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Darkness Visible Darkness Visible
, September 19, 2000
The title Dancer in the Dark promises a stunt performance, and the film, which opens the New York Film Festival on Friday and goes into release... More>>
Suprèma Donnas
, September 19, 2000
The 38th New York Film Festival's principal sidebar event is devoted to a fascinating but unfamiliar genre: the diva film. In Italy, during the... More>>
Generational Tastes Generational Tastes
, September 12, 2000
A historical marker in more ways than one, American Graffiti perfected a near Pavlovian formula for manufacturing the myth of a generation out of... More>>
Criminal Lovers Criminal Lovers
, September 12, 2000
Borrowing its unwieldy title if little else from Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia eschews the novel's labyrinthine intersections of... More>>
The Drowned and the Saved The Drowned and the Saved
, September 12, 2000
It's Beastly German week at the movies with the arrival of two feature docs: Mark Jonathan Harris's Into the Arms of Strangers, about the flight... More>>
House of Paint
, September 12, 2000
Sharing more nowadays with Ken Russell than with his own, Franco-era filmmaking self, Carlos Saura seems to be turning into a middle-class... More>>
Heroes Never Die
, September 12, 2000
Milkyway Productions is the brainchild of directors Wai Ka-fai (who previously gave us Chow Yun-fat's Hong Kong swan song, Peace Hotel) and the... More>>
There Is Power in a Union There Is Power in a Union
, September 12, 2000
Restrained, tough, and subtle enough to be as engrossing on the second viewing as it was on the first, Laurent Cantet's Human Resources is a film... More>>
Eternity and a Day
, September 12, 2000
After nibbling on Woody Allen zwieback in its opening credits (trad jazz, alphabetized cast list, white-on-black titles), 30 Days thuds away at... More>>
Past Masters and Possible Worlds Past Masters and Possible Worlds
Venetian Finds
, September 12, 2000
In its 57th installment, the world's oldest film festival took a tentative step toward resolving its longtime identity crisis. Filling out the... More>>
Rebirth of a Nation
Peace and Resistance
, September 12, 2000
The first Sarajevo Film Festival, which took place in October 1995, as the city was withstanding its fourth year of a devastating Serbian siege,... More>>
Love Kills
, September 12, 2000
As if Vincent D'Onofrio's mush-mouthed fetishist in The Cell didn't do enough damage, the cultural cachet of serial killers is bound to take... More>>
Paths of Most Resistance Paths of Most Resistance
, September 05, 2000
Cursed with a résumé free of sensational style and thematic homogeneity, Bertrand Tavernier may be among movie culture's consummate... More>>
Playa Baiting
, September 05, 2000
High-concept cinema this ain't: As any mo-ron could tell ya, a product selling out some large-ass stadiums is one begging for a post-performance... More>>
City Limits
, September 05, 2000
You see them on the streets of any Spanish city—old women in shapeless black dresses, their broad bodies moving slowly through the hurrying... More>>
Desperate Remedies Desperate Remedies
, September 05, 2000
Neither genius nor poseur, the aging enfant terrible who calls himself Leos Carax can be seen to best advantage in Pola X. This moody, rapturous... More>>
Leos Carax's Bittersweet Hereafter Leos Carax's Bittersweet Hereafter
Desolation Angel
, September 05, 2000
Leos Carax has ended up with one of the most blighted careers in movies. Seventeen years since his first feature, he has managed just three more... More>>
Still the World’s Loudest Band
How Could You Leave This Behind?
, September 05, 2000
Despite a doggedly long life span and a celebrated cult documentary of their 1982 tour, Spinal Tap don't rate an entry in the encyclopedic All... More>>
Celluloid Heroines Celluloid Heroines
, August 29, 2000
"If you enjoy you understand if you understand you enjoy," replied Gertrude Stein to a hapless interviewer in response to the ostensible... More>>
Endurance Training Endurance Training
, August 29, 2000
"We have TV down here," says one of the tunnel dwellers in Marc Singer's Dark Days. For five years, Singer documented the men and women who... More>>
Permanent Midnight Permanent Midnight
Marc Singer’s Tunnel Vision
, August 29, 2000
What's harder to believe? That Marc Singer, a 21-year-old Londoner with no filmmaking experience, survived New York City's subterranean tunnels... More>>
Cheer and Loathing
, August 29, 2000
Those culture consumers who've never really understood the old adage that life is like high school will be further flummoxed by Bring It On,... More>>
Wizened Guys
, August 29, 2000
By now, even Scorsese might have difficulty mining fresh absurdist material out of a premise that confronts mobsters with the quotidian.... More>>
Melville’s Ocean Pictures Melville’s Ocean Pictures
Soldiers of Misfortune
, August 29, 2000
Two of the most sensuous, formally innovative, even radical films to penetrate art-house theaters this year just happen to be French adaptations... More>>
Mope Operas
, August 29, 2000
After years of strip-mining headlines, the Hollywood action movie appears to be running red-alert low on raw materials. In Christian Duguay's... More>>
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