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Unveiling a Uniplex in the East Village
Slices of Life
, February 08, 2000
Just when the multiplexization of Manhattan seemed complete, the East Village gives rise to the so-old-it's-new concept of the neighborhood... More>>
Sex and Hostage-Taking: All in a Day's Work Sex and Hostage-Taking: All in a Day's Work
, February 08, 2000
At first, Gough Lewis's Sex: The Annabel Chong Story affects heavy-lidded ironic bemusement as Chong, queen of the World's Biggest Gangbang,... More>>
Young Frankenheimer
, February 08, 2000
John Frankenheimer is precisely the type of erratic Hollywood auteur who benefits from a selective retro, rather than an exhaustive career survey... More>>
Love and Anarchy Love and Anarchy
, February 01, 2000
More arch than satiric, Isn't She Great is a brazenly lightweight, genially amusing portrait of Jacqueline Susann, author of the '60s... More>>
In the Heat of the Moment In the Heat of the Moment
, February 01, 2000
Bestowed the widest Spanish-language opening since Like Water for Chocolate, Santitos concerns a grieving young Mexican woman who embarks on a... More>>
Frederick Wiseman's Fair Game Frederick Wiseman's Fair Game
Subjectively Speaking
, February 01, 2000
Our secular pope of give-them-enough-rope docs, Frederick Wiseman, has been observing the American drama for 33 years now, and the current retro... More>>
Through the Looking Glass
, February 01, 2000
High-buffed, low-rack pulp, Eye of the Beholder is lovable in its own addled, literal-minded way. Its neo-noir, psych-thriller... More>>
Nolte and Bridges Flog a Dread Horse Nolte and Bridges Flog a Dread Horse
, February 01, 2000
At this late date, Sam Shepard's brand of symbol-strewn American Dreamism seems to require a little electroshock, and that could be said twice... More>>
Kids' Movies Grow Up
, February 01, 2000
As eclectic and inventive a bunch as the can-do gang of playthings in the Toy Story movies, the features and shorts assembled for the New York... More>>
A Piece of the Resistance
, February 01, 2000
Robert Kramer, who died last November, made his mark in the 1960s as an independent American filmmaker who skirted the boundaries between... More>>
Building to Fever Pitches
Worst-Case Scenarios
, February 01, 2000
You've got the perfect screenplay idea, sort of Doom Generation meets Runaway Bride, but gave up on taking Hollywood by storm—until the... More>>
A 30-Year Chronicle of Daily Life A 30-Year Chronicle of Daily Life
, January 25, 2000
If Errol Morris bids to be poet-philosopher of the American extremities, then Frederick Wiseman is our town-hall archivist, a conscientious,... More>>
Learning the Tricks of the Trade Learning the Tricks of the Trade
, January 25, 2000
Pretty Woman it's not. Stella Does Tricks turns an unsparing eye on the seamy, dangerous world of a teenage prostitute. Stella (Kelly MacDonald)... More>>
A Reborn Lama Kick-starts His Movie Career
Higher Goals
, January 25, 2000
Khyentse Norbu, director of The Cup, a sweet-natured, old-fashioned comedy about soccer-loving monks, has a pedigree his PR-hungry Western... More>>
Far and Away
, January 25, 2000
The most charming thing about Supernova—a frivolous sci-fi adventure set in the 22nd century aboard a medical emergency spacecraft—is... More>>
Nesting Instincts
, January 25, 2000
Near as any contemporary film has come to rendering the Rorschach inkblot test, Mikael Kristersson's Kestrel's Eye takes an expressionless... More>>
Side Shows Side Shows
, January 25, 2000
Citizen Kane was the movie that raised the artistic ante among American filmmakers—although, as Manny Farber noted in a piece called "The... More>>
Out of Sight Out of Sight
, January 18, 2000
Immobilized in his Greenwich Village apartment with a broken leg, photojournalist L.B. "Jeff" Jeffries (James Stewart) amuses himself by spying... More>>
The Whitney Recaps the Avant-Garde The Whitney Recaps the Avant-Garde
, January 18, 2000
You may have seen that ad for the Whitney Museum's "American Century, Part II, 1950-2000" show, the one with the tag line "It's only an... More>>
Debating the Death of Cinema
, January 18, 2000
The "Death of Cinema" roadshow that Susan Sontag's Times Magazine essay set in motion in 1996 arrived at MOMA last week, in the form of a panel... More>>
Faulty Wirey
, January 18, 2000
Eric Schaeffer's first movie, the microbudgeted My Life's in Turnaround (1993), was a sweet 'n' low docu-spoof that deserved praise for just... More>>
Sins of the Father
, January 18, 2000
Andrzej Wajda's career has been inseparable from themes of Polish history. His new film, Pan Tadeusz, the Last Foray in Lithuania (did Mel Brooks... More>>
What Becomes a Legend Most
, January 18, 2000
The books and movies about long-gone bluesman Robert Johnson have been coming fast and furious, hellhounds on his trail, particularly since... More>>
Go Western, Young Man Go Western, Young Man
, January 18, 2000
MOMA's ambitious retro casts a wide net, encompassing 60 films ranging from Edwin S. Porter's landmark 1903 The Great Train Robbery to Jim... More>>
Times of Tumult Times of Tumult
, January 11, 2000
Somewhere in the forests of southern India, a prisoner is being tortured by the revolutionary cell he betrayed. Tied to a tree in the pouring... More>>
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