10 Curren$y Songs That Prove He's More Than Just A Weed Rapper

10 Curren$y Songs That Prove He's More Than Just A Weed Rapper

After a couple of failed attempts at riding under someone else's banner (No Limit, Cash Money), Curren$y ventured out on his own and struck gold, amassing hundreds of thousands of loyal followers and lighting (pardon the pun) the way for rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller to carve out their own territory in cyberspace. As other rappers took his cue and rhymed more about smoking drugs rather than selling them, the term "weed rapper" was born, and an entire subgenre was written off as just stoners rapping about their favorite pasttime.

What is a weed rapper, though? Every time I interviewed Jim Jones he was smoking. Same goes for Snoop and Raekwon. Does that make them weed rappers? Guess it just boils down to subject matter then, huh? I guess Cypress Hill are weed rappers then? No? Oh.

It probably doesn't help a whole hell of a lot that he named his recent EP with Styles P #The1st28 (as in 28 grams in an ounce), but I thought we were done calling Curren$y a weed rapper. Luckily, Spitta's has a great defense against the "weed rapper" ball and chain: Keep doing exactly what he's doing. The kid's output is unmatched, and his flow will eventually absolve him of any talk of being a one-dimensional rapper with bud as a crutch.

In further defense of Spitta being stuck with this limiting title, here are ten joints where his topics of choice stray from marijuana.

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10. "Soundbombing" This one is off his latest offering and, yes, it's all about weed. But I put it on the list as a statement: Even if Curren$y is "just a weed rapper," he's still more talented than most artists.

9. "Daze Of Thunder" Jacking the "Live Fast, Die Young" from Rick Ross for the first release off The Return To The Winners Circle, Curren$y does talk about weed here and there. But those mentions serve as a backdrop to the race-car metaphors that make up the bulk of the subject matter. With no hooks and a rapidfire delivery where sentences kind of seamlessly come together, it's hard to tell where one thought begins and another one ends. But that's why they call him Spitta.

8. "Yet Another Story" Revisiting the story about the basketball player's philandering girlfriend things take a turn for the worse when he finds out she's been cheating after looking through her Twitter. Spitta paints dramatic, yet humorous pictures pretty well especially for being just a weed rapper.

7. "I Got A Story To Tell"

Humorous soap opera inspired by B.I.G.'s song of the same name and track, complete with a basketball player's cheating girlfriend. Spitta's tale is so detailed, you halfway suspect he's talking about Tyson Chandler. The ending is the best, especially because it leaves an opening for a follow-up song.

6. "Bout It 2011" You can classify him as a weed rapper, but this song articulates his No Limit roots and his desire to represent New Orleans the way Weezy and P have before him.

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