratiating acting style is so... More>>
Brussels Sprouts
, December 08, 1998
Having long lingered in the shadows of Paris, Brussels is now home to a vital if emerging film community. The 10-film Belgian series "Voice and... More>>
Rat Race
, December 08, 1998
Say what you will about The Rugrats Movie (my five-year-old daughter and I enjoyed it at least as much as the next family unit), but its... More>>
The Wane in Spain
, December 08, 1998
The new generation of Spanish cineasts is not easily pigeonholed into schools or movements. The decline of political cinema in Spain coincides... More>>
Stars and Bars Stars and Bars
, December 08, 1998
It's been a good year for shaggy dog stories. First The Big Lebowski, then I Went Down, and now Hi-Life. Tales of loyalty tested by money, these... More>>
My Knees Were Jumping
, December 08, 1998
One of the little-known stories of the Holocaust is recounted in heartrending detail in Melissa Hacker's doc about the Kindertransports, a... More>>
Hogging the Spotlight Hogging the Spotlight
, December 08, 1998
Babe: Pig in the City is both rougher and more sophisticated than the original Babe. Its story line is more fragmented, its politics less... More>>
The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black African Violet
, December 08, 1998
In The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black, filmmaker Koto Bolofo accompanies his father, a history teacher and 30-year refugee from apartheid, on a... More>>
Short Cuts
, December 08, 1998
Like bedtime stories we finish in one sitting, short films can provide almost instant gratification. But not all of the work at the 32nd Annual... More>>
Double Trouble Double Trouble
, December 01, 1998
The title Very Bad Things not only refers to this week's movie but also brings to mind the past few months' plethora of nasty, over-the-top,... More>>
Low Blows Low Blows
, December 01, 1998
Like Howard Stern's Private Parts, which dared to imagine the mensch behind the King of All (Sleaze) Media, Ringmaster's fictionalized... More>>
After Dark, My Sweat After Dark, My Sweat
, December 01, 1998
Ferzan Ozpetek's handsome first feature, Steam: The Turkish Bath, was an obvious contender for Foreign Film Oscar this year, but the Turkish... More>>
Continental Drift
, December 01, 1998
Decent images of black life are always hard to come by, but you almost forget that there was once a time when educated film types questioned with... More>>
Getting Antsy Getting Antsy
, December 01, 1998
A Bug’s Life is the little kids’ version of Antz: sweeter, funnier, simpler to follow. I like that the ants in A Bug’s Life are... More>>
Monkey See
, December 01, 1998
So, it's Thanksgiving—what do you rent? What, Hannah and Her Sisters? Growing up a New Yorker in the TV strangeland of the '70s,... More>>
Lonely in America
, December 01, 1998
The Thalia's Singles Film Festival (December 1 through 15) offers a nightly reception, discussion, and a how-to-meet-your- mate video (yours for... More>>
All Clair
, December 01, 1998
The René Clair story goes like this: once considered one of the greatest of French filmmakers, Clair was lambasted by the Cahiers du... More>>
The Outlaw and His Wife
, December 01, 1998
During the 1918 world-premiere Stockholm engagement of The Outlaw and His Wife, the film was accompanied by an orchestra playing an arrangement... More>>
Iranian Cinema
, November 24, 1998
Censorship may have spurred Iranian filmmakers on to new and subtler forms of expression, but their works also draw upon a long artistic legacy.... More>>
Redeeming Features Redeeming Features
, November 24, 1998
Set in the backwoods and cinder-block slums of Brazil, Central Station is a mildly saccharine but kind-hearted movie. Part gorgeously... More>>
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