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Stella Days Stella Days
, June 20, 2012
Thanks to its understated elegance and surpassing central performance, this modest, too-eagerly schematic period drama is more engrossing than it... More>>
Men on the Bridge Men on the Bridge
, June 20, 2012
Raw yet respectful and tenderly observed, this feature-film/documentary hybrid from writer-director Asli Özge plops a trio of real-life... More>>
The Last Ride The Last Ride
, June 20, 2012
Country music devotees will either love or hate this speculative account of the last three days in the life of Hank Williams, the... More>>
Rock of Ages Posits Hair Metal as Something Un-awful Rock of Ages
Corporate rock still sucks
, June 13, 2012
Rock of Ages, a new star-clogged pop-musical diversion, is a cinematic event. It's not every day, after all, that you get to see two great... More>>
That's My Boy That's My Boy
, June 13, 2012
The year is 1984. The premise: Van Halen’s 1984—specifically, “Hot for Teacher.” In time-tested SNL-alum-movie fashion,... More>>
UFO in Her Eyes
, June 13, 2012
A portrait of modern China’s paradox with fairy tale framing and accent strokes of the surreal, UFO in Her Eyes creates a world as... More>>
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
, June 13, 2012
A loose inquiry into the origins and craft of hip-hop, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice-T's enjoyably clannish, idiosyncratic... More>>
Catch a World's Worth of Activist Thrills at the Human Rights Watch Film Fest Catch a World's Worth of Activist Thrills at the Human Rights Watch Film Fest
Sit down for justice
, June 13, 2012
For news junkies craving more potent stories about the U.S. health-care system, Chinese dissidents, and the wars on women and gay rights, this... More>>
Kirby Dick's The Invisible War Exposes an Epidemic of Rape in the Military Kirby Dick's The Invisible War Exposes an Epidemic of Rape in the Military
, June 13, 2012
Kirby Dick's last documentary was titled Outrage, but you could call his newest the same thing. A measured, expertly constructed chronicle of... More>>
The Slow, Sad Crumbling of Urban America in Sometimes Cities Sometimes Cities: Urban America Beyond NYC
, June 13, 2012
Urban planning and its discontents might seem like dry subjects for a night at the movies, but given how many copies of The Death and Life of... More>>
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present: Ready for Her Close-Up Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present
At MOMA, the artist examined us as individuals. A new doc does the same to her.
, June 13, 2012
For three months in 2010, Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramovic sat in a chair in a gallery at the Museum of Modern Art and directed... More>>
El Velador: Life in the Necropolis El Velador
Natalia Almada illuminates the aftermath of Mexico's drug-war violence
, June 13, 2012
Filming in the Jardines del Humaya cemetery in Culiacán, the largest city and capital of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico, Natalia Almada... More>>
Mathieu Demy Celebrates and Remixes His Parents' Work with Americano Americano
The son also appropriates
, June 13, 2012
In his feature directorial debut, actor Mathieu Demy—son of eminent filmmakers Jacques Demy and Agnès Varda—succumbs to and... More>>
With Your Sister's Sister, the Creator of Humpday Verges on the Conventional Your Sister's Sister
Bold people, housebroken
, June 13, 2012
Beginning with a bilious toast and ending with a group hug, Lynn Shelton's Your Sister's Sister, her fourth film, expertly makes us squirm for... More>>
Master Qi and the Monkey King Master Qi and the Monkey King
, June 13, 2012
Following a respected Queens-based troupe of Peking opera performers, the polite-rather-than-probing documentary Master Qi and the Monkey King is... More>>
Patang (The Kite) Patang (The Kite)
, June 13, 2012
An India tourist trap packed into 90 shruggable minutes, this overpraised import is less Bollywood than Generic Asian Family Drama Lite, when... More>>
Ikland Ikland
, June 13, 2012
Still shaken by a childhood reading of anthropologist Colin Turnbull's '60s portrait of Uganda's Ik tribe—whom he dubbed "the worst people... More>>
Extraterrestrial Extraterrestrial
, June 13, 2012
With three men orbiting a beautiful woman, Spain's Extraterrestrial employs all the weapons of an idiosyncratic (careening into black) romantic... More>>
The Tortured The Tortured
, June 13, 2012
Lean, nasty, and patently absurd, The Tortured plays like one long scream of agony. A jury sentences child-killer John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley)... More>>
The Girl From the Naked Eye The Girl From the Naked Eye
, June 13, 2012
In an 18-month span that has included the release of two superb action movies (The Raid: Redemption and Sleepless Night) and one and a half... More>>
The Woman in the Fifth The Woman in the Fifth
, June 13, 2012
The first film from émigré director Pawel Pawlikowski since 2004’s dreamy My Summer of Love, this thoroughly odd and brooding... More>>
Prometheus: The Tree of Death Prometheus
The thriller boasts impressive horror, but its ideas? Not so much.
, June 06, 2012
Arriving in theaters on the back of a portentous ad campaign, Ridley Scott's Prometheus assumes the air of something more than a summer movie, a... More>>
Life After Love Ain't Easy in Forgotten Gem We Won't Grow Old Together We Won't Grow Old Together
, June 06, 2012
We Won't Grow Old Together, Maurice Pialat's second feature, was made between films about an unwanted foster child's search for a home (L'Enfance... More>>
Tony Buba's Home Movies Tony Buba's Home Movies
The real-life work of Rust Bowl original gets his due
, June 06, 2012
The last bit of film-related news that I heard out of Braddock, Pennsylvania, came in 2009 Times piece of the city’s tatted-up mayor:... More>>
Subverting the Rom-Com in Safety Not Guaranteed and Lola Versus Safety Not Guaranteed
Where love doesn't mean an insult to the audience's intelligence
, June 06, 2012
With her high cheekbones, feline brown eyes, and heart-shaped mouth, actress Aubrey Plaza is bombshell hot. But in an unusual twist for a... More>>
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