Whatcha Wearin'? (My P.S. Partner) (NR)

Comedy 114 December 21, 2012
By Ernest Hardy
There's only one reason to watch writer-director Byun Sung-hyun's raunchy but formulaic Korean romantic comedy Whatcha Wearin', and that's the cornucopia of eye candy. The cast is drop-dead gorgeous, providing a nonstop display of sculpted cheekbones, taut bodies, and proof of the unfairness of the gene crapshoot. But the story itself is built on a foundation of triteness that is tricked out with ribaldry. Hyun-seung (Ji Sung), a struggling musician, has been dumped by his girlfriend; she has moved on, but he’s still in love. Yoon-jung (Kim Ah-joong) has been led on for five years by her boyfriend, who refuses to push their relationship to the next level. One night, Yoon-jung calls her guy for an impromptu session of phone sex but reaches Hyun-seung by mistake-- a mistake they don't realize until after the Kleenex has been discarded. Embarrassment (his) and disgust (hers) slowly gives way to a real connection as the phone calls resume and become the twosome's way to get emotional intimacy they're not receiving elsewhere. From all-girl shopping sprees (with cuts to grinning babies) to barroom drinking sessions with buddies, the film is a checklist of sturdy romantic comedy tropes that no amount of simulated masturbation or blue language can mask or subvert.
Byun Sung-Hyun Kim Ah-joong, Ji Sung Byun Sung-Hyun, Kim Min-soo CJ Entertainment America


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