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  • Backfield in Motion


    Backfield in Motion

    It's not too far-fetched, in retrospect, to call Ludacris this year's unofficial Super Bowl rapper. Not just because sports and sex rank dead even on the former scholastic athlete's pleasure scale (why else would he want to get it on at the 50-yard ...

    by Tony Green on February 20, 2001
  • England's Oldest Hitmakers


    England's Oldest Hitmakers

    In the beginning the ideal pop tune was as simple and irreducible as an egg, and once it had entered your head you couldn't drive it out with any device short of frontal lobotomy. It had to be so in the early days of the entertainment industry (pop ...

    by Luc Sante on February 20, 2001
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    Back That Jass Up

    Two new records here by folks who could look through your entire collection and find absolutely nothing to listen to. Especially this Craig Ventresco fellow: Unless you happen to collect Edison cylinders or acoustically recorded 78s (you know, befor...

    by David Wondrich on February 20, 2001
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    Our Bodies, Our Salves

    Once upon a time, the sight of a punk girl moving in next door might have sparked a neighborhood watch for the barricades of cultural revolution. By today's grim revolt-into-product times, the lights are on next door, but the punk girl's not home; s...

    by Richard Riegel on February 20, 2001
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    Riffs Are Not Dead

    I've seen the turntables and the damage done. Most juveniles this past holiday season, once they got over Dad not cashing in his pension to buy a PlayStation2 on eBay, probably set their sights on some wheels of steel wrapped in ribbon. I wasn't born...

    by Chris Ryan on February 20, 2001
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    Where's Joe Buck?

    It's strange but not all that shocking to see the kingdoms of punk rock and kiddie television meet: Most of the greatest punks have been fueled by the adolescent instinct to be silly and annoying, so it's only natural that these two worlds should fin...

    by Hillary Chute and Walter Martin on February 20, 2001
  • Like, Zoiks!


    Like, Zoiks!

    "What Would Shaggy Do?" bracelets have met with a surge in demand, forcing all production lines to add a third shift; emergency rooms are being flooded with a sudden outbreak of red-handedness; Home Depot is reporting a record number of calls for adv...

    by Marc Weisblott on February 13, 2001
  • Me and the Devil Blues


    Me and the Devil Blues

    Life's been a bumpy ride for Everlast. By the time his Celtic working-class rap outfit House of Pain's million-selling 1992 debut spawned the major radio hit "Jump Around," Erik Schrody had already bounced from Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate to solo flop t...

    by Robin Rothman on February 13, 2001
  • Half a Life . . .


    Half a Life . . .

    . . . Or maybe it's "half alive," or "half a line," or "half a lie." It can be hard to tell what Stephen Malkmus is talking about. It's not just the low-fidelity mumbling. I've often found Pavement lyrics incommunicative, in a way that conveys nei...

    by Jane Dark on February 13, 2001
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    Mistaken Memories - Tony Conrad: One-Idea Composer or Late Bloomer?

    I ran into my old friend Al Niente at Tony Conrad's January 18 gig at Tonic. Conrad was droning away raspily on his violin, seeking out obscure overtones above thick drones emanating from a compact disc. Al mentioned that Conrad's music sounded much ...

    by Kyle Gann on February 6, 2001
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    Pazz & Jop Preview

    Handicappers take noteit's Consumer Guide's annual Pazz & Jop preview. Only which ones finished, which ones should have, and which are my own self-indulgent eccentricities? A week from now you'll know. BABYFACE A Collection of His Greatest Hits (...

    by Robert Christgau on February 6, 2001
  • This Is Your Rock on Drugs


    This Is Your Rock on Drugs

    Caspar Brtzmann is a good name to drop if you want to hump someone from the Knitting Factory crowd. Besides the primal eroticism associated with umlauts (Dick Chnney, baby!), and the fact that the Brtzmanns are German, which lends a certain black ...

    by Lorne Behrman on February 6, 2001
  • Thom's Joneses


    Thom's Joneses

    Four out of five Radiohead members can't be wrong. In Spin's recent year-ender, no less than 80 percent of our little kid-a's ranked little-known loopy Liverpudlians Clinic among their top five faves (bassist Colin Greenwood, the lone dissenter, seem...

    by Stuart Berman on February 6, 2001
  • Music



    Here Comes Your Man The former Black Francis sauntered onto the Mercury Lounge stage on Saturday night looking more like a friendly, well-fed hardware store manager than the icon that he is. "My voice teacher says this is good for my voice," he ex...

    on February 6, 2001
  • Absolutely Prefabulous


    Absolutely Prefabulous

    In the year of boy bands, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Survivor, it only made sense that we got a reality game show (ABC's Making the Band) that stitched together a vocal group called O-Town. (Unsurprisingly, in the networks' unfettered desire ...

    by Kembrew McLeod on January 30, 2001
  • Here's the Melody - John Lewis Keeps on Evolving


    Here's the Melody - John Lewis Keeps on Evolving

    Melody is the rarest of musical talents and the most treasured, which is one reason only a handful of 19th-century composers continue to speak to us. Those that do are true melodists as opposed to generic ones: preachers who hear a kind of songfulnes...

    by Gary Giddins on January 30, 2001
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    Almost Famous Again "I've only ever been this far uptown in order to get places further uptown," said recovering waste case Steve Earle to a sold-out Beacon Theater on Saturday night. He peered over the edge of the stage and pretended to be impres...

    on January 30, 2001
  • Room and Bored


    Room and Bored

    "You are not limited to one room, there are many rooms," wrote Angus MacLise in his poem "Smothered Under Astral Collapse." Well, at least MacLise wished the world that way. Observing the stringent rules of both downtown beatniks and hippie mystics,...

    by Alec Hanley Bemis on January 30, 2001
  • 2Step's Ticket to Paradise - Just Wanna Stay in the Garage (Rhymes With 'Carriage') All Night


    2Step's Ticket to Paradise - Just Wanna Stay in the Garage (Rhymes With 'Carriage') All Night

    A year ago, someone I work with at the record store played me what was then the latest dance song to take over the U.K. charts: "Sweet Like Chocolate" by a mysterious entity known as Shanks & Bigfoot. "Sweeter Than Chocolate" would've been more appro...

    by Scott Woods on January 30, 2001
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    Songs of the Open Road - Richard Kassel Opens an Avenue to Harry Partch's Brain

    I attended "Musical Intersections: Toronto 2000," the millennial mega-musicology conference in that city a few weeks ago. Less exciting than skinny-dipping, I'll readily admit, but a big high point came when I glanced at a publisher's display copies ...

    by Kyle Gann on January 23, 2001
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