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To Tell the Truth To Tell the Truth
, February 23, 1999
When you're introduced to the Williamses, the black middle-class clan about to be cut to pieces in Blind Faith, they're so stolid and familiar... More>>
Flesh and Fantasy Flesh and Fantasy
, February 23, 1999
Looking at looking: A middle-aged filmmaker whose career dates to the tide-pool stage of the French New Wave, Benoit Jacquot has made his... More>>
20 Dates
, February 23, 1999
Like an obnoxious four-year-old who believes everything he does is fascinating and adorable, filmmaker Myles Berkowitz likes to announce, at the... More>>
'The Films of Gillo Pontecorvo'
, February 23, 1999
It was after seeing Rossellini's Paisan that Gillo Pontecorvo decided on a career in filmmaking and Rossellinian neorealism is evident in both... More>>
The Old College Try
, February 23, 1999
With one tuxedo, thousands of postcards, and a Winnebago, the nine men of the New York City­based Broken Lizard comedy troupe took Puddle... More>>
Screen Test
World's Hardest Movie Quiz 1999
, February 23, 1999
This, the second reinstitution of the annual World's Hardest Movie Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition, takes few prisoners, but so it must with... More>>
Message in a Bottle
, February 16, 1999
Theresa (Robin Wright Penn) is a recently divorced Chicago Tribune staffer. Since she is wan and frizzy-haired with a cheerful yet slightly... More>>
Global Village People Global Village People
, February 16, 1999
The teenaged daughter of an internationally celebrated filmmaker makes a feature-length documentary about twin 11-year-old girls who have been... More>>
Skin Flicks Skin Flicks
Rotterdam Gets Racy
, February 16, 1999
Even in its less stellar incarnations (and this was, to be honest, one of them), the Rotterdam Film Festival can be counted on for a bracing... More>>
Out To Launch Out To Launch
, February 16, 1999
In the age of cyberspace, there's something remarkably quaint and corn-fed about the image of a boy craning his neck to follow the smoke trail of... More>>
Blast From the Past
, February 16, 1999
Like the isotopes that provide the plot's organizing principle, Blast From the Past is half-gone halfway through, a darkly promising gambit... More>>
The Apple of Her Eye The Apple of Her Eye
Samira Makhmalbaf on Art and Ambition
, February 16, 1999
In Iran, cameras and film stock are scarce commodities, usually provided after a lengthy wait, so it was no small amount of fatherly devotion and... More>>
Empire and Memory
, February 16, 1999
Subtitled "Repercussions and Evocations of the 1899 Philippine-American War," this lively program comprises Hollywood features as well as... More>>
, February 16, 1999
"Dark," as we know, is the indie flavor of the month; it's also, as done by crass, witless (and, almost invariably, young white male)... More>>
Prole Playing Prole Playing
, February 16, 1999
It's nine o'clock on a weekday morning— do you know where you are? If you've ever stumbled into work more than a few minutes late,... More>>
Artists and Models Artists and Models
, February 09, 1999
You can keep your cutie-pie Shakespeare in Love. The season's wittiest, most original, and best-written portrait of the artist as a young (very... More>>
God Said ''Ha!''
, February 09, 1999
For those of us who get ornery when a head cold persists, the sight of Julia Sweeney wisecracking through the tale of her cancer-stricken... More>>
Slippery Slopes Slippery Slopes
Sundance Takes a Tumble
, February 09, 1999
How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world," complained Hamlet, that textbook example of unresolved oedipal... More>>
, February 09, 1999
Though the parallels between them are shaky, Tango unavoidably calls to mind Sally Potter's paean to this genre of choreographed foreplay, the... More>>
Simply Irresistible
, February 09, 1999
Though it comes late in the current cycle of youth-oriented romantic comedies, this occasionally inspired combination of Like Water for Chocolate... More>>
Three's Company Three's Company
, February 09, 1999
This seems to be pickpocket season. First, a revival of Bresson's transcendental film in the MOMA retro, and now Hermine Huntgeburth's wholly... More>>
Party Monster
, February 09, 1999
There's nothing abstracted about Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's Party Monster, a goosey documentary about the rise and fall of club... More>>
Spacing Out Spacing Out
, February 02, 1999
Twenty-five years after it won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, Rene Laloux's animated oddity Fantastic Planet is humming back into... More>>
She's All That
, February 02, 1999
In this inoffensive variation on John Hughes's frenetic Cinderella stories, April (post­ spring break and post­college acceptance... More>>
Grand Delusions Grand Delusions
, February 02, 1999
There are movies, of course, and then there are movies— stark raving mad movies that make up what they may lack in rigor, taste, and... More>>
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