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    Good Old Boys

    As the kiddies hit adolescence and the warm fuzzies of the late '90s dissipate, days of five hunky men busting out mean dance spins and belting lyrics about immortality are numbered. The emphasis now is on the individualit usually is when times cry ...

    by Christopher O'Connor on November 26, 2002
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    Mongeese for Peace After unknowingly helping to spread the "Shakira" computer virus this summer and getting taunted by colleagues as the singer's "number one fan," I kept my plans to check out Wednesday's "Tour of the Mongoose" concert at Madison...

    on November 26, 2002
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    From Safety to Where

    There are those among us, and you know who you are, with black capes and PVC corsets moldering in the back of your closets, a single tube of Revlon's Blackberry lipstick melting in your bathroom cabinet, and a stack of Sisters of Mercy 12-inches in s...

    by Kat Long on November 26, 2002
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    Heaven, Hell, and Jersey

    Every once in a while some lazyass future NPR-fodder Bob Costas wannabe idgit nostalgic for a past he barely remembers comes up to me and says, "Yo, Scott, so like, um, uh, have I missed anything this year, cuz like it don't seem like anything's any ...

    by Scott Seward on November 26, 2002
  • Bad Babysitters


    Bad Babysitters

    Obviously using a beta version of the Ciccone Careermaster, the Prodigy released their best song ever last summer and attached it to no promotional carriage beyond a few live shows. Album? Oops, forgot to make oneunless "Always Outnumbered, Never Ou...

    by Sasha Frere-Jones on November 26, 2002
  • Shades of Gray


    Shades of Gray

    Sigur Rs are a quiet Icelandic quartet who with their new, untitled, major-label third album [already referred to by semi-pop folklorists as ( )] are currently making a bold U.S. move. Apart from some legally mandated boilerplate printed in tiny gra...

    by James Hunter on November 26, 2002
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    They've Gotta Have It

    Altie title for the Donnas' latest: She's Got to Be a Macho Girl, after a piece in The New York Times about high school girls said to be ravening fuck monsters bent on raiding the panties of boys nationwide. Lyrically, about half of Spend the Night...

    by George Smith on November 26, 2002
  • Hear My Body Talk


    Hear My Body Talk

    Olivia Newton-John's prospects began to unravel as soon as she imagined Grease as a psychic road map for her own career. So good thing LeAnn Rimes had a surrogate actress playing out her reverse-Sweet Home Alabama fantasies, lest she figure Coyote Ug...

    by Marc Weisblott on November 26, 2002
  • Nice Girls Finish Fast


    Nice Girls Finish Fast

    The $64 million question? Why, in a post-Spice Girl world, are black girl groups still forming (and falling apart) as if the Spice Girls never happened? You have to admit that the successful game plan of five self-motivated British vixens who simply ...

    by Carol Cooper on November 19, 2002
  • Are We Experienced Yet? - Margaret Lancaster's Flute Ranges From Techno to Tap


    Are We Experienced Yet? - Margaret Lancaster's Flute Ranges From Techno to Tap

    It's become increasingly common Downtown style for performers to segue from one piece to another without pause, departing from program order and leaving the audience with little hint as to which composer wrote what part of the program. This has the l...

    on November 19, 2002
  • Tween-Pop Suppressed! - Five-Girl Armies and Finnish Martians Fall Through the Cracks


    Tween-Pop Suppressed! - Five-Girl Armies and Finnish Martians Fall Through the Cracks

    Wow, it must have been back around the third straight August week of hearing the year's best pop/rock single ("That's What Girls Do" by debut act No Secrets) climb up the Sunday- night Top 20 underground countdown (for kids, tweens, babysitters, and ...

    by Metal Mike Saunders on November 19, 2002
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    You Go, Girls Well into the Sun City Girls' sold-out Saturday-night performance at the Knitting Factory, a woman yelled, "Play something that makes sense!" Perhaps she should have just left after the taut minimalist electro-funk of openers Out Hu...

    on November 19, 2002
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    Faith Yes More

    Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx once referred to his duo's music as "punk garage," but what British singer Daniel Bedingfield seems to want to knowbesides whether you miss him, whether you're doing anything tonight, and what's the point nowis what ar...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on November 19, 2002
  • '80s Without a Face


    '80s Without a Face

    A whole side of dance music has been carefully airbrushed from the History of Rave proper like Trotsky from a Soviet textbook. Hipsters write music history, and hipsters abhor this music because it enacts (unintended?: yeah, only 'cause there's no ex...

    by Jess Harvell on November 19, 2002
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    18 and a Rep

    3LW are at that awkward stage. Young enough to initiate their split with a food fight (the trio's now touring as a duo); old enough to follow through with accusations of sexual manipulation and race-baiting. "To say that [Naturi] was kicked out of th...

    by Sterling Clover on November 19, 2002
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    Sk8ter Bois

    Introducing Incubus videos on MTV tends to make people wary of your punk credibility, which is a shame. Good Charlotte may be the best punk band alive and under 25not despite the synthetic sounds and crass lyrics that fill their new The Young and th...

    by Anthony Miccio on November 19, 2002
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    Good in Leather Boho. Shaman. Flapper. Dun. Hippiethe semiotic fireworks shooting off Cody ChesnuTT's outfit alone made for compelling viewing Sunday night at S.O.B.'s. With buzz befitting an artist of far wider renown, ChesnuTT has turned his n...

    on November 12, 2002
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    Survival of the Fittest

    Ted Nugent still puts more amplification on his stage than all of the current millennium repaints doing the "Detroit" thing combined. It's a critical factor, megatonnage being a stern measure of significance in loud guitar. Think not? Then you're a g...

    by George Smith on November 12, 2002
  • Viva Cuba Y Senegal


    Viva Cuba Y Senegal

    When I was a kid, I liked watching fights: It could be red and black ants ganging in my shoebox arena, Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura grappling at the Cow Palace, or my brother and his crew popping and breaking against rival poseurs on busted linoleum ...

    by Matt Rogers on November 12, 2002
  • Africa Talks to You


    Africa Talks to You

    "Current research among naturalists tends to break down any remaining class distinction between animals and man," began composer William Bolcom's 1973 liner notes to Animals of Africa: Sounds of the Jungle, Plain & Bush, one of 87 albums Nonesuch rel...

    by Richard Gehr on November 12, 2002
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