12 Albums From The Past Decade That Are Way Better Than Is This It

...despite these black marks, Is This It was a decade-defining record that set the agenda for how rock sounded and even looked throughout the aughts. More importantly, Is This It remains (takes deep breath, steels self for commenter rage) the single best album released in the past 10 years."

Oh, Taylor Clark. Honey. No. I mean, I can get into why your assertion that the Real Rock Revivalists Who Almost Saved New York's "11-song fireball that showed [them] to be musicians with a real artistic vision"* is the best record of the past decade is flat-out wrong, but it will likely involve me jumping up and down and flailing and using the r-word and getting all sweaty. So instead, I'll just supply a dozen refutations to your argument. I'm sure our commenters will think of more! Because, real talk, Is This It is mayyyyybe somewhere in the mid-200s on the great albums of the '00s list.

12. Marnie Stern

11. Fall Out Boy, Folie A Deux

10. Kanye West, 808s And Heartbreak

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9. Beyoncé, 4

8. Tracey Thorn, Love And Its Opposite

7. Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

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