A Quick Word from the Fiery Furnaces, Regarding Our Recent Story About Their Trip to Brooklyn Bowl

So recently, honorable Voice correspondent Cristina Black took everyone's favorite nigh-inscrutable brother-sister duo, the Fiery Furnaces, on a private tour of Brooklyn Bowl, everyone's favorite new high-end Williamsburg bowling alley, for a piece cleverly titled "Bowling With the Fiery Furnaces." (Step back, I am a professional.) First sentence: "Matt Friedberger is impressed. 'Did we suddenly become hugely famous, and this is what it's like?' he asks, twirling to take in his surroundings, i.e., the bowling alley."

This story seems to have disquieted the band somewhat, re: levels of detectable sarcasm, etc. Via PR channels, they've passed along an official reaction/statement/clarification. Which reads as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Regarding your recent story about the Fiery Furnaces in the bowling alley: thank you for writing about us; and thanks to the bowling alley for having us there. However, and as it happens, we feel obliged to report that the tone of our remarks was often misrepresented. For instance: the quote which begins the piece was said, in actual fact, with quite a bit of sarcasm. To be sure, it was not a very witty remark. But it certainly was sarcastic. In the future, the band will strive to be more obviously insincere and disdainful.

In writing this we of course imply no disrespect to the bowling alley, which is no doubt providing, as employer or client, a much needed boost to the economy of North Williamsburg; to say nothing of the remarkable atmosphere it certainly succeeds in promulgating. Conversely, we would not like to be thought in anyway dissatisfied with the efforts of the writer of the piece, whom we continue to regard as extremely pleasant and very intelligent.

Needless to say, we hold it an honor to be mentioned in any capacity by as legendary a publication as the Village Voice. As always, we are proud to patronize your advertisers and be personally affected by your editorial positions.

Sincerely, and with affection,

The Fiery Furnaces


Well that clears that up.

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