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Licensed To Ill Licensed To Ill
, December 29, 1998
The medical establishment is roundly censured in Patch Adams, a movie irresponsible enough to propose that doctors should behave like Robin... More>>
Outside Ozona
, December 29, 1998
It starts with a wolf's-eye view of a corpse and, except for an extended coda, ends with the combustible convergence of its seemingly separate... More>>
Gorilla in the Midst Gorilla in the Midst
, December 29, 1998
Disney's African entertainment subdivision— recent offerings include the various incarnations of The Lion King, wilderness theme parks, and... More>>
The Mother Load The Mother Load
, December 29, 1998
Stepmom is a woman's picture; Thelma and Louise is a chick flick. The only reason to think of them as a pair is that Susan Sarandon costars in... More>>
Mouths Wide Open
, December 29, 1998
Of all the rumors to filter out of the top secret production of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, the most evocative involved the mysterious... More>>
Trouble on the Corner
, December 29, 1998
An A-list of New York actors, including Tony Goldwyn, Charles Busch, Debi Mazar, Roger Rees, Edie Falco, and Tammy Grimes, worked for scale in... More>>
Zakir and His Friends
, December 29, 1998
Besides being a famously fleet-fingered Indian classical percussionist, Zakir Hussain seems like a pretty interesting guy. Lutz Leonhardt's... More>>
Psycho-a-Go-Go Psycho-a-Go-Go
On Reverence, Remakes, and Retreads
, December 22, 1998
Now that Gus Van Sant's voodoo-reenactment of Psycho has had its day in court, little else requires address besides the simple fact that the... More>>
Shelf Life
, December 22, 1998
New to video and rare in any other form, the films in Kino Video's fresh spate of "From the Studio Vault" releases are each the unheralded work... More>>
A Space Oddity A Space Oddity
, December 22, 1998
Blame it on the aliens in Hollywood, but odd-numbered Star Trek movies tend to suck. The best flicks— from number two, Wrath of Khan... More>>
Ancient Evenings Ancient Evenings
, December 22, 1998
Very nearly as solemn as a big-studio, megamillion-dollar Broadway musical cum animated cartoon about slavery, mass murder, and the word of God... More>>
The Lodz Film School
, December 22, 1998
Founded in 1948 under the Stalinist maxim "Film helps the working class and its Party breed socialism in the working soul," Poland's Lodz Film... More>>
The Professionals The Professionals
, December 22, 1998
The General opens with an assassination. A pudgy, balding, middle-aged man (Brendan Gleeson) leaves his house, looks warily over his shoulder,... More>>
Jack Frost
, December 22, 1998
Despite having all the charm of a department store snow scene, Jack Frost is a serviceable kid pic, as counterfeit as Muzak but still able to... More>>
Fade to Black Fade to Black
Bewitched, Beloved, and Bewildered
, December 15, 1998
Once upon a time the state of Black cinematic representation was a topic of raging debate among our media-panicked African American... More>>
Very Bard Things Very Bard Things
, December 15, 1998
Everything's awhirl in Shakespeare in Love: the camera; Gwyneth Paltrow's dresses and tresses; Joseph Fiennes's eyes, which, when they're not... More>>
It Takes a Cinema Village
, December 15, 1998
To face film culture reality on the cusp of the big '00—the transformed markets, audiences, profit patterns, and distribution... More>>
Taking Another Stab Taking Another Stab
, December 15, 1998
Just to liquidate all remaining suspense: For all intents and purposes, Gus Van Sant really does "recreate" Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho—from... More>>
Port Djema
, December 15, 1998
Languidly drifting through the dusty, deadly byways of a fictional francophone African nation, Port Djema is a maddening but nonetheless... More>>
Giant Steps
, December 15, 1998
A strong roster of 14 works, all local premieres, screens this weekend at the Walter Reade's third annual "Dance on Camera" festival. Ranging... More>>
Desperate Measures Desperate Measures
, December 08, 1998
White-water time: The holidays are upon us and the studio floodgates are open. You can try panning for gold (or even silver) in the new-release... More>>
Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance
, December 08, 1998
In terms of performance art's potential for flabbergasting bullshit in the name of "transgression," Ron Athey tries and in a sense succeeds at... More>>
Getting Vocal Getting Vocal
Jane Horrocks Makes an Art of Awkwardness
, December 08, 1998
Jane Horrocks is a peculiar sort of scene-stealer. Mannered, mercurial, sometimes just plain mad, her uningratiating acting style is so... More>>
Brussels Sprouts
, December 08, 1998
Having long lingered in the shadows of Paris, Brussels is now home to a vital if emerging film community. The 10-film Belgian series "Voice and... More>>
Rat Race
, December 08, 1998
Say what you will about The Rugrats Movie (my five-year-old daughter and I enjoyed it at least as much as the next family unit), but its... More>>
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