Adventures in High-Concept Music Videos: Jason Lytle Hits the Car Wash

Those who've long swooned over Jason Lytle's lumberjack/skateboarder synth-pop oeuvre (yes, oeuvre) are familiar with his affinity for lo-fi/half-assed experimental filmmaking -- his tenure with Grandaddy featured quite a few low-budget thrillers. (Here's my favorite.) Now, from his beautiful but extremely lonely-sounding solo disc Yours Truly, the Commuter, comes the apparently official video for "It's the Weekend," an uncharacteristically short, peppy, upbeat palate-cleansing track on the record that now soundtracks... Jason washing an (already rather clean-looking) minivan in an impressive 2:17, and that includes the title card. Admiral craftsmanship here (the washing, not the filming); I love this guy, and I worry about him.


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