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Birth of Psychoanalysis in A Dangerous Method; Last Days of the Brothel in House of Pleasures A Dangerous Method
, November 23, 2011
A Dangerous Method, the title of David Cronenberg’s viscerally cerebral new film, is something of an understatement. As cataclysmic as it... More>>
A Boy, His Toy, and the History of Cinema in Hugo Hugo
, November 23, 2011
Martin Scorsese’s first foray into big-budget family filmmaking—as well as his inaugural effort in 3-D—Hugo is a personal... More>>
Mahnahmahmeh: Muppets Reboot Can't Quite Get Its Act Together The Muppets
, November 23, 2011
Desperately trying to appeal to not just the Gen Xers who grew up with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Dr. Teeth, but also the tykes who’ve never... More>>
Edward Yang, Urban Dweller A Rational Mind: The Films of Edward Yang
, November 23, 2011
Edwards Yang’s seventh and final feature, 2000’s Yi Yi, was the only to receive U.S. distribution—but even if Yi Yi was the... More>>
Police Misconduct: A Bad Cop Getting Worse in Rampart Rampart
, November 23, 2011
Directed by Oren Moverman (The Messenger) from a script by Moverman and L.A. noir master James Ellroy, Rampart tracks the downward spiral of LAPD... More>>
Some Like It Lukewarm: Marilyn Takes the Sex Out of Sex Symbol My Week With Marilyn
, November 23, 2011
We get the escapism we deserve, I guess: Just as 1930s Hollywood distracted Depression-era audiences with glitzy Fred and Ginger musicals, Harvey... More>>
Silence of the Hams: The Artist Joyfully Resurrects Hollywood's Past The Artist
, November 23, 2011
An undeniably charming homage to Hollywood in the late 1920s, The Artist will probably be the most successful silent movie since the days of the... More>>
Arthur Christmas Arthur Christmas
, November 23, 2011
The animated, 3-D Arthur Christmas introduces three generations of St. Nick’s family: Weedy retired Grandsanta (voiced by Bill Nighy,... More>>
Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
, November 23, 2011
Watching the succession of talking-head testimonials by former disciples of Chogyam Trungpa that comprise Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of... More>>
Romantics Anonymous Romantics Anonymous
, November 23, 2011
Romantics Anonymous is about the private comfort of sweets, and, as a romance that gently coddles the fantasies of shut-ins, it is the cinematic... More>>
Fantasy Island: Alexander Payne's Feel-Good Hawaiian Excursion, The Descendants The Descendants
, November 16, 2011
As life-or-death dramedy, The Descendants poses several important questions: Why has it taken Alexander Payne seven years to follow up on his... More>>
Blood is Thicker Than Blood Blood is Thicker Than Blood
Bella and Edward lock it down in Breaking Dawn–Part 1
, November 16, 2011
The single advantage the awful Twilight movies have over Stephenie Meyer’s awful-but-gripping novels is that, unlike the books' sad sack,... More>>
Freudian Trip: In Dialogue with David Cronenberg Freudian Trip: In Dialogue with David Cronenberg
, November 16, 2011
"They were experimenting on themselves,” says David Cronenberg, with no small amount of satisfaction, about the psychoanalytic all-stars of... More>>
Tween Choice: Complicating Late Childhood in Tomboy Tomboy
, November 16, 2011
A sensitive portrait of childhood just before pubescence—when bodies and identities are still fluid—Tomboy astutely explores the... More>>
A Replacements Doc With No Replacements Music: Color Me Obsessed Color Me Obsessed
, November 16, 2011
"Most of the drama of the film took place offscreen. And it came from people who couldn’t accept the idea of a rock documentary with no... More>>
Satirizing War in Technicolor: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
, November 16, 2011
For those combatant nations able to produce movies, World War II inspired all manner of morale-boosting epics. The Nazis conjured up the period... More>>
Eames: The Architect & The Painter Eames: The Architect & The Painter
, November 16, 2011
‘The best for the most for the least” was the utopian business credo of Charles Eames, who with his wife, Ray, revolutionized... More>>
Tyrannosaur Tyrannosaur
, November 16, 2011
Tyrannosaur opens with a dog being kicked to death by its master, Joseph (Peter Mullan), a Leeds widower curdled by his own fury; near the... More>>
Garbo: The Spy Garbo: The Spy
, November 16, 2011
Having barely escaped a bungled attempt to cross lines during the Spanish Civil War, Spanish man-of-mystery Juan Pujol offered his services as a... More>>
DZI Croquettes DZI Croquettes
, November 16, 2011
There’s a wonderful moment in the documentary DZI Croquettes in which footage of half-nude androgynous men dancing up a storm... More>>
The Lie The Lie
, November 16, 2011
Lonnie (writer-director Joshua Leonard) and wife, Clover (Jess Weixler), are ex-idealists—we know this because she wears a Crass... More>>
Buried Prayers Buried Prayers
, November 16, 2011
No matter how often recounted in documentaries, first-person testimonials about concentration camp experiences still shock, though Buried... More>>
The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch
, November 16, 2011
The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch is based on a Belgian comic book originally begun in the 1970s. It must be that the film’s murky,... More>>
Another Happy Day Another Happy Day
, November 16, 2011
In his first feature, writer-director Sam Levinson (son of Barry) turns to screeching family dysfunction for inspiration; the end result makes... More>>
King of Devil’s Island King of Devil's Island
, November 16, 2011
A brooding, evocative Norwegian juvie-hell drama set in 1915, Marius Holst’s movie lands us in a fresh locale: secluded, wintery... More>>
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