A Bewildering Underground MC, Somewhat Decoded

Parsing the nonpareil, nonsensical flow of Los Angeles MC Busdriver (né Regan Farquhar) can be challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible. Here’s a rough rubric for a few tracks on his prodigious, word-spangling fourth LP:

  • "Pompous Posies! Your Party’s No Fun"
    Style: Way-Off-Broadway showtune waltz.
    Topic: Sucky showbiz politics. Premise: "This year I thought I’d do away with celebrity-endorsed barbarism rather than entertain sore feelings at board meetings with these corporate mooches."

  • "Sun Showers"
    Style: Depeche Mode–y disco.
    Topic: Desiccated romantic relationships.
    Premise: "There’s a place for you and a place for me/Return to the bourgeoisie while I sift through debris."

  • "The Troglodyte Wins"
    Style: Big-beat raggamuffin rudebwoy ragga.
    Topic: Erroneous identity politics.
    Premise: "The troglodyte wins because you voted in the defaulted Cro-Magnon man."

  • "Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is the Sport of Now)"
    Style: (Concrete) jungle drum’n’bass.
    Topic: Contrived corporate culture.
    Premise: "You stinky motherfucker... barbecuing sorted meat substitutes, arguing at your bleak study groups in your turtlenecks writing cross reference checks in the relief money fund."

  • "Secret Skin"
    Style: Boom-bippy prog rock.
    Topic: Facetious new ageism.
    Premise: "This self-made mogul alpha male now seeks a Dalai Lama to become a cocoon due to my album sales."

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