A Patient High Places Save Their New Song/Video for Halloween

Your new-look High Places: sing-y, bassoon-y, spooky. "I Was Born," the single, is out today on Thrill Jockey; above is the duo's self-made video for the song, which is suitably scary and features what is either a nearly unrecognizable Mary Pearson or, alternately, an entirely different person. That's definitely Rob Barber though, covered in mud. This is a song about being born again, literally. Take that how you will--we do not think religion is what these two have discovered out in the wilds of Los Angeles. "I Was Born" will get the remix treatment soon, as part of a 12" single that will also feature another new song. In the meantime, Thrill Jockey's selling this one for a dollar. [Pitchfork Image Factory]


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