<3's Day Cred Sheet: So You Didn't Get Into Arcade Fire . . .

. . . THERE'S STILL HOPE. WHAT TO YOU NEED TO KNOW Brumpster Harvilla does the real thing regularly in print. This one's just for the screens.

Half a Heart: And she wonders why she was alone.

Last night: Régine Chassagne uses a megaphone! And someone is there to report it. Is there such a thing as the anti-backlash-from-the-backlash backlash? Or is that just plain ol' backlash reincarnated? P-Fork has photos from last night's show at Judson Memorial Church. [Like they need our linkage]

Tonight: Big Beard Keep You Warm? Kyp Malone tonight at Glasslands in Williamsburg for a "Valentine's Day" dinner. Don't even go near him with a copy of last week's Voice. [Glasslands]

Heart-Shaped Box Treasure trove of love songs over at Podbog Blog, a site that's spent the last 13 days posting five tracks a day. Who knew "I'm In Love With An Android" could make you feel so fuzzy? [Podbop Blog]

Peanut Butter Wolfy Time Stone's Throw wild animal posts a Valentine's Day mix made for J-Wave, Tokyo and it's only available online through the end of the day. Right about now, Can's "Bring Me Coffee Or Tea" is about the most romantic thing ever. Hint. Hint. [Stone's Throw]

The Sound of Subway Cars Takka Takka releases free three-song EP online Talk Faster Our boss is already working on a remix called Blog Faster. [Takka Takka Web site]

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