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  • Consumer Guide


    Consumer Guide

    Let no one claim good old well-crafted rock and roll has disappeared from the culture. See the top three Honorable Mentions, each more substantial than the Donnas' regressive little winner, not one as consistently inspired. Then look at the pictures ...

    by Robert Christgau on July 20, 1999
  • Article

    Auf Wiedersehen

    Even three months after the fact, it still seems strange that KMFDM, of all possible darkside bands out there, was the only one quoted on the Web site of one of the Littleton boys: "What I don't say I don't do. What I don't do I don't like. What I do...

    by Michael Freedberg on July 20, 1999
  • Article

    Medusa and Childe

    Thighs are apt to play a great role in the new postwar art, which will be so eager for life. Leon Trotsky, Madrid, 1916 The new Sophie B. Hawkins LP, Timbre, has been in the can for a couple years, and a lot of the delay was because her record com...

    by Frank Kogan on July 20, 1999
  • Article

    All Dat

    Billboard trumpets MP3 and streaming audio feeds, but I'm high on DAT. Specifically, "Who Dat" by JT Money and "I'll Bee Dat!" by Redman. Perfecting the DAT technology pioneered by proto-rap superheroes the Pipkins in their 1970 smash "Gimme Dat Ding...

    by Scott Seward on July 20, 1999
  • Hot and Heavy


    Hot and Heavy

    The occasional brass band on the street is one of the perks of city life. But a band being carried down the street by hand in near-triple-degree weather well, you need to go to Brooklyn for that. Last Sunday marked the end of the 112th annual Feast ...

    on July 20, 1999
  • Article

    Back to the Funkture

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers have often inspired volatile reactions to change; it's as if the public who loves them seeks a reason to hate them. "Everything after Hillel Slovak [the original guitarist] died has been shit." "MTV's embrace of 'Knock Me Do...

    by Robin Rothman on July 20, 1999
  • Article

    Sugar High - French. Revolution.

    Jennifer Lopez has her own back, movie star magnetism, B+ beats, una buena onda to surf, and a lousy voicewhich I find to be a stumbling block in bubblegum bounce. Compare to Ophlie Winter, who has tighter songs and a richer voice and is a supermod...

    by Jane Dark on July 13, 1999
  • Article

    Grand Old Youngster - Turning the Century at Lincoln Center

    In honoring Steve Reich as the featured composer for this year's festival, Lincoln Center performs a very different service than in past years. Morton Feldman, featured in 1996, was an underground figure whose reputation had swelled to the point that...

    by Kyle Gann on July 13, 1999
  • Article

    Hungry and Weird

    Since the 1969 release of Trout Mask Replica, the artist dubbed Captain Beefheart has incarnated the gold standard by which "weirdness" in rock has been calibrated. And with a suitcase like that to lug around, no wonder Don Van Vliet put out his 12th...

    by Richard Gehr on July 13, 1999
  • Article

    Nookie Monster

    When MTV and BET air the new Eminem video "Guilty Conscience," they run into the small problem of the song's conclusion, where bad-angel Slim Shady convinces good-angel Dr. Dre that of course you shoot your bitch when you catch her boning another man...

    by Eric Weisbard on July 13, 1999
  • Article

    Sporty Thievz

    Polyrhythmically speaking, TLC's "No Scrubs" is a frisky bundle of joy, but words-wise, it's cheerless as can be. Designating an entire class of low-or-no-income guys as deadbeat "scrubs," the song obsessively reinforces the bleak notion that designe...

    by Simon Reynolds on July 13, 1999
  • Article

    Profits of Rage - Chuck D's Same Old Song?

    Despite all the hoopla over Public Enemy making There's a Poison Goin On . . . . their first proper album in five years available exclusively on the Internet, the marketing novelty of the new MP3 technology may end up being overshadowed by some Old...

    by Mike Rubin on July 13, 1999
  • All Souled Out


    All Souled Out

    When The Harry Smith Connection, a "live tribute" to The Anthology of American Folk Music, came out last year, I missed Souled American. The Anthol-ogy is a document of 'the old weird America," Greil Marcus says, but a live tribute can't help un- wei...

    on July 13, 1999
  • Diddily-Dee



    The "heavy" in Dwight "Heavy D" Myers's stage moniker has always stood for more than the rapper's size, so why shouldn't it be the title of his new CD? When Andre Harrell (himself an ex-rapper) first dared to step away from executive ranks at Def Jam...

    by Carol Cooper on July 6, 1999
  • Article

    Sound Bytes of Truth - New Music on the Web

    Jeffrey Harrington's Acid Bach plinks its way through microtonal melodies like banjo music somehow smeared by a wet hand. The way those melodies fit together is determined by computer, for Harrington has programmed his software to work out the contra...

    by Kyle Gann on July 6, 1999
  • Beat-itude



    What does Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott got that you ain't got? I mean aside from a wardrobe made entirely of Hefty? bags,1 a cowriter-producer who's named for a hiking boot company and can't blink without syncopating,2 a musical promiscuity matched by...

    by James Hannaham on July 6, 1999
  • Article

    Altar Boys

    Arson (read: church burning), murder (read: hate crime), burglary, knife assault, desecration these are the cute convictions some past and present members of Norway's Emperor, who make their NYC debut Sunday at Tramps, have procured over the years. ...

    by Hillary Chute on July 6, 1999
  • Bummertime Blues


    Bummertime Blues

    Dude, you know what I heard? Before Stevie Nicks started paying people to blow cocaine up her ass, Fleetwood Mac was led by some staunch Clapton-like blues-purist named Peter Green," Franklin said to Peterson, who was picking a zit on his chin in the...

    by Lorne Behrman on July 6, 1999
  • Two Scions Clash


    Two Scions Clash

    Summer '97, Jamaica: On a starless country night so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face, IRIE-FM is taking a straight run through Sizzla's urgent faxes from the Black struggle's front lines. Parsed into intricate fugues, his husky, kee...

    by Elena Oumano on July 6, 1999
  • Article

    Scores To Settle

    Imagine you a beer-swilling moron whose only goal is to get laid are chatting someone up at the local dive, saying anything to get some: "That movie was a slap in the face to all the vertically challenged people; they totally violated that dwarf!" ...

    on July 6, 1999
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