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Skin and Bone
, October 06, 1998
Everett Lewis's fitfully comic, pitifully pretentious soap opera about a trio of L.A. male escorts runs out of promise so quickly that only the... More>>
, October 06, 1998
Based on a semiautobiographical story by William Styron, with a screenplay cowritten and directed by his daughterSusanna, Shadrach is a didactic... More>>
Flash of the Titans Flash of the Titans
Previewing the 36th New York Film Festival
, September 29, 1998
Impressively solid, the 36th edition of the New York Film Festival is stocked with proven favorites. There's Woody Allen and his idol, Ingmar... More>>
Back Stabbers Back Stabbers
, September 29, 1998
Boasting more crushed steel than Crash, John Frankenheimer's Ronin is a slick, back-to-basics espionage thriller: Cold War nostalgia as an excuse... More>>
Northern Lights
Taking On Toronto's Film Festival
, September 29, 1998
They used to call it the "Festival of Festivals," and one great thing about the 300-movie Toronto Film Festival is that you get to survey all the... More>>
Splitting Image Splitting Image
, September 29, 1998
Freud's proposition that "anatomy is destiny" is most clearly proven by those who attempt to live as if that were not the case. Brandon Teena... More>>
Double Exposure
, September 29, 1998
It's the Lana Turner story of the movie," says director John Waters of how he discovered Chuck Shacochis, who made the photographs taken on... More>>
Small Worlds Small Worlds
, September 29, 1998
Across the river from Boston's tony Beacon Hill--and a world away from the salt-of-the-earth Southie of Good Will Hunting--lies the neighborhood... More>>
'Views From The Avant-Garde'
, September 29, 1998
Veteran filmmakers dominate the NYFF's avant-garde film sidebar, now in its second year. The two most tantalizing programs (neither of them... More>>
Watered Down
, September 22, 1998
If scandal, sleaze, and celebrity worship are our national religion, then John Waters is an American prophet. For the past 30 years, this... More>>
Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998)
, September 22, 1998
Another sort of pop culture prophet, Akira Kurosawa was more than the first Japanese director—or, indeed, the first Asian director—to... More>>
Songs of Myself
, September 22, 1998
There are so many cross-currents of identification and desire in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries that the film is engrossing despite director... More>>
Ill in the Family
, September 22, 1998
It was as inevitable as the full moon: the materialization of Anna Quindlen's semiautobiographical novel into a Hollywood tearjerker angling for... More>>
Jokers Wild
, September 15, 1998
Touch of Evil, the project with which—some 16 years after Citizen Kane—the 42-year-old Orson Welles tried (and failed) to stage a... More>>
Memory Plays
, September 15, 1998
In 1978, the then tiny Film Forum hosted the U.S. premiere of Patricio Guzmán's epic documentary, The Battle of Chile. Filmed during the... More>>
Out of the Running
, September 15, 1998
It's the paradigmatic pop cult tale of the last half of the 20th century: the guileless hayseed attaining popular godhood by virtue of unschooled... More>>
Behind the Music
, September 08, 1998
As medieval Christians had the lives of the saints, so we have the showbiz biopic. What was it the poet wrote? Hold infinit-E! in the palm of... More>>
The Wild Bunch
When bad behavior masquerades as bravery
, September 08, 1998
Political correctness is dead, and movies are only now playing catch-up. Or at least, that's how the spin goes. Everything from Woody Allen's... More>>
Tooning In Tooning In
Disney Imports a Japanese Auteur-Animator
, September 08, 1998
Disney is not known for heralding directorial authorship, least of all when it comes to animation: try naming the director of The Little Mermaid... More>>
Out of Bounds
, September 01, 1998
A scary little movie, François Ozon's See the Sea brings to mind such classics of psychological horror as Henri-Georges Clouzot's... More>>
Bravo New Worlds
, September 01, 1998
Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet called it "retro-futurism," and that's as good a label as any to slap on Terry Gilliam's Brazil, a willfully... More>>
Blood Simpler
, September 01, 1998
Let no one say that Blade, a blindingly overwrought hybrid of horror, action, and Oedipal drama, fails to mark some kind of great leap forward... More>>
Slippery Creatures
, August 25, 1998
Your Friends & Neighbors, Neil LaBute's follow-up to last summer's cleverest horror film, In the Company of Men, is comparably creeped out and... More>>
, August 25, 1998
Among the myriad wrongs that Hollywood has committed, consider this: No studio has ever cast Hope Davis as the lead in a romantic comedy. Along... More>>
Two on the Isle
, August 25, 1998
Hollywood didn't really discover the black female audience with Waiting To Exhale, at least not the way Columbus discovered America. Terry... More>>
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