11 Somewhat Fourth Of July-Appropriate Songs That Are Way Better Than Katy Perry's "Firework"

11 Somewhat Fourth Of July-Appropriate Songs That Are Way Better Than Katy Perry's "Firework"

Tomorrow is the fourth of July, which means the celebration of American independence from Great Britain, which means Americans gathering in various wide-open spaces in order to watch things blow up. The big New York fireworks party is sponsored by Macy's, with the featured entertainment being none other than one-woman spectacle Katy Perry, who has a pop hit called "Firework" and a new movie about how her self-proclaimed "weirdo" persona became really really popular coming out this Friday. How fortuitous! Of course, the "it gets better, you be you!" message of her song is completely undercut by her insistence on continuing to play her metrosexual-shaming ditty "U R So Gay" in concert, not to mention the mean-girlness inherent in way too many of her other songs. If the celebration of her noxious persona on America's big day is enough to make you renounce your citizenship, fret not! After the jump are 11 (because seven plus four, get it?) tracks about the holiday, bright things in the sky, and blowing things up that you can turn up while Perry is trying to turn on the sincerity act. Feel free to suggest your own favorites!

11. Keel, "Fourth Of July"

Unfortunately, the "beer can solo" that imprinted this song on my consciousness when I was but a cassette-collecting youth is not really audible in this video. You can probably get the idea.

10. Explosions In The Sky, "Your Hand In Mine"

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Because someone is going to ask, "What about Explosions In The Sky?"

9. Jimmy Eat World, "Just Watch The Fireworks"

8. Magnetic Fields, "100,000 Fireflies"

For the part of the night after the fireworks show ends.

7. Patrick Stump, "Explode"

Mreo about the psychotic-break type of explosion than the type that's orchestrated by pyrotechnicians, but I'm going to ride for this record until I die.

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