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Truth and Consequences Truth and Consequences
, February 02, 1999
The great Scots filmmaker John Grierson is the undoubted father of the British documentary movement. (Indeed, it was Grierson who coined the term... More>>
Going Native Going Native
, February 02, 1999
A sexy stranger lands in the midst of a settled, community-sanctioned relationship with convulsive results. It's the story of Picnic, Titanic,... More>>
Hands on a Hard Body
, February 02, 1999
Twenty-three hopefuls gather outside a Nissan dealership in Longview, Texas, place their hands on a shiny new pickup, and try to keep them there... More>>
The Last Days
, February 02, 1999
Though it's full of the conventions of Holocaust documentaries — survivors who burst into tears in midstory, indelible footage of the... More>>
Playing By Heart
, January 26, 1999
There's exciting telecommunications news out of Los Angeles: you no longer have to wait for your phone calls to go through. Just drop a coin, hit... More>>
Shoot To Kill Shoot To Kill
, January 26, 1999
The sequence is subjective, shown through a 16mm viewfinder. The camera approaches a bored London tart, follows her upstairs, films her... More>>
Rebel Revel Rebel Revel
, January 26, 1999
You can't do much thinking about contemporary Cuba without iconic images raising their chicly radical head: pictures of bearded men coming down... More>>
Over the Top Over the Top
, January 26, 1999
No film explores the high jinks and hysteria of thin-air alpine farce quite like Guy Maddin's Careful (1992), in which libidinous impulse... More>>
The Films of Ulrike Ottinger
, January 26, 1999
Deliriously sumptuous and transgressive, Ulrike Ottinger's world can hardly be confused with humdrum reality. Watching her films is like... More>>
Women's Work Women's Work
, January 26, 1999
Nancy Savoca is one of a kind—a female director who carved a niche for herself in the Amerindie boys' club by making four theatrical... More>>
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation
, January 26, 1999
Like it or not, Spike and Mike's festival of animation, the annual anthology of cartoons that play human cruelty and decrepitude for locker-room... More>>
Blind Faith Blind Faith
, January 19, 1999
Theoretically an exercise in '70s nostalgia at its ugliest, Still Crazy is in fact a deft, small-scale Brit comedy, effortlessly knocked off from... More>>
Saints and Sinners Saints and Sinners
, January 19, 1999
The name Robert Bresson strikes fear into some hearts and inspires awe in others—such is the uncompromising purity, gravity, and rigor of... More>>
The Children of Heaven
, January 19, 1999
As if Harvey Weinstein himself sat down to make his own Il Postino–ish version of a Kiarostami scenario, Majid Majidi's ham-handed Iranian... More>>
Six-String Samurai
, January 19, 1999
Everything from Pulp Fiction to The Wizard of Oz to Road Warrior to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly has been mulched into this postapocalyptic... More>>
He Got Name
Actor Peter Mullan's New Direction
, January 19, 1999
Will success spoil Peter Mullan? Not likely, says the writer-director-actor who won the Best Actor award at Cannes last year for Ken Loach's My... More>>
Striking Achievements
, January 19, 1999
The final weekend of "Premises: French Cinema, 1958­1998," the Guggenheim's three-month retrospective, offers two intriguing journeys through... More>>
Lee Marvin: A Personal Portrait
, January 19, 1999
Maybe it's me, but Lee Marvin might have been the most mesmerizing, original presence American movies have ever known. With his torpedo-shaped... More>>
Return of the Oppressed Return of the Oppressed
, January 19, 1999
Little is heard about Israel's one million Arab citizens— those Palestinians (and their descendants) who stayed after the 1948 war and... More>>
The Dispossessed The Dispossessed
, January 19, 1999
Neil Jordan's In Dreams is a nuclear family nightmare— nakedly auteurist and not at all nice. It's part possession-genre flick, part Grimm... More>>
The Winners
, January 19, 1999
A stark irony underpins the title of this Dutch-produced documentary about the often unbridgeable gap between the promise and fulfillment of... More>>
Shelf Life
, January 12, 1999
Critics can't seem to shut up about the new Iranian "wave," but for most of us it's a nonissue, since the stateside-release record on these most... More>>
A Fine Mess A Fine Mess
, January 12, 1999
Shohei Imamura has served notice that the long-germinating Dr. Akagi is his last movie. If so, Japan's 71-year-old master of bawdy black humor... More>>
Deliverance Deliverance
, January 12, 1999
The "Jerusalem syndrome" affects some pilgrims to the Holy City, who grow long beards, hear messianic messages, and begin ranting in the streets.... More>>
Women on Top Women on Top
, January 12, 1999
The 13 minutes that have been restored to François Truffaut's Mississippi Mermaid do nothing to improve one of the director's weakest... More>>
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