And the Third Drake Single Is..."Miss Me," Featuring Lil Wayne

The full version, after Drake's verse leaked a month ago. If you're following along, we now have the willfully perverse first single--that'd be "Over," probably the most bizarre half-sung album-announcing lead record since Kanye did 808s--the loverman-showcasing, Jamaican tourism minister-angering follow-up ("Find Your Love"), and now finally, "Miss Me," on which Drake finally gets around to trying to convert the hardcore rap hold-outs. That's where Lil Wayne and Bun B come in: bonafide legacy guys blessing a new star. Whether or not you find Drake's belated flexing of his rap muscles convincing is almost beside the point--the Thank Me Later campaign is pure, market-tested shock and awe. If you ever wanted to see an artist deconstruct his own audience, well, it's happening. [Nah Right]

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