Arcade Fire Take Early Lead In Year-End-List Mania Sweepstakes

It's been quite a day so far for incredibly detailed statistical analysis that I barely understand: I'm still puzzling over this "Complete Map of Optimal Tic-Tac-Toe Moves," and am barely more literate when it comes to parsing friend-of-SOTC and noted Voice jazz guru Tom Hull's master chart of records with the most year-in-review mentions so far, culled from Metacritic, individual blogs, and so forth. The results may not necessarily surprise you. As Tom notes, "My guess is that about 80% of the blogger lists are from young white guys, and that has its effect. Most professional critics fit that demographic too, so you're stuck with that." Therefore, this, for the moment, is the Top 10 you're stuck with:

#1 Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [Merge] {155}: {AV, AZ:2, BEA:1, CL:1, DS, EX:1, FLY:2, GW:1, MJ:2, NME:2, P:7, Q:1, RH:3, RS:4, RT, SG:2, SP:3, SPR:5, ST:4, U:4, UR:2}; MC(86), AM, AP:89, AS:80, AV:A-, BB:87, BBC:100, BG:90, CL:90, CMG:85, CT:88, DA:100, DM:80, DS:80, DU:90, EW:A-, G:80, HC:90, LAT:88, LS:91, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:90, NOW:100, NR:90, P:83, PF:86, PX:95, Q:100, RKS:80, RS:80, SL:90, SP:90, SPK:80, TMT:80, URB:80; RC:A-, CM, MT:A, TH:A-

#2 The National: High Violet [4AD] {145}: {ATH:3, AV:3, AZ:4, BEA:3, DS:2, EX:7, FL:4, FLY:7, GW:3, NME, Q:8, RH:2, RS, RT, SG, SPR:2, ST:5, U, UR:6}; MC(84), AC:89, AP:90, AV:A, BB:86, BBC:90, BG:80, CMG:85, DA:100, DM:80, DS:90, DU:80, EW:B+, G:80, LAT:88, LS:83, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:90, P:81, PF:87, PM:80, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:90, SP:80, SPK:100, TMT:90, U:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:A-

#3 Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Island Def Jam] {125}: {AV:1, AZ:6, BEA:7, DS, F:2, GW:2, MO, P:4, RH:9, RS:1, SG:1, SP:1, SPR:3, ST:7, V:1}, MC(92*), AM, AP:98, AS:90, AV:91, BB:95, BBC:90, BG:90, CL:90, CMG:90, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A, G:80, HP:80, MO:80, NME:90, NOW:100, NR:80, P:94, PF:100, PH:100, PM:100, PX:95, RR:90, RS:100, SL:100, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, VV:90; RC:A, TH:A-

#4 LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening [DFA] {121}: {AV:4, AZ:5, BEA:9, CL:9, DS:9, FL:1, FLY:3, GW, NME:4, P:1, RH:1, RS:10, RT, SG, SP:4, SPR:7, U:9}; MC(84), AM, AL:80, AV:A, BB:84, BG:80, CL:90, CT:88, DA:90, DM:80, EW:A, FL:84, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:100, P:93, PF:92, PH:88, PM:90, PX:85, Q:80, RS:80, SP:80, TMT:80, UR:90, URB:90; RC:A-, CM, TH:*

#5 Beach House: Teen Dream [Sub Pop] {118}: {ATH:1, BEA:2, CL:5, EX:3, FL:2, FLY:10, NME:3, Q, RH, RS, RT, SG:3, SP, SPR:1, UR:3}; MC(82), AM, AL:80, AP:90, AV:A-, BB:80, BBC:80, BG:90, CMG:84, CL:80, DA:90, EW:A-, LS:92, MO:80, NME:90, NR:80, P:90, PF:90, PH:100, PM:80, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:90, SP:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80; RC:*, TH:**

#6 Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest [4AD] {107}: {ATH, AV, AZ:9, BEA, EX:2, MJ, NME, RH, SG:10, SP:2, SPR:4, UR:4}, MC(86), AL:80, AM, AS:80, AV:A-, AP:90, BB:81, BBC:80, BG:90, CMG:80, DA:90, DS:80, DU:90, FL:90, G:80, LS:90, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NR:100, PF:92, PH:88, PX:80, Q:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:70, SPK:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80; MT:***, TH:**

#7 Sleigh Bells: Treats [Mom + Pop] {94}: {AZ, EX, P:6, SG:6}, MC(84), AM, AL:80, AP:89, AV:A-, BBC:80, CMG:81, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A-, G:80, LS:100, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:90, NYT:80, P:93, PF:87, PM:90, PX:85, Q:80, RS:70, SL:100, SP:80, SPK:80, TMT:80; MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:***

#8 Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty [Def Jam] {92}: {AV:7, AZ:10, DS, F, QT, RH, SP, V:8}, MC(89), AM, AV:A-, AC:89, BB:81, BBC:90, BG:90, CMG:88, DM:80, DS:90, DU:90, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:90, P:86, PF:92, PH:88, PM:80, PX:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, U:80, URB:80, VV:90, W:80; MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:A-

#9 The Black Keys: Brothers [Nonesuch] {88}: {ATH, AV, AZ:3, BEA:8, CL, FL:8, GW, MJ:5, Q, RH:6, RS:2, RT, SPR, UR:9}; MC(82), AM, AP:87, AV:B+, BB:87, BBC:80, DA:90, EW:B+, FL:84, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:77, Q:80, RS:80, SL:90, SPK:80, TMT:80, U:80, URB:90; TH:**

#10 Janelle Monae: The ArchAndroid [Bad Boy] {88}: {AV:6, AZ, BEA, P:2, QT, RH:5, SP:6, UR:5, V:5}, MC(91), AM, AV:A-, BB:83, BBC:90, BG:80, CMG:85, CT:100, DA:100, DS:90, EW:A-, G:100, HP:80, LAT:88, MO:90, NOW:80, NR:90, P:91, PF:85, PM:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, UR:80, URB:100; CM, MT:**, TH:**

Tom kindly explains what all those initials mean here; apparently this is more geared to track number of mentions than how high a record places, so maybe Kanye takes over from there. "It's been my favorite waste of time, but it's been one," he adds. And now perhaps it's yours, too.

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