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High Tech, Low Life High Tech, Low Life
, January 09, 2013
Two Chinese bloggers are the focus of High Tech, Low Life, but what's most revealing about Steve Maing's documentary aren't the ways in which the... More>>
Clandestine Childhood Clandestine Childhood
, January 09, 2013
A charming, involving first feature, Clandestine Childhood muscles its familiar coming-of-age material into something more vibrant and urgent... More>>
Let My People Go! Let My People Go!
, January 09, 2013
With his fluttery falsetto and haughty gaze, Ruben, the flamboyantly gay, ambivalently Jewish twentysomething hero of the new French comedy Let... More>>
Quartet Quartet
, January 09, 2013
A decorous gathering of dames and other knighted U.K. doyens, Quartet centers on the residents of Beecham House, a baronial residence for retired... More>>
Struck by Lightning Struck by Lightning
, January 09, 2013
It's almost impossible to dislike Chris Colfer, the young Glee star who wrote and stars in the high school comedy Struck by Lightning, which... More>>
$ellebrity $ellebrity
, January 09, 2013
It's not easy being famous, as the famous love to remind us. Just ask Jennifer Aniston, Kid Rock, or any of the other instantly recognizable... More>>
The Baytown Outlaws The Baytown Outlaws
, January 09, 2013
It's redneck killers for hire versus stripper assassins, African-American pirates, and Native American warriors—all hired by a Latino drug... More>>
Storage 24 is a Monster from a Familiar Mother Storage 24 is a Monster from a Familiar Mother
, January 09, 2013
Shrewd horror movies generate terror by crafting their endangered characters in three dimensions—but it helps if those characters, however... More>>
My Best Enemy My Best Enemy
, January 09, 2013
Getting even is wearying in My Best Enemy, a banal World War II thriller dependent on contrived role reversals. Victor Kaufmann (Moritz... More>>
I Am Not a Hipster I Am Not a Hipster
, January 09, 2013
Several of the past decade's best movie musicals—whether comic (School of Rock), sweet (Once), graceful (Our Beloved Month of August), or... More>>
How to Defend Quentin Tarantino How to Defend Quentin Tarantino
What critics who attack the director's borrowings miss
, January 02, 2013
Ah, here it is again: that special time we experience every two to six years when Quentin Tarantino makes a new movie, and people dig out the old... More>>
10 Movies to Watch in 2013 10 Movies to Watch in 2013
In theaters, on demand, or wherever
, January 02, 2013
Most of the blathering this year about the death of film and film culture has already evaporated from the mind, like so much inert gas. But one... More>>
Texas Chainsaw 3-D
, January 02, 2013
Three sequels, a remake, a prequel to the remake, and now another sequel. What is it with chain saw massacres of the Texas variety? This latest... More>>
England Grinds: 56 Up Reveals Life in Stasis 56 Up
, January 02, 2013
Life goes inexorably, chillingly on. The Up series, Michael Apted's famous calendrical march, presses forth now into its eighth episode, with the... More>>
Gangster Squad's Cop-Turned-Screenwriter Faces the Thin Blue Line Edit Gangster Squad's Cop-Turned-Screenwriter Faces the Thin Blue Line Edit
L.A.'s Finest
, January 02, 2013
"Like a lot of other stuff in my life, I sort of fell backwards into it," screenwriter Will Beall says of his unexpected perch atop Hollywood's... More>>
Bruno Dumont and Others Revel Where Art Meets Life Bruno Dumont and Others Revel Where Art Meets Life
The Vanguard
, January 02, 2013
"Reality is far more powerful than any story, legend, myth, or surrealism," observes the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura in a key... More>>
A Dark Truth A Dark Truth
, January 02, 2013
Groping for the levers of outrage is an OK way to establish a narrative rapport with an audience, and giant and amoral corporations can provide a... More>>
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
, January 02, 2013
On the heels of The Other Son comes another earnest, well-intentioned, slightly cloying French film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:... More>>
My Brooklyn Makes the Case that Gentrification is Worse Than We Thought My Brooklyn Makes the Case that Gentrification is Worse than We Thought
, January 02, 2013
My Brooklyn opens with a lifelong resident of the eponymous borough gushing over his youth in the '70s: drinking water from fire hydrants,... More>>
In His Great Tabu, Miguel Gomes Offers More In His Great Tabu, Miguel Gomes Offers More
The Maximalist
, December 26, 2012
Perhaps in response to bombastic mainstream Hollywood, international auteurs often veer toward minimalism—quieter emotions, slower tempos,... More>>
Promised Land's Hard Sell Promised Land
For Matt Damon and company, the message is the message
, December 26, 2012
Salesmen are typically depicted in screen drama as the quintessential American phonies. The exceptions—in Barry Levinson's Avalon or Whit... More>>
Tabu's Brilliant Look at Colonial Fantasy Tabu
Let's go native
, December 26, 2012
Tabu is one of those truly unique movies you can get tongue-tied just trying to describe: a tragic pop pastiche? A lyrical Old Hollywood... More>>
Madoka Magica Madoka Magica
, December 26, 2012
Early in the dazzling anime feature Madoka Magica, the first of a trilogy based on a popular Japanese TV series, bubbly schoolgirl Madoka Kaname... More>>
Allegiance Allegiance
, December 26, 2012
Without its topical pretext and overzealous patriotism, Allegiance would be just another generic action film. Set in 2004, writer/director... More>>
Parental Guidance Parental Guidance
, December 26, 2012
In much the same way that pig-romancing hill folk felt slandered by William Denison "Bill" McKinney's performance in Deliverance, the elderly... More>>
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