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Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters
, October 24, 2012
A decade’s fretting and futzing and the few ecstatic moments rendered along the way are compressed into 77 minutes in Gregory Crewdson:... More>>
Silent Hill: Revelation
, October 24, 2012
Darkness is always chasing Heather (Adelaide Clemens), but, unfortunately, it takes 94 tedious minutes before Silent Hill: Revelation finally... More>>
Chasing Mavericks
, October 24, 2012
Waves crash and churn with alarming ferocity in Chasing Mavericks. A seamless blend of open-water photography, visual effects, and sound design... More>>
Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies for the Sake of Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies for the Sake of Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies
, October 24, 2012
At around the four-minute mark of my first viewing of the Cloud Atlas trailer, as the M83 track swelled to its bursting point and a hover bike... More>>
Fun Size, The Teen Comedy That's Not Bad for You Fun Size
Finally, a treat
, October 24, 2012
Gossip Girl and The O.C., the two teen TV shows created in the past decade by 36-year-old Josh Schwartz, are sly bait and switches. Both are... More>>
Beyond Bollywood: Getting Real at the South Asian International Film Fest Beyond Bollywood: Getting Real at the South Asian International Film Fest
, October 24, 2012
Pulp-infused psychological realism separates the best films competing at the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) from traditional... More>>
The Loneliest Planet Sets a Course for Who Couples Truly Are The Loneliest Planet
Where guides don't go
, October 24, 2012
The Loneliest Planet begins with close-up trained on the body of a beautiful woman, naked and trembling. It's not what it sounds like. Nica (Hani... More>>
Orchestra of Exiles Orchestra of Exiles
, October 24, 2012
It is a generally acknowledged fact that World War II, Europe's worst cultural crisis—its human toll aside—was in many respects a... More>>
Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story
, October 24, 2012
How can you tell if the documentary you're watching is inspirational? In the case of Franklin Martin's Long Shot, which tells the story of Kevin... More>>
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas
, October 24, 2012
The trailer for Cloud Atlas, the behemothic new movie of David Mitchell's 2004 novel that took two Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer directing to... More>>
Sleep Tight Sleep Tight
, October 24, 2012
Chloroform is a psychopath's best friend in Sleep Tight, though having unfettered access to the home of one's target doesn't hurt, either. That's... More>>
The Black Tulip The Black Tulip
, October 24, 2012
Conservatism clashes with modernity in The Black Tulip, Sonia Nassery Cole's earnestly melodramatic Afghan drama about a family's struggle... More>>
Just 45 Minutes From Broadway Just 45 Minutes From Broadway
, October 24, 2012
'For all actors and actresses . . . and the families that have refused to disown them" isn't exactly a confidence-inspiring epigraph, but it is... More>>
The Other Son The Other Son
, October 24, 2012
Ham-fisted dialogue and clichéd characterizations trump genuine chemistry in The Other Son, a contrived Franco-Israeli drama about two... More>>
Pusher Pusher
, October 24, 2012
Less a bastardization than simply a watered-down and superfluous redo, Pusher faithfully mimics Nicolas Winding Refn's 1996 Danish crime saga... More>>
The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling—Ireland 1965 The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling—Ireland 1965
, October 24, 2012
Excruciating memories of those lizardy old guys croaking out "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in Martin Scorsese's Shine a Light (2008) will be banished from... More>>
Dinotasia Dinotasia
, October 24, 2012
In days long past, watching the double-feature or late-night UHF, kids had to find it within themselves to wait and wait for a glimpse of the... More>>
Dust Up Dust Up
, October 24, 2012
Billy Jack meets Rob Zombie meets John Waters in this trippy, gory, not-as-fun-as-it-should-be genre mash-up from writer-director Ward Roberts.... More>>
Leos Carax Express: With Holy Motors, the Great Director Returns in a Rush Leos Carax Express: With Holy Motors, the Great Director Returns in a Rush
, October 17, 2012
“This film was born out of the rage of not being able to make other projects,” Leos Carax says of Holy Motors, an anomaly in the... More>>
Rivers Runs to the Source Two Years At Sea
, October 17, 2012
It is difficult for residents of these sprawling United States to regard anything within the snug British Isles as truly remote, but Ben Rivers's... More>>
Michael Jackson's (and Spike Lee's) BAD25 Proves Your Butt Is Still His BAD25
, October 17, 2012
Look, if there's any part of you that thinks you might be interested in catching BAD 25, Spike Lee's two-hour celebration/behind-the-scenes... More>>
Alex Cross: The Dumbest Movie of the Year? Alex Cross: The Dumbest Movie of the Year?
, October 17, 2012
The action-hero debut of a famous funnyman, the reboot of a neglected cinematic franchise, a strong candidate for dumbest film of the year--there... More>>
The American Scream
, October 17, 2012
One of the great running gags on Roseanne was its annual depiction of Halloween as both America's most sacred holiday and a powerful outlet for... More>>
Paranormal Activity 4
, October 17, 2012
Are you an electronics moron? Are you incapable of shooting a cell phone video, much less managing the intricacies of a Web cam chat?... More>>
Hark, Behold, Watch: Holy Motors Creates the Cinema History It Laments Holy Motors
, October 17, 2012
Unclassifiable, expansive, and breathtaking, Holy Motors, the first feature-length film from Leos Carax since Pola X (1999)—and only his... More>>
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