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  • Lionel Hampton, 19082002 - After 75 Years Onstage, a Well-Earned Rest


    Lionel Hampton, 19082002 - After 75 Years Onstage, a Well-Earned Rest

    Putting aside the probability that in the fullness of time every musician, from Palestrina to Perry Como, will be looked upon as a precursor of rock and roll, in the instance of Lionel Hampton the claim has much validityindeed, it's surprising to di...

    by Gary Giddins on September 24, 2002
  • Goin' Out Walkin'


    Goin' Out Walkin'

    Soon as I saw the video of "Long Time Gone," debut single from the new Dixie Chicks album, Home, I knew there was gonna be trouble, and not necessarily as cute as the usual D.C. trubble (re: fried green tomatoes, served with Thelma & Louise's picnic-...

    by Don Allred on September 24, 2002
  • Irony is Hell


    Irony is Hell

    I'm just a writer of simple record reviews. I read The New York Times, but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference between the Hives and the Vines. Actually, my reviews aren't simple, and even if they were I'd have to make them appear complicated,...

    by Frank Kogan on September 24, 2002
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    Hey, the Mekons Are in Town "You know where Mitch is," sneered Sally Timms at Maxwell's on Friday, after a catcall for the Mekons' trickster roadie. (Mitch's visa was lost in the Court of St. James's.) "You were all at the show last night." Onl...

    on September 24, 2002
  • Hung With Guitar String


    Hung With Guitar String

    A sea change, the dictionary says, is a "notable or unexpected transformation." History's best-known sea change is described in song by the captive sprite Ariel in The Tempest, who gives the term connotations of death by drowning and calcification. I...

    by James Hannaham on September 17, 2002
  • Not Your Superwoman


    Not Your Superwoman

    "Taco Day," rapper Jean Grae's Columbine-inspired fantasy, from ex-Company Flow DJ Mr. Len's 2001 solo album, Pity the Fool, would have made her nametaken after the mutant Marvel Comics X-Men telepath and telekinete'sone worth remembering, even if ...

    by Harry Allen on September 17, 2002
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    Blood Feast Party Tonight

    The Avengers never amassed a large discography, so it's nice that New York Rel-X are willing to do the extra work for them. In addition to citing the pioneering West Coast band as a major influence on their own sing-along anthems of disaffection, the...

    by Todd Kristel on September 17, 2002
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    New Shapes and Colors

    The charm and potential doom of Coldplay is singer Chris Martin's great, sorry voice that's always trying to embrace its own nature. He has plain eyes and Eskimo-carved cheekbones. "God gave me style and gave me grace," he sings now. He moans. He smi...

    by Emma Pearse on September 17, 2002
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    Single Grilling Steady

    "Feelings that I can't describe/And never will be reconciled/Oh, something inside has died," sighs Ash's Tim Wheeler at the conclusion of "Burn Baby Burn." He's summing up every lousy emotion as an affair recklessly reaches a mutually ruinous conclus...

    by Barry Walters on September 17, 2002
  • Attack of the Chickenshits - Steve Earle Practices Rock and Roll Leftism for Its Own Sweet Sake


    Attack of the Chickenshits - Steve Earle Practices Rock and Roll Leftism for Its Own Sweet Sake

    Extry, extry: "Nashville Ex-Junkie Makes Nice to Traitor, Is Picked On by Nashville Talk Show Host!" That's what I call dog bites man. And also what I call great hype. I don't think Steve Earle wrote "John Walker's Blues" as a publicity stunt. I thin...

    by Robert Christgau on September 17, 2002
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    Alone Together Imagine a nightclub not clouded by cigarette smoke, a club with room to dance, where the music is never loud or painful. New media group Eyebeam created this idyllic environment last Saturday at 540 West 21st Street as part of the...

    on September 17, 2002
  • All Chao's Children - The Mediterranean Rim Shot (Not Heard Round the World)


    All Chao's Children - The Mediterranean Rim Shot (Not Heard Round the World)

    Manu Chao may be an anomalous ripple breaking the surface of the Anglo music world, but the Energizer Bunny skankster is riding the crest of a wave that's been developing for more than a decade in southern Europenot that anyone outside the Mediterra...

    by Don Snowden on September 10, 2002
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    What Gaul?

    Hyped as the herald of a post-punk "neo-realist" movement to revive the pre-WW II chanson, Luaka Bop's latest compilation instead offers a fascinating glimpse at an unplugged alternative scene that barely nods to the soap-operatic "realist" tradition...

    by Larry Birnbaum on September 10, 2002
  • Article

    Cold Turkeys

    Being too low for high praise, too brown for fair praise, and too little for great praise, Adam Bomb Brenner and New York Times nevertheless deserve something to mark their arrivalperhaps a pack of onion gum or a hotfoot followed by a night of unlim...

    by George Smith on September 10, 2002
  • Race Against Time


    Race Against Time

    Noir writing gets an unexpected literal twist in Charles Willeford's brilliant and cynical 1955 novel Pick-Up. A relationship involving a couple characters out of an Edward Hopper painting flames up and sputters out with a friction whose cause is onl...

    by Richard Gehr on September 10, 2002
  • Article

    Keeping Up With the Jones

    Remember the early verdict on scratching'n'rappingnot real musicians, can't play instruments, blah blah blah? Amazingly, this actually shamed some folks, and hip-hop got a series of abominations like Cool J Unplugged, session bassists, and acid jazz...

    by Jane Dark on September 10, 2002
  • On the Prowl


    On the Prowl

    Oh, Grandma, what big make-believe teeth you have: the better to corrupt Little Red Riding Hood with, give her furry lessons in going down on tadpoles, then devour Mum and Daddy for brunch. "In proper homes throughout the land/Fathers try to understa...

    by Howard Hampton on September 10, 2002
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    Ten Years Gone When Bettina Richards started Thrill Jockey Records in 1992, after a&r stints with Atlantic (where she signed the Lemonheads) and London (where she guided the Meat Puppets toward post-SST riches), she already had a clear picture of...

    on September 10, 2002
  • Ghetto Fabulous


    Ghetto Fabulous

    In the made-for-TV movie version of the life of Brazilian mad-genius avant-pop weirdo Tom Z (starring John Leguizamo as Tom Z and slated to begin production soon after hell freezes over or Wal-Mart starts stocking excellent 2000 import Jogos de Arm...

    by Julian Dibbell on September 3, 2002
  • Pinned Down by the Piano - La Monte Young's 'The Well-Tuned Piano' Hits DVD


    Pinned Down by the Piano - La Monte Young's 'The Well-Tuned Piano' Hits DVD

    La Monte Young's The Well-Tuned Piano is available again, and about damn time. Not on compact disc, thoughthe Gramavision recording of a 1981 performance that was released in 1987 has been out of print for years. But Young, or rather the MELA Founda...

    on September 3, 2002
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