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I Melt With You I Melt with You
, December 07, 2011
Insincere and superficially nihilistic, Arlington Road director Mark Pellington's swaggering, midlife-crisis melodrama—about a soulless... More>>
My Piece of the Pie My Piece of the Pie
, December 07, 2011
Chauvinistic capitalist scum must suffer in My Piece of the Pie, a feeble stab at topicality from that master of overripe Gallic melodrama,... More>>
Seducing Charlie Barker Seducing Charlie Barker
, December 07, 2011
An arrogant, struggling actor leaves his wife for a sexy, unstable younger woman, which would be a perfectly serviceable starting point for Ibsen... More>>
Red Hook Black Red Hook Black
, December 07, 2011
Reprinting its entire script would be the only way to properly convey the unintentionally hilarious awfulness of Red Hook Black, which... More>>
London River London River
, December 07, 2011
Set in the days before and immediately after England's 2005 transit bombings, London River scales the tragedy down to two parents searching for... More>>
Fanny, Annie & Danny Fanny, Annie and Danny
, December 07, 2011
Fanny, Annie & Danny is one of those movies where everyone is either a nasty human being or a loser—often both at the same time. Centered... More>>
Extreme Sex Addiction in Shame; Extreme Everything in Possession Shame
, November 30, 2011
Steve McQueen's first two films both star Michael Fassbender, feature virtually interchangeable titles, and are nearly as grueling to watch as... More>>
For Shame: Our 10 Favorite Swinging Dicks of Films Past For Shame: Our 10 Favorite Swinging Dicks of Films Past
, November 30, 2011
The movies are full of bed-hopping men—think of Humphrey Bogart’s serial flirtations in The Big Sleep (1946) and Richard Roundtree... More>>
Unconscious Un-mined: A Sleeping Beauty That Stays in the Dark Sleeping Beauty
, November 30, 2011
Frustratingly opaque, Australian novelist-turned-filmmaker Julia Leigh's debut feature opens with an unforgettable image: A young woman, earning... More>>
Government Corruption and the BP Oil Spill in The Big Fix The Big Fix
, November 30, 2011
Josh Tickell, a Louisiana native, had two questions he wanted to answer when he set out to make his documentary: What were we not told by the... More>>
Outrage Outrage
, November 30, 2011
Takeshi Kitano's latest finds the actor-director returning to the familiar terrain of the yakuza film after recent farces (Achilles and the... More>>
Khodorkovsky khodorkovsky
, November 30, 2011
"In all my human rights work, this is the first time I've defended a capitalist," says a Hague lawyer of the unlikeliest of political martyrs,... More>>
Coriolanus Coriolanus
, November 30, 2011
Updating Shakespeare seems doubly condescending, the implication being that we need help in relating to the text, and that the text needs to be... More>>
Under Control Under Control
, November 30, 2011
Formalist documentary Under Control, Volker Sattel's portfolio of widescreen images taken at a series of Deutschland's nuclear power... More>>
Lads & Jockeys Lads & Jockeys
, November 30, 2011
Images of pubescent boys on horseback—crouched still, hovering over unstoppable animal motion—form a striking visual metaphor in Lads... More>>
An African Election An African Election
, November 30, 2011
'None of the parties are offering a paradigm shift," says a Ghanaian political analyst on the eve of Ghana's 2008 presidential election. "All of... More>>
Under Fire Under Fire
, November 30, 2011
One of the first things explained in director Martyn Burke's documentary Under Fire: Journalists in Combat is that war correspondents and... More>>
Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda
, November 30, 2011
One of the goals of writer-director Alrick Brown's Kinyarwanda, set in the midst of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, is to remind us that ordinary... More>>
Caitlin Plays Herself Caitlin Plays Herself
, November 30, 2011
Joe Swanberg’s films combine a Midwestern male’s fear of anything exceptional with pasty exhibitionism. They tend to feature explicit... More>>
Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie
, November 30, 2011
Celebrity scientist and PBS fixture David Suzuki arrives late to the global-warming-documentary party with this combination of biography and... More>>
Grandma, a Thousand Times Grandma, A Thousand Times
, November 30, 2011
From her rundown balcony a few flights above the streets of old Beirut, illiterate but sharp-tongued octogenarian Teta Fatima observes the... More>>
A Warrior's Heart A Warrior's Heart
, November 30, 2011
The latest film to ride Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth as if it were a nonconsensual pony, A Warrior's Heart tries to fashion a hero's... More>>
A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps
, November 30, 2011
Great achievements don't guarantee great documentary—or, as A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps proves, they don't even secure a mediocre... More>>
The Yellow Sea The Yellow Sea
, November 30, 2011
Treating crime drama like a death cage tournament, this rousing, dark-hearted Korean epic doesn’t know quite when to stop once it begins,... More>>
Answers To Nothing Answers to Nothing
, November 30, 2011
Panicked over being late to artificially inseminate his wife at the hospital, an unhappily married therapist (Dane Cook) pulls his mistress'... More>>
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