10 Eye-Popping Concert Posters From The South By Southwest Edition Of Flatstock

By Nick Rallo

This poster by Nakatomi caused the kid behind me to say: "Dad, I want the giant squid poster. Now."
​This year, the South By Southwest edition of the traveling concert-poster show Flatstock (presented by the American Poster Institute) showcased more than 100 artists who were selling enough completely badass concert posters to drain your checking account dry. No, seriously: five minutes of walking around the Convention Center, and you'll start to imagine which pieces of furniture you'll sell later to afford both your rent and the artwork you're coveting. Below, 10 of the most wall-hang-worthy.

Under Pressure Screen Printing

All photos by Nick Rallo
Designed by The Bird Machine. Owner Jay Ryan: "It's my job to inform people, and very few people know about the giant sky walrus."

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