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  • Got Your Money Shot


    Got Your Money Shot

    Editor's note: According to a personality test the two writers took at Emode.com, Britney Spears is the inner rock star of both 18-year-old Harvard freshman Irin Carmon and 20-year-old Columbia junior Amy Phillips. September 6. From: Amy OK...

    by Irin Carmon & Amy Phillips on December 11, 2001
  • Heroes at Work - Boomers at Their Best for 'Made in America' Benefit


    Heroes at Work - Boomers at Their Best for 'Made in America' Benefit

    A new organization called Jazz Alliance International produced "Made in America," a jazz concert to benefit "the heroes and victims of September 11," on December 5 at Town Hall. No financial details were supplied, except that it raisedobviously not ...

    by Gary Giddins on December 11, 2001
  • Remember Rock?


    Remember Rock?

    A seasoned Swedish band named The Soundtrack of Our Lives are having a fairly grand debut here, suddenly, courtesy of a small Midwestern indie label. The offering includes no fewer than 51 songs stretched across three fanciful yet thoroughly professi...

    by James Hunter on December 11, 2001
  • Music



    Traveling Lite Named for Jacques and given to an aptly oceanic sense of drama, Cousteau belong to the venerable lineage of pop minstrels who tether romantic distress to tumescent arrangements and a quivering baritone. But the London quintet's glut...

    on December 11, 2001
  • Leader of the Secretarial Pool


    Leader of the Secretarial Pool

    Sometime in the mid '90s, Details ran a feature on Shirley Manson, big pictures plus some frothy print, Shirley's supposed "Ten Commandments of Love." In it, she commanded her fans not to wear briefs (or was it boxers?) and said she once walked out o...

    by Mary Gaitskill on December 4, 2001
  • Kissing a Mule


    Kissing a Mule

    Robert Zimmerman wanted to emulate Woody Guthrie, while John Mellencamp aspired to be the next-to-last David Bowie, and here they are at fateful birthdays 60 and 50 respectively, labelmate twins with new albums out that must be their best in years. N...

    by Richard Riegel on December 4, 2001
  • She's Got Balls


    She's Got Balls

    I went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at a movie house in Pasadena just prior to the great national disillusionment. "Princess Hedwig" on the marquee and in ads ensured there were only two people in the place, a condition that made the tunes sound ...

    by George Smith on December 4, 2001
  • Quartet 4 the Beginning of Time - Coyote Turns Corporeal in Jerome Kitzke's Music


    Quartet 4 the Beginning of Time - Coyote Turns Corporeal in Jerome Kitzke's Music

    He's lived many years in Manhattanpart of the time in the same building where the Gershwin brothers once wrote musicalsbut Jerome Kitzke is New York's voice of the Western wilderness. He even looks out of place, with his braided hair, beaded jewel...

    by Kyle Gann on December 4, 2001
  • Outer Children - The Moldy Peaches Slip You a Roofie


    Outer Children - The Moldy Peaches Slip You a Roofie

    The concrete details of a vivid emotional experience have faded, and my notebook is only so much help. But this much I know. On September 10 I spent several hours with the Moldy Peaches and (was it?) 20 kids between the ages of one and 12. We were in...

    by Robert Christgau on December 4, 2001
  • Article

    The Man Who Wasn't There

    I. About 23 times a year, by his count, the narrator of Nicholson Baker's novel The Mezzanine wonders, "McCartney more talented than Lennon?" The comparative gifts of George Harrison, who died last week at 58, could hardly provoke similar debate, ye...

    by Ed Park on December 4, 2001
  • Article

    Fourth Annual Real-Life Consumer Guide

    The universal jukebox is allegedly right around the virtual corner; while you wait, you can get a Sony 200-CD changer ($179.99 at J&R, or $219.99 or $229.99 for the 300- and 400-capacity versions, respectively) and set it on shuffle. We shopped for 2...

    by Josh Goldfein on December 4, 2001
  • Fight Songs


    Fight Songs

    "Delta Bravo Foxtrot Charlie Roger, Blackhawk! WWWWAAAAARRR!!" . . . OK, great, but it's not quite the proper soundtrack for our howling commandos and budding Nick and Nora Furies to get juiced up on, is it? They need something fierce and malevolent....

    by Scott Seward on November 27, 2001
  • Bad Haircut, Good Ragtime - Brun Campbell Takes Scott Joplinís Lessons to the Wild Bunch


    Bad Haircut, Good Ragtime - Brun Campbell Takes Scott Joplins Lessons to the Wild Bunch

    In westerns, the saloon pianist never gets any respect. Always a foil and never once a hero, he's there in a thousand movies, utterly nondescript in his bowler and gartered sleevea professional dweeb who plays "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" too ...

    by Gary Giddins on November 27, 2001
  • Self-Hating Hicks - A South Fulla Pig-Chasing Whiteboy Rappers Fail to Elevate Their Race


    Self-Hating Hicks - A South Fulla Pig-Chasing Whiteboy Rappers Fail to Elevate Their Race

    Our childrenour young white childrenare in crisis, trapped in the grip of a culture that glorifies drug use and debauchery, slovenly dress, and lack of respect for authority. A culture whose worship of antisocial behavior and debasement is rivaled ...

    by N. Bedford Couch on November 27, 2001
  • Article

    The Man in the Distance

    An odd thing about Michael Jackson is that he has a totally spectacular voice but he doesn't feel the need to amaze us with it. At all. His favorite technique for conveying passion is to choke off his words. On dance songs he makes his voice as hard ...

    by Frank Kogan on November 27, 2001
  • His-Uh Way-Uh


    His-Uh Way-Uh

    Fans could be excused for hesitating before paying recession dollars to see the Fall during Thanksgiving weekend's three-night stand at the Knitting Factory. Stories abound of indifferent gigs hamstrung by clotted electronics, inaudible vocals, equip...

    by E. McMurtrie on November 27, 2001
  • Hear Me Talkiní to Ya - Ashley and Marchetti Reunite in a Mind-Blowing Nonconcert


    Hear Me Talkin to Ya - Ashley and Marchetti Reunite in a Mind-Blowing Nonconcert

    Musical evenings rarely come as weird and wacky these days as did the October 25 Interpretations concert at Merkin Hall. We had opera without singers, pianists who played no pianos. "What the heck's going on?" and "Is this music?" came floating back ...

    by Kyle Gann on November 20, 2001
  • Kontra-Punkte



    Hearing Troubleman Mix-Tape kick off with a snippet of Miles Davis cursing his audience during a mid-'70s gig, I can't help wishing that the collection's compiler, Troubleman Unlimited prexy Mike Simonetti, had been prescient enough to have tacked on...

    by Christian Hoard on November 20, 2001
  • Article

    Slough of Despond

    Those who refuse to learn from the past don't get to repeat itwell, not the good parts, anyway. The lack of iconic instrumental hard rock voices pitched by the mainstream becomes ever more glaring. Attribute it to one of my generation's greatest ori...

    by George Smith on November 20, 2001
  • Article

    Flying Turkey Trot

    With their rather parochial view of the world soundscape, New York's music hipsters probably don't know it, but the old Istanbul psychedelic scene was the longest lasting on earth. And the planet's best current psych bandReplikaswas spawned in that...

    by Jay Dobis on November 20, 2001
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