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  • Metal Gets Sentimental - The Belated Return of Loud Mushy Rock


    Metal Gets Sentimental - The Belated Return of Loud Mushy Rock

    This summer, Break the Cycle (Flip/Elektra) made Staind the first metal band in a decade to score a chart-topping disc purely on the coattails of melancholic anthems. Yet the real cycle-breaker, in terms of restoring the displaced legacy of sentiment...

    by Marc Weisblott on August 21, 2001
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    Continental Drift The signs all said "Celebrate Brooklyn!" because that's what they call the summer festival in the Prospect Park Bandshell. But with so many Africans, Afrocentricans, Afrophiles, and just plain Afros keeping it real in traditional ...

    on August 21, 2001
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    Old Time Punk & Roll

    Back before 1981, when Minor Threat decided to employ a modified 2/4 oompah as its backbeat and kick in an entire movement of hyper-polka through Marshall stacks and call it "hardcore," punk rock was basically a sped-up smorgasbord of pub, pop, Slade...

    by Johnny Angel on August 21, 2001
  • Return to Whenever - Retro Girls Go Gore Crazy


    Return to Whenever - Retro Girls Go Gore Crazy

    Fabulous Disaster must be the real Josie and the Pussycats, given that Jane Dark, in reviewing the Pussycats flick, describes the P-cats' music as "excellently irrelevant." Fabulous Disaster's music is even more excellent and irrelevant, in that it r...

    by Frank Kogan on August 14, 2001
  • Rawk Bottom


    Rawk Bottom

    Sometimes it's a civic duty to administer a sound thrashing to the deserving. In this case, we're speaking of the Los Angeles punk-metal band Betty Blowtorch, who ask, "Are you man enough?" Certainly, girls, even at the price of being judged mean and...

    by George Smith on August 14, 2001
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    Twats Going On

    Good comp makin' is a sous-chef's craft. A little new stuff from elder stateswomen, a little good stuff from newbies. Mr. Lady, home to Le Tigre and the Butchies, mastered this recipe years ago. The label's second compilation, Calling All Kings and Q...

    by Anthony Mariani on August 14, 2001
  • The Other White Meat


    The Other White Meat

    I liked "Summer Girls" fine, because the onetime Lyte Funky Ones were pop-40 Beantown hoodies who creamed over the Beastie Boys and Larry Bird, and hey, me too. I stumbled over this worship of white men who excelled in black men's gamesa classic Bos...

    by Jane Dark on August 14, 2001
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    The Sweet Science I remember when rock was young; Barbara Manning had so much fun. Melting the coolest hearts in indie rock with fuzzy strumming, fractured fables, and simple tales of lost love, she was the zaftig Zelig of indie pop: killer single...

    on August 14, 2001
  • Getting Their Hands Dirty - Michael Azerrad Chronicles Indie Rock His Way


    Getting Their Hands Dirty - Michael Azerrad Chronicles Indie Rock His Way

    Before I'm overcome by the niggles, let me give Michael Azerrad's Our Band Could Be Your Life its well-earned thumbs-up. Here's my rave: While reading this 500-page history of '80s indie rock, I only resorted to something lighter to avoid putting my ...

    by Robert Christgau on August 7, 2001
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    Never Mind the Catfish

    All I know, it was around '90, '91. Somewhere in there. Me and future wife were stepping out down-home style at the VFW in St. Pete, Florida. The band had just finished its set, and on came Z.Z. Hill's "Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It." That ...

    by Tony Green on August 7, 2001
  • Good Fly, No?


    Good Fly, No?

    Darwa is a charming Slovene duo whose particular charm is new to its genre. Its genre itself may be new. There's a style of female singing that I'll call post-Lena Horne vocal mastery: a strong, cool, dignified sound that uses jazz timing to drift...

    by Frank Kogan on August 7, 2001
  • Vagina Monologues


    Vagina Monologues

    Bilal Oliver is the wunderkind of neo-soul's deferred second coming. Not only is his debut, 1st Born Second, a stunning ode to stark honesty and the absolute power of pussy, it's also the kind of opiate we waited several release dates for both D'Ange...

    by Raquel Cepeda on August 7, 2001
  • The Nerd Behind the Mask


    The Nerd Behind the Mask

    Ever wonder why rappers change their names so much? They're growing up. Cocky bastards that they are, the Jiggas and P-Diddys update their handles every so often to let the world in on even the minutest personal development. Fine, if it helps them co...

    by Neil Drumming on August 7, 2001
  • Departing From Recipe - Philip Glass Writes the Best of Music and the Worst of Music


    Departing From Recipe - Philip Glass Writes the Best of Music and the Worst of Music

    It is an article of faith among us new-music types that music should appeal to large audiences, and not only to experts and cognoscenti. We get a little offended, though, when composers take that too literally. We've never quite forgiven Cornelius Ca...

    by Kyle Gann on August 7, 2001
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    What Fresh Sell

    "You dialed Doc/Not Dial-a-Joke," insists Redman, the self-anointed Funk Doctor, on his new long-long-player, Malpractice. His protests aside, the man known to his mom as Reggie Noble is in a select class of punch-line rappers, rivaled only by Rawkus...

    by Chris Ryan on August 7, 2001
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    Still-Warm Leatherette The original members of dance music's most devoted fraternity were out in force on July 28 at Vinyl to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Paradise Garage, a dead disco (closed in 1987) now more mythic than even Studio 5...

    on August 7, 2001
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    Rock 'n' Rai

    The best new "rock" record of the year so far is by a punk band turned pop band (if they were ever anything else, the cads). Runner-up belongs to a rai singer. The prognosis for the big beatas opposed to all Jay E's little beats, sayremains guarded...

    by Robert Christgau on July 31, 2001
  • Primary Colors


    Primary Colors

    My best friend, Lindsey, was obsessed with "Jolene" as a child and used to sneak drawing pictures of Jolene in class with a fellow nine-year-old. They were fascinated by what Jolene could possibly have looked like if she could take the indubitably fo...

    by Hillary Chute on July 31, 2001
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    Detroit What?

    Growing up outside of Detroit in the '80s, we suburban post-punk rap-o-philes wondered how a city that was 80 percent black and hella-urban with its crack epidemic and larger-than-life dealers (the Chambers Brothers, White Boy Rick) and gangs (Errol ...

    by Hobey Echlin on July 31, 2001
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain - David Ware’s Quartet Demands Overstatement


    Go Tell It on the Mountain - David Wares Quartet Demands Overstatement

    Let's be bold: The David S. Ware Quartet is the best small band in jazz today. I realize that I will almost certainly hear another quartet, or trio or quintet or octet, this week or next, that will make me want to backpedal. But every time I see Ware...

    by Gary Giddins on July 31, 2001
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