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Family Portrait in Black and White
, July 11, 2012
There’s nothing remotely “postracial” about the Ukraine depicted in Family Portrait in Black and White, Julia Ivanova’s... More>>
The Imposter The Imposter
, July 11, 2012
This deft, atmospheric Errol Morris–style tour through the phenomenon that is “serial imposter” Frédéric Bourdin... More>>
Easy Money Easy Money
, July 11, 2012
As the general run of action films blithely defies the laws of gravity and consequence, what a pleasure to find a movie as grounded, physically... More>>
Farewell, My Queen Farewell, My Queen
, July 11, 2012
Benoît Jacquot's soapy, sexy, and lezzie adaptation of Chantal Thomas's 2003 novel about the chaos at Versailles on the eve of the 1789... More>>
Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines, and Mystery of Raymond Scott Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines, and Mystery of Raymond Scott
, July 11, 2012
Like many documentaries about misunderstood geniuses, the subject of Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines, and Mystery of Raymond Scott is... More>>
Ballplayer: Pelotero Ballplayer: Pelotero
, July 11, 2012
One of out every five professional baseball players in the U.S. comes from the Dominican Republic. Take a second with that stat. Here's another:... More>>
Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours
, July 11, 2012
The most absolutely bullshit-free cinema experience you’ll have in 2012, this epic-length Thai documentary takes the observational jungle... More>>
Grassroots Grassroots
, July 11, 2012
You can tell outsiders from the establishment by the quality of their facial hair in Grassroots, an adaptation of Phil Campbell’s... More>>
Drunkboat Drunkboat
, July 11, 2012
A film titled Drunkboat that’s bookended by the sights of a bald John Malkovich waking up in an alley trash-bag pile next to a hen and then... More>>
Union Square Union Square
, July 11, 2012
Lucy (Mira Sorvino), a hot mess in a caribou-trimmed minidress and spike-heel boots, shows up in Manhattan, yappy little dog in tow, hoping to... More>>
How Whiny Is Spidey This Time? How Whiny Is Spidey This Time?
The hometown hero finally bucks up a little
, July 04, 2012
According to Spider-Man movies, the greatest triumph that Spider-Man ever achieves is finding it within himself to arachnid up every day. Has any... More>>
Starry, Starry Night
, July 04, 2012
Although its portrait of two tween outcasts negotiating a tentative pre-romantic bond manages to register as sweet without ever being cloying,... More>>
Oliver Stone's Savages Settles for Sensation Savages
A drug-trade drama's high fantasy
, July 04, 2012
"Welcome to the recession, boys," says John Travolta's DEA-double-agent profiteer in Oliver Stone's Savages, based on Don Winslow's novel.... More>>
Part of Me Reveals Katy Perry's Essential Katy Perry-ness Katy Perry: Part of Me
Meet the real gurl
, July 04, 2012
From bubblegum-bi-curious novelty “I Kissed a Girl” on, Katy Perry has built a career on glorious brain-dead-with-a-wink odes to... More>>
Mod Madness from Vera Chytilová's New Wave Daisies Daisies
Flower power
, July 04, 2012
Marie I and Marie II, the unholy-fool heroines of Vera Chytilová's anarchic Czech New Wave 1966 classic, Daisies, have insatiable... More>>
Crazy Eyes Crazy Eyes
, July 04, 2012
We first encounter the subject of Crazy Eyes' character study mixing his drinks while damning the glittering void of L.A. from the privileged... More>>
Last Ride Last Ride
, July 04, 2012
An Aussie variation on Badlands teeming with desolation, beauty, fear, and the discord between youthful fantasies and grim realities, Last Ride... More>>
United in Anger: A History of ACT UP United in Anger: A History of ACT UP
, July 04, 2012
On March 24, 1987, ACT UP held its first demonstration on Wall Street, 24 years before the tents in Zuccotti Park went up and during an era when... More>>
The Do-Deca-Pentathlon The Do-Deca-Pentathlon
, July 04, 2012
The ubiquitous Duplass brothers, those micro godheads of post-mumble indies, stoke the furnace of sibling tension in this single-minded but... More>>
Collaborator Collaborator
, July 04, 2012
A working actor with credits across three decades of television and film—including the shitty, doomed DEA boyfriend of Mary-Louise Parker... More>>
China Heavyweight China Heavyweight
, July 04, 2012
A paradigmatic "portrait" documentary—the popular sort that eschews cultural information and risk to focus on "how it feels" to be its... More>>
The Magic of Belle Isle The Magic of Belle Isle
, July 04, 2012
With graceless melodramatist Rob Reiner at the helm, it's predictably ironic that The Magic of Belle Isle champions the unparalleled power of... More>>
The Pact The Pact
, July 04, 2012
There's no pact in The Pact, which is indicative of this faux spooky tale's guiding illogicality. A musty ghost story that morphs into a sluggish... More>>
Invisible Invisible
, July 04, 2012
This brooding Israeli drama begins with a provocative title card that insists that "the resemblance between this film and real life is by no... More>>
2012's New York Asian Film Festival: A Pop Explosion 2012's New York Asian Film Festival: A Pop Explosion
Zombies, jerk-offs, and transcendence
, June 27, 2012
It's a new year for the city's favorite attack of the imported irrational—as the original publicity byline put it, Asian Films Are... More>>
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