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Stand Up, Seriously. Or: When Lenny Bruce Got a Camcorder in Not Funny Not Funny: Stand-Up Comedy and Visual Artists
, November 02, 2011
A funny thing happens when you watch stand-up comics and performance artists together: The line between the two begins to vanish. That’s... More>>
Barely Skating By in Dragonslayer Barely Skating By in Dragonslayer
A new kind of youth movie for these uncertain times
, November 02, 2011
"I’d heard that Rikk Agnew, the guitarist from The Adolescents, was, like, going to be playing the driveway at this house party in Chino.... More>>
Generation Wa Da Tai: Happy 10th, Pootie Tang! Generation Wa Da Tai: Happy 10th, Pootie Tang!
, November 02, 2011
June 29, 2001: a great day in the history of cinema. Opening simultaneously at the multiplex, two movies pushed at the outer limit of big-studio... More>>
No Sophomore Slump for DOC NYC No Sophomore Slump for DOC NYC
Beyond talking heads
, November 02, 2011
Bigger and here to stay, DOC NYC returns for its second year to spread the gospel of nonfiction, showcasing 52 features in what’s becoming... More>>
Deserved Second Act for Paul Newman's Sometimes a Great Notion Sometimes a Great Notion
, November 02, 2011
One great thing about Paris: New prints of old movies from the ’70s, ’60s, and even the ’50s get extended runs in large... More>>
Stuck Between Stations Stuck Between Stations
, November 02, 2011
Becky (Zoe Lister Jones) is a grad student, sexually entangled with department faculty, in comp lit; Casper (Sam Rosen, also credited as... More>>
Charlotte Rampling: The Look Charlotte Rampling: The Look
, November 02, 2011
"A self-portrait through others,” as it’s subtitled, this conversational hall of mirrors never takes its microscope off the... More>>
Tower Heist: Stealing From the Rich to. . . Make a Funny Movie Tower Heist
, November 02, 2011
A revenge of the have-nots playing on the clear class stratification of the luxury high-rise, Tower Heist pits lobby against penthouse. Josh... More>>
The Son of No One The Son of No One
, November 02, 2011
For his third film, outer-borough sensationalist Dito Montiel sets most of the action in Astoria, the Queens neighborhood that dominated his... More>>
In the Family In the Family
, November 02, 2011
With an incisive understanding of character, believably naturalistic acting, and lengthy scenes that don’t feel stretched out so much as... More>>
Last Rites of Joe May The Last Rites of Joe May
, November 02, 2011
A sixtysomething short money hustler who has spent his life on the Chicago streets, Joe May (Dennis Farina) is leaving the hospital after a bout... More>>
Killing Bono Killing Bono
, November 02, 2011
It seems like an inspired riff: a biopic not about a rock star’s tumultuous and destined rise to fame and fortune, but about his school... More>>
Young Goethe in Love Young Goethe in Love
, November 02, 2011
That this film was originally titled Goethe! should give you a sense of how much silly Sturm und Drang boosterism awaits. A biopic more fiction... More>>
Cherkess Cherkess
, November 02, 2011
Ah, the plodding period costume drama! First-time director Mohy Quandour's contribution at least serves as an unobjectionable reminder that the... More>>
5 Star Day 5 Star Day
, November 02, 2011
Promised a wonderful “5 Star Day” by his horoscope, Jake Gibson (Cam Gigandet) instead loses his job, his girlfriend, and his car in... More>>
Pianomania Pianomania
, November 02, 2011
A courtier, errand boy, master sound technician, and Steinway rep all rolled into one, Stephan Knüpfer has the unenviable task of catering... More>>
Night and the City: Walter Hill on The Warriors and The Driver Night and the City: Walter Hill on The Warriors and The Driver
Sucker for the underbelly of urban life
, October 26, 2011
While filming the cult 1979 masterpiece The Warriors, in which a Coney Island gang busts through city barricades after being falsely implicated... More>>
Much Ado About Very Little in Anonymous Anonymous
The Shakespeare exposé no one has been waiting for
, October 26, 2011
Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, is the close-second candidate to be attributed authorship of the 37 plays of William Shakespeare, the... More>>
The Ghost of Hunter Thompson, A Tame Rum Diary The Rum Diary
, October 26, 2011
Written and directed by Bruce Robinson, The Rum Diary is what the Brits might call a rum movie—an oddly inoffensive piece and a personal... More>>
JustIn Time JustIn Time
Timberlake, representing the 99 percent
, October 26, 2011
Set in an unspecified future, In Time owes as much to The Marx-Engels Reader as Bonnie and Clyde. Time is money: Everyone is genetically... More>>
A Death in the Family: Anthology Honors David C. Stone A Death in the Family: Anthology Honors David C. Stone
, October 26, 2011
In paying tribute to producer and transatlantic experimental-film impresario David C. Stone, Anthology Film Archives honors the lifetime of new... More>>
Pop Art Movement: On Roy Lichtenstein's Three Landscapes Three Landscapes
That time the artist made a movie
, October 26, 2011
However commonplace today, gallery video or film installations were once seen as blatantly vanguard—evidence of art’s forward march... More>>
Silver Bullets Silver Bullets
, October 26, 2011
Whatever else you think of Joe Swanberg’s movies—and there have been four in 2011 alone—they can’t be accused of... More>>
Urbanized Urbanized
, October 26, 2011
A micro-to-macro expansion of and logical conclusion to Gary Hustwit’s elegantly compelling, design-in-the-everyday doc trilogy (which... More>>
Like Crazy Like Crazy
, October 26, 2011
Anna (Felicity Jones) is an aspiring journalist, a wee wisp of a girl come from Britain to study in Los Angeles, where she meets cute with Jacob... More>>
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