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Boiling Points Boiling Points
, August 22, 2000
Just in time to put Lars Von Trier and his hype-happy Dogma spawn in perspective, Rob Nilsson's 1996 Chalk—an Oedipal drama so raw it feels... More>>
Valerio Zurlini’s Autumn Tales Valerio Zurlini’s Autumn Tales
, August 22, 2000
Of all the noteworthy Italian directors who made debut features in the 1950s—Ermanno Olmi, Francesco Rosi, Dino Risi, and Marco... More>>
Missionary Positions
, August 22, 2000
Just the kind of rectal self-massage that only pop icons habitually allow themselves—albeit of a kinder, gentler nature, given Phish's... More>>
Days of Being Wild Days of Being Wild
, August 22, 2000
Drunk on B-movie love, Kaizo Hayashi's gumshoe homage The Most Terrible Time in My Life offers welcome evidence in the post-Austin Powers 2 age... More>>
Surf and Turf
, August 22, 2000
Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire is named for the supposedly polar personalities of two brothers, as christened by their half-Native American... More>>
I Love You to Death
, August 22, 2000
The majority of U.K. releases that enjoy art-house runs on these shores fall into one of two categories: the heartburning comedy hawking daft... More>>
Multiple Maniacs Multiple Maniacs
, August 15, 2000
The much maligned "Sixties" refer less to a precise decade than to a chunk of time lasting a dozen years or so when, for a host of reasons... More>>
Smashing Time
Shelf Life
, August 15, 2000
Having had thick, sloppy slugs of condescending bunk shot at us all summer long in Gatling-gun-like hails, we should never neglect the option to... More>>
Kicked in the Head Kicked in the Head
, August 15, 2000
Tossed on the August dog-days movie heap like last season's frayed uniform, The Replacements is an amiable, lackadaisical mouth-breather, lame... More>>
Men Swear
, August 15, 2000
There is a particular cut of suit favored by black men of a certain age, girth, and means—a long, three-quarter-ish jacket paired with... More>>
Just Shoot Me
, August 15, 2000
Part broad sitcom, part strained soap opera, Gil Cates Jr.'s Spent is so committed to its by-the-numbers banality you wonder why it isn't part of... More>>
Season of the Kitsch
, August 15, 2000
Curated by Ocularis and held at the "urban beach" as if to reconstitute the golden age of the American teenager—monster movies, make-out... More>>
Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement
, August 15, 2000
In honor of their anniversaries and in conjunction with their DVD release, classic films are being restored and showcased in theaters for limited... More>>
God and Monsters
, August 15, 2000
Proving once again that a fire-spewing radioactive dinosaur can ruin your whole day, Toho Studios' Godzilla 2000 advances the long-running series... More>>
The Edge of the World The Edge of the World
, August 08, 2000
Intrepid seekers of buried, battered, or simply underreckoned movie booty, the folks at Milestone Film & Video celebrate their first decade of... More>>
Men Will Be Boys Men Will Be Boys
, August 08, 2000
A spasm of annoyance convulsed the normally placid world of film crit last week. Yes, of course, bad boy Paul Verhoeven had released a new... More>>
Three Sheets in the Wind Three Sheets in the Wind
, August 08, 2000
Clearly Jerry Bruckheimer thinks it is, but is this the inevitable moment for a Flashdance redux, a shake-your-money-maker urban Cinderella fable... More>>
Primal Therapist
Scrap Mettle
, August 08, 2000
Mining the resonant arcana of yesterday's educational, religious, and news film like artists from Joseph Cornell to David Sherman, Jay Rosenblatt... More>>
Behind Enemy Lines
, August 08, 2000
In 1943, Felice Schragenheim, a young Jewish woman circulating undercover in wartime Berlin, flirted with and then fell for Lilly Wust, mother of... More>>
Crimes and Misdemeanors Crimes and Misdemeanors
, August 08, 2000
There's a moment in Gimme Shelter, David Maysles, Albert Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin's documentary of the Rolling Stones' 1969 American tour,... More>>
Manifesto Destiny
, August 08, 2000
Indisputably the most unruly and anarchic movie voice to emerge from Iron Curtain-land, Yugoslav troublemaker Dusan; an Makavejev remains tied... More>>
The Day the Laughter Died
, August 01, 2000
Constipated English whimsy for the easily tickled, Saving Grace treats its thin, smugly eccentric premise—upstanding small-town widow turns... More>>
The Outer Limits
, August 01, 2000
Beyond the near-perfection of expensive methods by which to jack off our downtime, the current fulmination of entertainment technology has... More>>
Steve Me Alone, You Drive Me Lazy Steve Me Alone, You Drive Me Lazy
, August 01, 2000
Having garnered good word of mouth by default in the midst of an undernourished Sundance lineup, The Tao of Steve arrives just a few months after... More>>
Klumper Stumper
, August 01, 2000
Eddie Murphy is back in college, but his Nutty Professor II: The Klumps suffers from a serious case of sophomore slump. The last time we saw... More>>
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