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  • Mastery on Music Row


    Mastery on Music Row

    Two albums that have shown up via Nashvillea kickass debut that muses and sparkles, and a wildly sophisticated follow-up that doesn't choke on its own maturityindicate that young Southern singer-songwriters needn't be captive to anyone's convention...

    by James Hunter on October 15, 2002
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    Seven-Year Ache

    New Orleans is a fine place to become someone else, or to luxuriate in obscurity of your own making. Mike West and Myshkin have done both in their time. As husband and wife, they were acoustic iconoclasts, nearly lost in the brassy blare of New Orlea...

    by Anya Kamenetz on October 15, 2002
  • Rubber City Meets the Crossroad


    Rubber City Meets the Crossroad

    For four years, I lived in Akron, Ohio. These four years were fascinating, because Akron somehow manages to be completely bizarre and profoundly archetypal at the same time; I am 95 percent certain it was the inspiration for the community of Springfi...

    by Chuck Klosterman on October 15, 2002
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    Crossroad to Ruin

    Like the White Stripes and the Black Keys, Mr. Airplane Man are a drums-and-guitar duo that play gritty four-chord trash rock, but that's where the similarity ends. If Jack White is the Enron CEO of neo-garage, Margaret Garrett is its cleanup lady. W...

    by Sue Cummings on October 15, 2002
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    Hail Fellow Well Set

    Preemptive readers of article tags know that I have a temporary gig, which limits my writing if not my listening. I'm unreasonably pleased to note that said gig lasts past Thanksgiving. What might we call an Easter Turkey Shoot? A Ham Roast? A Bunny ...

    by Robert Christgau on October 15, 2002
  • Music



    You Got Ta Roll Me As Run-D.M.C. would say, let the blippers blip, and the glitchers glitch! Black Dice brought their brand of Brooklyn disaster-ambient to the Lyceum for Tuesday night's record-release gala, celebrating their excellent new album,...

    on October 15, 2002
  • Romeo's Tune


    Romeo's Tune

    Are Interpol the Steve Forbert of postpunk revival acts? (See www.nerdmagazine.org/forbert.html.) Are they, as The New York Times would have it, the beginning of the end of the New York rock underground? Is Matador the Steve Forbert of indie rock lab...

    by Scott Seward on October 8, 2002
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    Rocket Reducer No. 6200

    Ever since it became clear that the MC5's attempt to levitate Sun Ra's starship was basically a complete failure, like-minded subsequent units have attempted more or less successfully to improve on the blueprint. Comets on Fire are the latest in a lo...

    by Daniel Dimaggio on October 8, 2002
  • Unidentified Fretted Object - David Beardsley Paints Moods Without Moving


    Unidentified Fretted Object - David Beardsley Paints Moods Without Moving

    The September 21 concert of David Beardsley was the most peculiar I've heard in a few years. In the first place it was held at Chama, a tiny storefront East Village bookstore devoted to UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena. Secondly, 25 percent of the...

    by Kyle Gann on October 8, 2002
  • The Present Moment - Sonny Rollins at the Summit


    The Present Moment - Sonny Rollins at the Summit

    "Give yourself a gift," Marcus Aurelius advised, "the present moment." Aldous Huxley populated his island paradise Pala with parrots that fly around squawking, "Here and now, boys, here and now!" All the wise men agreethe key to a healthy life is al...

    by Gary Giddins on October 8, 2002
  • Licensed to Lil


    Licensed to Lil

    Our nation's MCs are shrinking at an alarming rate. Not the number of MCsI mean their actual stature. Check out the astounding quantity of miniature-monikered rappers that a quick search of the All Music Guide turns up14 "Little," 52 "Lil'," and, t...

    by Keith Harris on October 8, 2002
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    De Stijl Our Hearts The sun-soaked crowdmedia hipsters, hooky-players, Berliniamsburghers, viral-market targets, secretaries who loved Secretarywere makin' the scene with their coffee and cream last Tuesday noon in Union Square to hear the Wh...

    on October 8, 2002
  • Accidentally on Purpose


    Accidentally on Purpose

    Born in 1980 in Omaha, Nebraska, Conor Oberst has been recording since age 13, and has already released seven CDs documenting his prodigious lyricism, egregious pessimism, indiscriminate romanticism, and passionate belief that his self-inflicted dark...

    by Joe Levy on October 1, 2002
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    Emo Pluribus Unum

    Today, the guys complain about the girls, the girls complain about themselves, and everybody complains about their parents and YOOOUUUU!!!!! The only big hit rock song to take a political bent in recent months was Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American," ...

    by Anthony Miccio on October 1, 2002
  • What the Geezer Saw


    What the Geezer Saw

    If you think New York makes you stressy, just listen to Thomas Jefferson, from his Notes on the State of Virginia: "The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of the government as sores do to the strength of the human body. . . . Let ou...

    by Sasha Frere-Jones on October 1, 2002
  • Nice Nice Guys Finish Last


    Nice Nice Guys Finish Last

    At the beginning of 1995, City Pages, the Minneapolis-St. Paul weekly not yet affiliated with the Voice, held a mini-version of Pazz & Jop with all local critics, and I will never forget the top two albums. The winner was Hole's Live Through Thisno ...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on October 1, 2002
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    Simple Things First - New Discs From Out West by Peter Garland and Terry Riley

    I Have Had to Learn the Simplest Things Last is the title of a recent Peter Garland work. It's a great title, but it strikes me that Garland learned the simplest things earlier than most people do. At least Garland's music has always been simple, in ...

    on September 24, 2002
  • Lionel Hampton, 19082002 - After 75 Years Onstage, a Well-Earned Rest


    Lionel Hampton, 19082002 - After 75 Years Onstage, a Well-Earned Rest

    Putting aside the probability that in the fullness of time every musician, from Palestrina to Perry Como, will be looked upon as a precursor of rock and roll, in the instance of Lionel Hampton the claim has much validityindeed, it's surprising to di...

    by Gary Giddins on September 24, 2002
  • Goin' Out Walkin'


    Goin' Out Walkin'

    Soon as I saw the video of "Long Time Gone," debut single from the new Dixie Chicks album, Home, I knew there was gonna be trouble, and not necessarily as cute as the usual D.C. trubble (re: fried green tomatoes, served with Thelma & Louise's picnic-...

    by Don Allred on September 24, 2002
  • Irony is Hell


    Irony is Hell

    I'm just a writer of simple record reviews. I read The New York Times, but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference between the Hives and the Vines. Actually, my reviews aren't simple, and even if they were I'd have to make them appear complicated,...

    by Frank Kogan on September 24, 2002
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